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Doral, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Doral, Florida, is a city in Miami-Dade County that is a popular destination for tourists and residents. The luxury real estate, diverse population, and strong economy are just among the few elements that make it an attractive place to work, live and raise a family. If you are looking for Doral homes for sale, here is all you need to know about living here to help you make an informed decision.

About Living in Doral, Florida

Before moving to any new place, it is always a good idea to research the area and ensure it meets your living needs. Consider factors such as the local schools, crime rate, and access to public transportation.

If you have school-going kids, having an idea about the best schools in the area will ensure your kids get quality education. Other considerations include the climate, job opportunities, and even the cost of living.

Here's what you can expect when you buy one of the many Doral homes for sale.


Doral has a generally pleasant climate, with hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters. During the summer months, temperatures in Doral can reach up to highs of 90s Fahrenheit (32-37°C) with high humidity levels.

You can expect clear, sunny mornings and passing rainfall with thunderstorms in the afternoon during summer. Thunderstorms are also common during the summer months. Compared to winter, summer takes longer and lasts about four months, from May to October.

Unlike the oppressive summers, winters in Doral, Florida, are mostly warm and comfortable. However, they are short and last about 2.9 months, from December to March. Temperatures can go as high as 70 Fahrenheit and dip to 50 Fahrenheit at night.

The coldest month is January, while August is the hottest. Regardless, the subtropical climate gives Doral warm temperatures all year round with plenty of sunshine. It is an ideal destination if you enjoy the outdoors and a warm climate.

Employment Rate

The unemployment rate in Doral, Florida, was 1.9% as of August 2022, which is a massive improvement from 13.6% in 2020. Most of the workforce works in sales.

However, office and administrative support, executive managers and administrators, business and financial operations, and transportation workers also make up a large percentage of employees.

Note that 68% of the professionals are white-collar while 31% are blue-collar jobs. You can expect to find a job in transportation and scientific, technical, and professional services while in Doral.


Doral is a vibrant and diverse city with a rich cultural scene and a strong sense of community. Whether you love nightlife, physical activity, or tranquility, there is everything for everyone. Doral is a melting pot of cultures, evident in the town's food, art, and cultural events.

The city is home to several cultural attractions, including the Doral Art District, which features galleries, studios, and creative spaces. It also hosts annual cultural festivals like the Doral Food & Wine Festival and the Doral International Film Festival.

Doral has a lively nightlife and entertainment scene, with various bars, clubs, and restaurants offering live music and other entertainment. If you prefer a chilled lifestyle, you can take advantage of the numerous golf courses and country clubs to socialize and relax.


Transportation in Doral is mainly by road; most residents drive their cars. The city is served by several major roads, including the Florida Turnpike and the Dolphin Expressway, which provide easy access to different parts of the Miami metropolitan area.

You will find Uber and Lyft to get around the city and other parts of Miami's metropolitan area. You can also use public transit courtesy of The Miami-Dade County Transit Agency (MDT), which operates buses and trains in the Doral area. The city also boasts of the Metrorail, which connects Doral to Miami and other parts of the county. Taxis and ride-sharing services are available if you prefer more privacy and convenience.

The many bike lanes and paths make it convenient to bike safely around the city. It also has a walkable layout that allows you to access most of the city's attractions and amenities within walking distance.


If you have school-going kids, Doral, Florida, has several highly-rated schools for kids of all ages. Depending on your preference, you can take your child to a private or public institution.

Daycares like Little Heroes Learning Center of Doral and Cadence Academy Preschool is available for younger kids.

Here are the best schools to take your child in Doral, Florida:

Elementary Schools

  • North Dade Center for Modern Languages Elementary School
  • Somerset Academy Charter Elementary School
  • iPrep Academy

Middle Schools

  • Archimedean Middle Conservatory (AMC)
  • Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy
  • Mast Academy

High Schools

  • Design & Architecture Senior High School
  • Terra Environmental Research Institute
  • Doral Academy Charter High School

Other options include Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy, which focuses on arts, and St. John Neumann Catholic School, a private school committed to the Catholic faith.


