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Coconut Creek, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Coconut Creek is a city in Broward County, Florida. It is located about 17 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale and 37 miles north of Miami. As of the 2020 census, it had a population of 57,833. The city offers a wide variety of homes for sale, from spacious family homes to cozy bungalows, so you'll find one to suit your needs.

If you are looking for an excellent place to raise your family or retire with ease, then Coconut Creek may be just what you are looking for. Coconut Creek is home to unique neighborhoods that have something for everyone. The city also offers many options for schools, recreational facilities, and shopping centers.

In the sections below, we have discussed all you need to know before exploring some Coconut Creek homes for sale.

A Brief History of Coconut Creek, Florida

The city's name was derived by combining the names of Miami Dade's village of Indian Creek and Miami's neighborhood of Coconut Groove. The name was also inspired by the coconut trees planted around the area by early developers. Coconut Creek was incorporated into a city in 1967 and has been nicknamed the butterfly capital of the world, thanks to the world's largest butterfly park located within the city.

Coconut Creek has been built on green initiatives and environmental consciousness. The city is home to numerous public parks designed to provide residents with a wide range of recreational opportunities - hiking trails, biking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields. With its small-town feel and proximity to all things urban, this city has become a favorite among new residents and retirees.

Coconut Creek has a long history of progressive planning. The city has been recognized for its high quality of life, partly attributed to its commitment to an environmentally sustainable future. Coconut Creek is the first Florida city and the eleventh U.S. City to receive the "Community Wildlife Habitat" certification. This signifies that the city has met high environmental stewardship and conservation standards.

An Overview of Real Estate Market in Coconut Creek, Florida

Since the 1980s, Coconut Creek has become a destination for retirees seeking warm weather and golf courses. However, the city has grown into more than just a retirement community over the last couple of years. It's now home to many families with young children attracted to its schools and parks.

Coconut Creek's real estate market has been growing rapidly, thanks to the thriving businesses and proximity to major highways, schools, and other social amenities.

The median home listing price in Coconut Creek, Florida, is $300,000. The lowest selling price for a two-bedroom, two-bath home is slightly above $65,000, while the highest listing price for a six-bedroom, 6-bathroom home is $2 million.

As per the 2020 national census, the median household income in Coconut Creek was $65,500, and the cost of living is 13% higher than the national average. Even still, the home prices in and around Coconut Creek are affordable compared to other cities in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL MSA.

How to Find Your Ideal Home in Coconut Creek, Florida

The home-hunting process can be daunting. You have so many things to consider, from the logistics of choosing a neighborhood and finding the correct type of property to keeping up with your budget.

Before you begin the search for Coconut Creek homes for sale, here are some essential home-hunting tips to consider:

Know What You Want

Before beginning the search, you want to know the kind of home you want or how much space or land you need. Think about where your family will live for the next ten years and how many people will live there.

If there are kids already (or even pets), think about where they'll be sleeping and playing. If no one in your family is currently living with you, make plans for future additions. It's always good to have backup space for visiting relatives or friends.

Similarly, you want to decide which neighborhood will be best for your lifestyle and which school district will be best for your kids.

Start the Home Search Early

If you start looking at homes early, you can have more flexibility in choosing when to buy and where. You don't want to wait until the last minute to begin your search because it'll be too late for any offers or counteroffers.

The earlier in the process that you start looking at homes for sale, the more likely it is that everything will work out smoothly and successfully.

Take Your Time

It can be tedious to visit different houses, so set aside enough time for each visit. Even if it's going pretty well with one house, don't rule out others until after you've seen them all.

You might realize later that what seemed like a great deal with one house wasn't so great. It's easier to find a fantastic house at a great price if you take some time with it and make sure it fits your needs before making an offer.

Find a Realtor You Trust

Your real estate agent will coordinate your home search, help you find what you're looking for, and negotiate the best deal based on your budget.

When looking for an agent or broker, ensure they have experience in helping people buy or sell homes in the area and can offer answers about local real estate trends. They should also be able to offer helpful advice about financing options and other related details.

Take Notes

The more properties you look at before deciding which one is right for you, the harder it can be to keep track of all their details. When visiting each home, take detailed notes about what works and doesn't.

That way, when it comes time to make an offer, you'll be able to refer to the details and ensure that whatever information was most important to you is still on your radar.

Get pre-approved For a Loan

If you need financing lined up for your new home, getting pre-approved will help you narrow down which homes are within your price range. It will also give sellers the confidence that you can afford their asking price and make an offer on the property.

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What Makes Coconut Creek, Florida Ideal for Home Buyers?

Coconut Creek is a beautiful place to call home. It's close to everything you need but far enough away to enjoy quiet time and a peaceful stay with family. The community is family-friendly, with parks and schools in every neighborhood. There are also plenty of places to shop and dine.

Here's a quick overview of what makes Coconut Creek an ideal place for homebuyers.

A Great Culture

The city and its environs have a rich history, which means it has plenty of character to offer potential residents. Most neighborhoods within the city have a strong sense of community; hence it's easy to get involved with your neighbors.

There are also plenty of cultural events and activities for those who love history, concerts, competitive events, and arts.

Good School Systems

Coconut Creek is known for its high-quality schools, which are often ranked among the best in Broward County, Florida. The city is home to two higher education institutions - Broward College and the Technological University of America. Public high schools in the area include Monarch High School, Coconut Creek High School, and Atlantic Technical Center & Technical High School.

There's only one middle school - The Lyons Creek Middle School within the city limits and a couple of elementary schools, including Coconut Creek Elementary and Winston Park Elementary. North Broward Preparatory School is the only private school within the city limits.

