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May 2023 Florida Home Inventory Levels

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A few newsletters ago, we discussed how the home inventory levels were up in April. In this week's newsletter, we would like to talk about how May 2022 has seen the biggest year-over-year gain since being observed in 2017. We will focus on three key points that demonstrate the growth that this month has seen:

1. Median Listing Price

2. Number of New Listings

3. Active Inventory

1. Median Listing Price

The median listing price is the middle point for real estate prices According to a recent article by, the median listing price has grown by 16.6 percent over the last year. As we all know, prices for homes have skyrocketed. With rising interest rates, these prices are taking many prospective homebuyers out of the home buying process simply because it’s not as affordable as it used to be. Although the average household income is on the rise, it’s not moving at the same fast pace that is going on with home prices and interest rates. Many homebuyers feel that it makes sense to purchase a home now rather than waiting with interest rates and home prices expected to increase. First-time homebuyers are in a challenging situation because home prices are rising, but rent is continuing to increase at a rapid pace. Our advice is don’t wait to purchase; now is the time!










2. Number of New Listings

The number of new listings is up over 6% compared to last year. As we all know, this has been a seller’s market for some time, and we have seen record low numbers with the available housing inventory. One of the main reasons we are seeing growth in home listings is that the sellers have a lot of confidence that their home will sell quickly and at a price that will yield them a nice profit. With more sellers coming to the table, this will allow sellers to sell their homes quickly and lighten the competition. On top of this, with rumors of mortgage rates expected to increase over the coming months, now is a great time to sell your home while the buyer side is still there. Several months from now can be an entirely different story, and with rising interest rates, sellers are skeptical that their homes will sell quickly. Now is also the time to sell!


3. Active Inventory

The active inventory has also continued to rise, up 9% compared to last year. A couple of weeks ago, the number of active home listings did not move, but the last two weeks have seen increases; but why? In April, the active listings remained over 60% below where it was at the beginning of the pandemic. This means that we are still below the pre-pandemic active inventory even though we see increases here. With more homes available, home buying competitiveness will slow down, which is beneficial to buyers but not so much to the sellers. This is a big reason we are seeing a growth in active listings. Sellers know that their homes can sell now, but they are unsure what the coming months will bring.











Between the median listing price growth, the number of new listings up, and the active inventory growing, it’s a win-win for the real estate market. Buyers are happy because they won’t have to offer 30% above the listing price, and sellers are happy because, with rising home prices and interest rates, they know they can make top dollar on their home while also selling their home in record time. If you’re looking to purchase a home, do not wait on the market, make your move! If you’re looking to sell your home, now is the time.

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