Doral is home to many small businesses and is a hub for international trade. The city hosts several manufacturing and distribution centers, including those for pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, and electronics. The living standards here are relatively high.

You will also find financial institutions and professional services firms, including banks, law firms, and accounting firms. Real estate is a key part of the local economy, with Doral being home to many residential and commercial developments.

Tourism also plays a significant role in the economy of Doral, as it is a popular destination for business and leisure travelers. As such, you will find plenty of hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Local Attractions

When it comes to leisure and local attractions, you will find plenty of them in Doral, Florida. From numerous parks for you and your family to shopping and entertainment spots that will give you an authentic suburban experience. Popular parks include;

  • Trump National Doral Miami - It has a golf course, among other amenities like spa and dining options.

  • CityPlace Doral - The complex is home to various retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, including a movie theater.

  • Doral Central Park - It has recreational facilities, multiple sports fields, and a skate park.

  • Doral Legacy Park - Ideal for dog lovers as it features a dog park.

Model of house and key on sandy beach

Things to Do in Doral, Florida

You don't have to worry about boredom living in Doral, Florida. You can explore nature, engage in sporting activities, spend your lazy Sunday afternoon shopping, or watch a movie at the mall.

Here are a few activity ideas for you and your family.

Activities for the Entire Family

Engaging in collective family activities is a great way to spend quality time and bond with your loved ones. Here are family-friendly activities you can indulge in while spending quality time with your family.

CityPlace Doral

CityPlace Doral provides a wide ray of activities for adults and kids alike. Enjoy bowling at Kings Dining & Entertainment, or watch a movie at Cinébistro. It is a shopping and entertainment center with everything you need for a packed weekend of family time.

You can also catch a live band if you love music at Copper Blues Rock Bar & Kitchen. The shopping and entertainment complex also spots numerous boutiques and designer retail stores for your shopping needs, including Victoria's Secret, Kuit, and Agua Bendita.

Various casual and full services restaurants and bars are also present. These include Brimstone Woodfire Grill, Cabo Flats Cantina and Tequila Bar, Battosai Sushi Siam, and Pour House if you want to try international cuisines. You can stop by Sloan's Homemade Ice Cream for a quick treat to satisfy your sweet tooth."

Planet Air Sports

Planet Air Sports should be your destination when you feel like indoor sports. It offers indoor sporting and activities for residents and visitors regardless of age. Get your adrenaline rush on the 16,000-square-foot indoor trampoline park or the triple bungee trampoline. A zipline course that is 20 ft high is also yours to explore, as well as a year-round ski slope for an alpine skiing experience.

Other activities include 360° rides, spin riders, cage balls, aero balls, and jump shot games to test your agility, strength, and endurance. Alternatively, you can engage in traditional sporting activities like climbing walls and batting cages. The space also has a bowling alley, a playground for toddlers, and an arcade to showcase videos and redemption games.

Visit the Doral Contemporary Art Museum (DORCAM)

If you appreciate art, the Doral Contemporary Art Museum has you covered. With a wide range of exhibitions, your family will enjoy their time here. Make time to learn about art and design, architecture, technology, and science.

You can also enjoy displays showcasing fashion, pop art, and photography. The museum also has a calendar full of family-friendly events, and you will always find something new to learn and explore.

Activities for Young Children

Doral, Florida, also has many activities specifically for young children. Here are some places your little ones can explore and have fun.

Visit the Park

There are numerous parks in Doral, Florida, ideal for walks, nature trails, and play. The Doral Legacy Park is among the many options, with a playground, a splash pad, and a skate park ideal for kids. On the other hand, Doral Central Park features a playground, a dog park, and a lake where kids can feed the ducks.

In addition to these amenities, the park has walking and biking trails and a skate park for older kids. It is an excellent destination for kids to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. Other options to explore include the Doral Woods Park, Doral Meadow Park, and Doral Glades Park or kids to play, swim and learn about the environment.

Visit the Museum

The Miami Children's Museum, situated just a short drive from Doral, is an excellent place for learning and having fun. The museum has a wide range of exhibits and activities that educate and entertain children of all ages.