Family-Friendly Activities

Coconut Creek offers a great mix of urban and suburban living, with plenty of opportunities for families to get out and enjoy the outdoors. There are many parks and recreational facilities, from the renowned Butterfly World and Fern Forest Nature Center to Helene Klein Pineland Preserve and Kristine Jacobs Natural Area.

Nature trails for biking, hiking, and running are accessible from almost all the neighborhoods. Most parks have miles of trails that wind through various habitats and ecosystems, including mangroves, pine woods, swamp forests, and coastal hardwood hammocks. Some parks within the city offer areas for swimming and snorkeling and picnic tables and barbeques for cookouts.

Great Dining and Shopping Experiences

If you're looking for a place to eat, shop, or explore new things, Coconut Creek has a lot of options. You'll find a wide range of restaurants throughout the city, from burger spots and American cafes to barbecue joints. Whether you are in for classics like pulled pork and sweet potato fries or traditional favorites like apple bourbon pork chops and smoked chicken wings, you'll love it here.

As far as shopping goes, there is no shortage of options. The city is home to several outlet malls and shopping centers, from big box stores like Target to local boutiques like Francesca's to Lord and Terry.

Work Opportunities and Commuting

Coconut Creek has a wide range of work opportunities, and it's easy to get around the city with its major roadways and public transportation. The region has a thriving business community, thanks to the several companies that have established their offices and stores within the city.

This has helped keep the local economy strong while increasing employment opportunities for residents who want to work nearby rather than commuting daily.

The largest employers in the city include:

  • The Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.
  • Broward County Public Schools.
  • Broward College (North Campus).
  • The American supermarket chain Publix.

How to Choose the Best Neighborhood in Coconut Creek, Florida

Choosing the best neighborhood in Coconut Creek can be a tough decision. There are a lot of factors to consider, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the options.

Before comparing some Coconut Creek homes for sale or even considering moving to the city, you want to know which neighborhood is best for you. Neighborhoods in Coconut Creek range from quiet suburban areas to more urbanized areas with busy commercial centers.

The best way to choose your neighborhood is by considering what kind of lifestyle you want and what amenities are important to you. While some residents enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, others prefer the more relaxing pace of suburbia. Some prefer an even mix between the two.

If you're looking for a quiet place where neighbors know each other by name and everyone looks out for one another, consider living in the more close-knit residential hubs. Such areas tend to have a small-town feel with lots of green space and low traffic levels.

However, if you like walking down the street to check out local businesses or visit friends, an area close to the town center might be best suited for your needs.

Here are the other tips that will help you narrow down your list of potential homes so you can make informed decisions about where to live.

  • Location - Coconut Creek has a lot of great neighborhoods, but some are better for families with kids than others. If you have young children, you'll want to look for an area close to schools, parks, and other family-friendly amenities.

  • Price - When looking at Coconut Creek homes for sale, prices can vary widely from one neighborhood to another. That said, certain areas offer more value for your money than others.

  • Amenities - Some neighborhoods in Coconut Creek have pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds, while others have limited options. It's essential to keep these factors in mind when choosing where you want to live because they could change what kind of house works best for your family's needs (and budget).

  • Safety and convenience - You'll want a safe neighborhood where your kids can play outside without worrying about safety. Your new home should also be close enough to everything you need so that you don't have to spend hours in traffic daily.

The Top 3 Best Neighborhoods in Coconut Creek, Florida

Coconut Creek has some of the best neighborhoods in Broward County, Florida. The area is a planned community with several amenities ideal for families.

Below are some of the best neighborhoods in the area.


Wynmoor is conveniently located near the best shopping, dining, and entertainment centers Coconut Creek offers. There are tennis courts and swimming pools for those who want them, but there are also walking trails and a dog park for those who prefer more active recreation during their off-hours.

The median household income in Wynmoor is $41,718, while the median home price is 207,950. Even more enjoyable is that various housing options are available for most budget levels. Wynmoor is close to major highways and offers a decent lifestyle to young families and even retirees. Approximately 84% of residents are homeowners, and the city has a 13% walk score, meaning most errands in the area require a car.

Winston Park

Winston Park is 20 minute's drive north of Coconut Creek city center. Most homes in this neighborhood are spacious and comfortable, with open layouts and natural light. The community has many amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities. There are various home options available, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

The median household income is $71,780, while the median home price is $724,330. 64% of residents in Winston Park own their homes, and the area has a relatively fair walk score. That means plenty of places nearby, like stores, schools, restaurants, and coffee shops. Some of the grocery stores in the area include Arco Iris supermarket, Target, and Penn Dutch Food Center.

Coral Gate

Coral Gate is an established neighborhood that offers a comfortable lifestyle for its residents. In addition to its quiet, spacious homes and its proximity to nature, Coral Gate has several amenities that make it an attractive place to live. The median home listing price in Coral Gate, Florida, is $300,000 while the median household income is $300,000.

The area around Coral Gate offers many opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Several shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational spots are within a short drive. You can also visit the nearby parks or go hiking along the trails. And if you want something more relaxing, there are some spas nearby where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

Bottom Line

Coconut Creek is an excellent place for families and retirees, with plenty of activities for everyone's age group. The city has a ton of parks and recreation areas where you can spend time outdoors with your family or friends. This may be an excellent place to live if you're looking for a home with plenty of space and privacy while still affording you a lavish lifestyle.

Most Coconut Creek homes for sale fall in varying price levels, meaning there's something for everyone. Once you have found your ideal home in a great neighborhood, you want to find a reliable lender to finance your dream home.

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