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Coral Springs, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Are you planning to relocate to South Florida, and the city of Coral Springs is on top of your list? This city, also known as everything under the sun, has much to offer you. While it may seem like a modest version of other Florida cities, it provides the best environment to raise a family, do business and still have fun in its state-of-the-art recreational facilities.

Here is all you need to know about Coral Springs homes for sale before you pack your bags and head south.

About Living in Coral Springs, Florida

Before looking for Coral Springs homes for sale, you'd want to understand the area you're moving to. Different factors, such as the local economy, amenities, schools, and the community, will influence your choice.

If you're moving to coral springs, there are different ways to help you decide if it's a good fit.


The weather in Coral Springs is usually warm and humid, characterized by summer and winter. That's right; there's no autumn or spring. The summer is between June and August, with temperatures as high as the 90s, frequent rains, and thunderstorms.

Coral Springs is also prone to tropical storms and hurricanes during this season. Winter starts from December to February, with lower humidity, cooler temperatures, and less rain.

Employment Rate

As of March 2022, the unemployment rate in Coral Springs was 2.6%, which is much lower than 4.7% in 2021. This is good news for people working there and the potential new residents.

The current workforce is shifting from hotel hospitality to higher-paying jobs in construction, manufacturing, and warehousing.


Coral Springs is a cultural destination with regularly scheduled productions and yearly broadway series by the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. You will also enjoy annual Spanish heritage festivals such as Fiesta Coral Springs and Old Town. The city also celebrates Black History Month in honor of the different cultures in Coral Springs.

The nightlife in Coral Springs is less adventurous than in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. If you are looking for a wild night out, you must visit nearby cities and enjoy what they offer, such as nightclubs, casinos, and seafood restaurants.


Most working residents use personal cars to commute. The best part of living in Coral Springs is that the local government offers free buses that ply in-city routes.

That's not all. The Broward County Transit also has regional buses that transport people from Coral Springs to other parts of the county.


Coral Springs has A+ schools, and the school system comprises traditional public schools, charter schools, private schools, and magnet schools.

Some of the highly-rated elementary schools include:

  • Coral Hills Elementary
  • Country Hills Elementary
  • Eagle Ridge Elementary
  • Ramblewood Elementary

The A-rated middle schools include:

  • Coral Springs Middle
  • Forest Glenn Middle
  • Ramblewood Middle
  • Sawgrass Springs Middle

The best High schools in Coral Springs are:

  • Core Glades High
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

The top charter schools:

  • Coral Springs Charter School
  • Imagine Charter School at Broward
  • Renaissance Charter School of Coral Springs

For higher learning opportunities in Coral Springs, students can attend Broward College North Campus. It's essential to settle in a neighborhood with good schools, and, unsurprisingly, homes near highly-rated schools usually have high prices because of a continuous demand in these communities.


Coral Springs boasts 770 full-time employees, with almost 300 temporary and part-time employees. The most common jobs are in retail, construction warehousing, and manufacturing. The median household income is approximately $77,488, with a median individual income of $35,423 per year.

Local Attractions

Coral Springs is a pocket of paradise with famous entertainment, landmarks, and shopping opportunities. The city is home to iconic art museums, performances, fun activities, wildlife, and nature. There's plenty to do in Coral Springs with its numerous natural and man-made attractions.

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Things to Do in Coral Springs, Florida

Coral Springs is the place to be if you're looking for fun activities for your family. You will enjoy the fun indoor and outdoor activities it offers.

Activities for the Entire Family

Coral Springs promises many fun activities and good places to visit for your entire family. Whether it's playgrounds, parks, or golfing, you're sure to have a great time while keeping your kids busy.

Tour the Animals of Sawgrass Wildlife Hospital

The Sawgrass Wildlife Hospital provides quality care and treatment for wild animals. This center treats approximately 700 animals annually and is also a rehabilitation center for Florida's wildlife before they are released back into the wild.

Your family can tour the facility and see different types of animals up close, including exotic species.