Some of the displays include a two-story coral reef, a television studio, a grocery store, and a mock doctor's office. There are also special programs like art classes and story time.

Go to an Amusement Park

The amusement parks near Doral offer kids a range of rides, shows, and attractions that are sure to keep them entertained. FunDimension is an indoor amusement park in Doral that offers kids' attractions, games, and rides. It's a great place for kids to have fun and burn off some energy on a rainy day.

Zoo Miami is viable and only a short drive from Doral. Children can see various animals here, including gorillas, lions, and flamingos. Alternatively, you can take your little one to the Miami Seaquarium in Biscayne Bay, which has dolphin shows, sea lion demonstrations, and a touch tank.

For children who like sports, attending sporting events can help them learn more about their favorite games. Attending a game is a fun and exciting activity for kids and can help them explore their interests when they are still young. Doral has several teams, like the Miami Open Tennis Tournament and the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball team.

The Best and Tasty Eateries in Doral, Florida

The rich culinary scene in Doral will not disappoint when it comes to satisfying your taste buds. You will find numerous restaurants and eateries with a wide range of local and international cuisines.

Here are the best restaurants to sample while in Doral, Florida.

Divieto Ristorante

Divieto Ristorante has just what you need when you are craving Italian food. You will find more than 70 dishes here, ranging from burrata pizza to carbonara.

The casual dining experience and excellent customer service create an atmosphere that will make you a repeat customer. Besides Italian cuisine, you can also enjoy new American options.

Coopers Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Enjoy an upscale dining experience at the Coopers Hawk Winery & Restaurant. As the name suggests, the establishment is big on wine, whether you like it by the glass or bottle.

However, the food menu is comprehensive and rich, and you will find a variety ranging from Asian cuisine to Italian delicacies. With an extensive menu, you can be sure to find what suits your palate, be it fish and chips or Asian pork belly.

Famous Dave's BBQ Restaurant

While it is a chain restaurant, Famous Dave's BBQ restaurant is a must-try in Doral. They specialize in serving wood-smoked meats and are among the best barbeque restaurants to try.

The meats come with accompaniments like Famous Fries and Creamy Coleslaw. Indulge your taste buds in the All-American BBQ Feast, Texas Beef Brisket, or Georgian Chopped Pork.

3 Best Neighborhoods in Doral, Florida

Doral city is known for its diverse neighborhoods. When looking at Doral homes for sale, check out the following areas - they are among the best places to live.

Doral Isles

Doral Isles is a gated community in the heart of Doral, Florida. It is known for its luxury homes and various amenities, including a community pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse. The community is located near major highways, making it convenient for commuters.

The community comprises friendly residents, making it a popular choice for families and professionals. It is also close to shopping, dining, entertainment options, and excellent schools for your convenience. The median home value in Doral Isles is $910,000.

Doral Park/City Centre

Situated in the eastern part of Doral, Doral Park is densely populated and mainly comprises small to medium-sized homes. Your options span from studio and 1-bedroom houses to spacious and 4-bedroom apartments and single-family homes.

The homes in Doral Park are occupied by a mix of owners and renters, with most being built between the 1970s and 2000. However, not all houses are as old as a number have come up since then. If you are looking for a home, Doral Park usually has vacant houses, as most are seasonally occupied. Doral homes for sale in this part of the city have a median price of $530,000.

Islands of Doral

Islands of Doral real estate primarily feature medium-sized to large homes. If you are big on space, you will find several three, four, and five-bedroom townhomes in Islands of Doral. Single-family homes are also available.

The good thing about this neighborhood is its newer homes, with most built after 2000. You can expect Doral homes for sale in this neighborhood to have a median price of $674,023.

The best way to find the home of your dreams is to work with a real estate agent. This way, you will find current real estate market information and a home that meets your needs and budget.

Conclusion - Homes for Sale in Doral, Florida

If you are considering moving to Miami, check out any of the numerous Doral homes for sale to experience the magic of Doral, Florida. Doral is among the fastest-growing cities in the country.

The proximity to a world-class metropolitan area and a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Miami make it a great place to work and raise a family.

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