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Busch Gardens Tampa: Professional Tips When Visiting This Tourist Attraction

The city of Tampa has a variety of tourist attractions, including Busch Gardens, a place where visitors can experience the fun of a theme park as well as a zoo all in one spot. If you want to enjoy the finest day possible in this location, here are some basic guidelines to follow.


The 335-acre park offers thrill rides, shows, live music, and a wide range of exotic creatures in natural habitats. It's an African-themed family amusement park

You can enjoy a safari to watch animals as they graze on plains while also seeing replicas of African camps and villages, with the Serengeti Night Safari being particularly popular. The park offers several animal encounters, too, including the chance to feed giraffes and kangaroos and observe specialists tend to injured and sick animals.

Apart from animal encounters, there are many other exciting activities at Busch Gardens, including water rides for kids, roller coaster rides, and indoor shows. The park offers a variety of ticketing options, including All-Day Dining Passes, Multi-Park Passes, and front-of-the-line fast passes.

People enjoying Cheetah Hunt rollercoaster on lightblue cloudy sky in Tampa Bay Florida

Simple Tips to Make Your Busch Garden Visit Memorable

Your visit to Busch Gardens begins long before you step foot in the park. With so many things to explore in the park, it is wise to plan ahead of time. These Busch Gardens Tampa packing and itinerary suggestions can assist you in organizing and preparing for a fun-filled day.

Pack Light

Like most amusement parks, Busch garden prohibits bags on rides for the safety of crew members and guests. However, making trips to and from the locker room to pick essentials is tedious so try to fit them in a small bag or pocket if it's large enough. Just make sure the bag is as light as possible. Alternatively, if you feel the load is too heavy, you can rent a locker for $10 (standard), $15 (large), or $20 (jumbo).

Arrive Early

You can easily spend two days at the park between the rides, the shows, the animal encounters, and the lush gardens. But some people come for only a day and enjoy the park to their fullest. They do so by arriving early and with a well-laid-out itinerary.

The hours of operation vary by day of the week and season, so it's important to check ahead of time. Generally, the park opens at 9 am and closes at 10 pm during peak seasons and from 10 pm to 5 pm during off-peak seasons.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

You'll be spending time in nature, so remember to protect yourself from the elements. This includes sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Temperatures in Tampa often surge beyond 90 degrees when Mr. Sunshine is out. Carry plenty of drinking water as well. You can also avoid much sun exposure by sitting in for indoor shows during the parts of the day when the sun is most intense. However, if you visit during the winter, wear light clothes.

Park Close to the Tram

On arrival, you will need to park your vehicle and take a tram ride into the park. There is a ticket office directly at the end of the tram line when you get off. It's wise to park close to the tram line, to reduce time wastage and save your energy for later activities.

Decide the Theme of Your Day

Whether it's animal encounters, thrill rides, shows, or all three combined, choosing a theme for your day will help organize your itinerary for a smooth flow of events. You can choose between roller coaster rides, entertainment, and animal interactions. Alternatively, you can strike a balance between the three for an unforgettable experience.

Don't forget to carry a map

Having a map of the park with you will come in handy when it's your first time, and you want to navigate to your destinations quickly.

Get the All-Day Dining Pass

If you intend to spend a full day at the park, the All-Day Dining deal is preferable to paying each time you visit the eateries. For a one-time price, this package provides delicious meals and unique advantages all day long. Each time you go through the line, you get one entrée, a side dish or dessert, and a drink.

Take The Skyride to Familiarize Yourself with The Lay Out the Land

The Skyride will allow you to see much of the park's layout in less time. It consists of a Von Roll 101 cable car journey from the Cheetah Hunt coaster at the park's main entrance to the Congo portion in the back. This 10-minute journey will provide you with a bird's-eye view of the park's Serengeti, roller coasters, and layout.

Ride The Roller Coasters While They Are Less Crowded

The Cheetah Hunt, Cobra's Curse, Montu, and Falcon's Fury are among the park's top coaster rides. The ideal time to appreciate them is first when lines are usually shorter in the morning. The first three are at the park's main entrance so that you can start there.

Don't Forget to Check Out the Animals

The park's thrill coasters aren't the only attractions; it's also a haven for beautiful animals, and you can get up close for a look. Cheetahs, tigers, elephants, sloths, gorillas, and flamingos are among them. In addition, for a small extra fee, you may visit the park's animal care center and see firsthand how specialists heal and care for injured animals.

Go To the Shows When the Atmosphere Heats Up

When the sun gets too hot, you may go indoors and watch world-class performances. These include enthralling belly dances, funny animal acts, lively music revues, and live concerts. Seasonal festivals and events include Christmas Town, Howl-O-Scream, and Summer Nights.

Find Ways to Save Money at The Park

Busch Garden offers several ways to save money. The park's tickets can be purchased at a discount in various methods. These include waves of honor savings for members of the military and their families; EZ-Pay tickets if you choose to pay for your yearly pass monthly rather than all at once; online promotions for Busch Gardens email subscribers; and AAA discounts.

You can also look for local coupons; radio station raffles and giveaways can help you get free park tickets.


A great outing starts with planning. Tampa Busch Garden offers a lot of attractions. It's easy to get confused and end up overwhelmed and frustrated; use the above tips to come up with a well-laid-out itinerary and enjoy your visit to the park. Interested in learning about becoming a resident in Florida or moving there? Read more.

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