Fishing at Westchester Park

The beautiful Westchester Park lies close to the larger Sportsplex Park, with its main attractive feature being the expansive lake.

You can take your family for shore fishing at the banks as you enjoy the scenic views. The park also has a trail where you can go hiking, and don't forget to bring along your furry friend.

A Picnic at Butterfly World

The Butterfly World is a must-visit, and your family will be thrilled by the thousands of butterflies as they are educated about their lifecycle.

If you're into butterflies, consider buying milkweed from the facility, as it attracts them. Once done with the tour, you can set up your picnic in the shade as you bond with your family.

Sweat it Out at Betti Stradling Park

Break a sweat at Betti Stradling Park, which is furnished with modern amenities and the ideal place for your family to have fun as you play volleyball, basketball, and baseball.

This park is a favorite among the locals because it also has a shaded playground that ignites their imagination. It also has shaded areas where you can relax away from the city noise.

Stop over at Monster Mini Golf

The Monster Mini Golf is a family-friendly destination with a creepy glow-in-the-dark theme that will give you a spooky experience with the many animated props as you play but in a good way. Your family will have a thrill playing mini golf in a hair-raising environment, and it doesn't end there.

Apart from the mini golf, you can explore other areas of the facility, and it has a complete arcade with classic and new games that will have your family playing for hours. Don't miss out on the laser maze, which will test your body coordination as you attempt to go through green lasers.

Activities for Young Children

Are your kids crying because of boredom? Coral Springs is packed with fun activities for children of all ages to play and learn from museums, go ice skating, jump houses, and visit parks.

So why not take advantage of the available indoor and outdoor activities to give your children the ultimate fun experience? Check out these kid-friendly activities in Coral Springs, Florida.

Visit a Museum

The Young At Art Museum in Coral Springs is spacious, advanced, and filled with interactive and fun activities that encourage a love for learning and the arts. Museums are designed for kids and are the perfect place for your child to explore anytime.

Your little one can also attend art classes and learn creativity, such as making a recycled puppet while focusing on preserving resources.

Have fun in an Indoor Playground

The Monkey Joe's is an indoor playground with bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses where your little ones can have fun.

It also has a different space where toddlers can safely play, and the playground will keep your kids active and entertained for hours. It is an indoor facility, so your children can hang out there any day of the year.

Go Ice Skating

It may sound weird to go ice skating when most Florida cities are known as beach places, but there are many ice-skating rinks in Coral Springs.

Kids love ice skating, and there is no better place than Florida Panthers IceDen that has an open rink that's perfect for children of all ages, and don't worry if they can't skate. The facility offers skating lessons and specialized walkers for balancing on the ice.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a way of life in Florida, with most families hanging out on the beach or pools, and it's a good idea to teach them to swim early on. The United States Swim Academy offers an indoor pool, a fun play area, and an excellent swimming spot.

This facility is well known for safely handling little children, and you can enroll them in a swimming lesson if they can't swim.

Go for Bowling

Bowling is an exciting adventure and a sure way for your little ones to have fun. Most bowling alleys in Coral Springs, such as the Sawgrass Lane, have bowling balls that can fit those tiny hands and a guardrail to prevent them from focusing only on the gutter balls.

Not only does bowling promises them fun, but they also learn motor skills and sportsmanship.

Tasty and Unique Eateries in Coral Springs, Florida

Coral Springs has exceptional restaurants serving different cuisines, from fine dining to backyard barbecues which are more common than big night outs. However, the city has low-key restaurant gems you may not know about.

Here are three tasty and unique eateries you should check out in Coral Springs, Florida:

Tavolino Della Notte

Tavolino Della Notte is a high-end Italian restaurant that's a must-try, especially if you're a big fan of Italian cuisine. This popular Coral Springs restaurant serves excellent food, and you will be lost for choice with its extensive menu that serves Italian cuisine with a modern twist that will keep you coming for more.

While Tavolino's signature dishes are pear and walnut pasta, Pollo Della Nonna, and Chicken Scarpariello, you should try out their delicious zuppadapish and the veal parmesan with a big veal chop. Also, remember to look at the Chef's Specials menu to know the top dishes they are serving that day.

Laspada's Original Hoagies

Are you looking for the ultimate sandwich? Then Laspada's Original Hoagies is the place to go for the best sandwiches in Coral Springs. Whether it's the Italian Special, roast beef, turkey, meatball marina, ham, or the yummy turkey and Salami, Laspada's is the spot for delicious food served in generous portions for a great price.

When you get here, try their special Italian round roll sandwich, which will take your taste buds to the next level. With the variety of hot subs to choose from, you're sure to find something you like.

Red Ginger Asian Bistro

The Red Ginger Asian Bistro is one of its kind restaurants in town. You will be satisfied with their extensive menu, from handmade pork dumplings, egg rolls, and shrimp tempura to spinach artichoke Rangoon. This is also the spot to satisfy your sushi and California roll craving.

Try out the fried rice, a top-seller, and the delicious curry options. Check out the seafood curry.

Best Neighborhoods in Coral Springs, Florida

As far as your Coral Springs homes for sale choices go, you have many options available. Coral Springs offers you villas, condos, single-family homes, and townhomes.

If you're planning to buy a home in Coral Springs but don't know where to start, the following are some of the best neighborhoods in Coral Springs, Florida.

Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge is one of the best neighborhoods Coral Springs has to offer and a highly-sought community in the city. It's an established area with large homes, and you will usually find one and two-story homes with three to five bedrooms, private pools, and split floor plans.

The Pine Ridge community has easy access to Sawgrass Expressway, major roads, shopping, and parks, making it an ideal location. The median home value in Pine Ridge is $475,000.

Country Club Towers

Country Club Towers is a high-end complex that hosts more than 55 adult lifestyle condos in Coral Springs, with one and two bedrooms measuring up to 1,350 square feet of room space. Each unit has modern bathrooms, a kitchen, tile flooring, a massive walk-in closet, and a private patio with breathtaking views.

Adult-style condos are all about community, connection, and opportunity with like-minded people. And the Country Club Towers are not different and feature community amenities such as tennis courts, heated pools, exercise rooms, community rooms, concierge, and parking.

The coexistence between the Country Club Tower's office condos and residences is a new concept and liveliness to Coral Springs. It feels like you're in New York but with a touch of the local Coral Springs neighborhood living style.

Country Club Towers is an affluent high-rise condo complex with a median price of $155,000. This price tag comes with striking water and city views, not forgetting the convenience of being a few minutes away from the center of Coral Springs and the airport.

Cypress Run

The Cypress Run is another in-demand neighborhood in Coral Springs, and it is famous for its alluring neighboring parks and large lot sizes. This coveted community is close to Cypress Park, which is one of the largest community parks in Coral Springs. Its location next to the Sawgrass expressway makes it easy to commute to other cities.

Cypress Run is an excellent neighborhood for families with children, and it consists of single-family homes sitting on a half-acre of land. The unique thing about this neighborhood is that waterways flow throughout the area. It is no wonder kids often play in large yard spaces.

Living in Cypress Run stands out from other Coral Springs communities because you are exempt from the laws and rules of a Homeowner's Association (HOA) since there are no HOAs in this neighborhood.

The median home price in Cypress Run is $437,400, with most of the three to five-bedroom homes built in the 1980s. These homes also feature private pools and private pools.

Conclusion - Coral Springs, Florida Homes for Sale

Coral springs are home to highly-rated schools, the best transportation system, a thriving business community, and safe neighborhoods, making it the perfect place to raise a family. The home prices are relatively affordable, with Coral Springs homes for sale having a median price of $364,277.

If you're looking for fun activities with family in Coral Springs, you can go fishing, picnics, and visit parks. If these aren't activities of your choice, you can check out Betti Stradling Park and Monster Mini Golf for an adrenaline pump.

Start the search for your dream home and take advantage of what Coral Springs has to offer.

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