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Homes for Sale in Beverly Terrace - Miami, Florida

Beverly Terrace, Miami, Florida, offers an assortment of luxurious and beautiful homes. The homes come in various sizes and at affordable prices. Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace vary in square footage from 600 to over 900 square feet. The range helps buyers choose a home for sale that suits their needs and budget.

Are you looking for a dream home in Miami? Whatever your budget and needs, you can obtain the best bargain from the range of spectacular homes for sale in Beverly Terrace. But before you choose your dream home for sale, you need to get as much information as possible about your target neighborhood.

Here is everything you need to know about homes for sale in Beverly Terrace, Miami:

Things to do in Beverly Terrace

Miami is home to over 147 exciting parks covering a massive 1,400 acres. Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace also offer up to 43 community centers, 12 swimming pools, and four gyms. The numerous recreational facilities in this area mean you will have fun ideas.

Some top things to do in Beverly terrace include:

Watch dolphins at Miami Seaquarium

Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace give you access to South Florida's best aquarium and most popular attraction site. Enjoy spectacular marine mammal shows featuring sea lions and dolphins – an experience that will impress the entire family. Experience world-class exhibitions of sea turtles, manatees, rays, penguins, and more.

There's no greater experience than jumping into the cool water with friendly, intelligent, and graceful dolphins. Dolphin harbor is the place to be for this event. Apart from the dolphins, you'll enjoy joining the many special events at Miami Seaquarium. Be sure to tag the family for memorable animal experiences.

View art at Art Deco Welcome Center

Art Deco Welcome Center should rank high on your To-Do List if you're an ardent art lover. Appreciating art pieces can be highly fulfilling and inspiring, and you get all of it when you purchase one of those affordable homes for sale in Beverly Terrace.

You can organize your daily routine to fit into the timetable at the Art Deco Welcome center. Ensure you get to the site by 9.00 am for the best experience. It's also certified as family-friendly, so you can bring your family together and have fun.

Lounge at Naomi’s Garden Restaurant & Lounge

Relieve the touching story behind Naomi’s Garden Restaurant & Lounge as you sink your teeth into tasty Curry Chicken or some fried Snapper. Sip cold-pressed juice of your preferred ingredient to cool off the day's heat.

And you don't have to wait for Thanksgiving to have turkey - grab some Turkey Tissot at this restaurant and get your family into an upbeat mood.

This restaurant is also the place to be if you, or any family member, is a vegetarian. Special vegetarian treats include spinach, Lima Beans, and legumes. Get all the proteins and vitamins you need from this all-encompassing menu.

Have your favorite beverage at Miami Port Café

Did the rain take you by surprise during the promenade? Stop by this café and order yourself a good coffee. Google loves the coffee served at this café, so you can be sure of the best coffee at the port. You can also grab a delicious burger to go down with the coffee.

Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace will allow you to bring your family along for a nice morning or afternoon treat before you can go for a walk or swimming.

Areas to live in Beverly Terrace, Miami

Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace feature the Mediterranean Revival style, an impressive reminder of Biscayne Boulevard's heyday. The residential dwellings in this area are shared out between owners and renters, while up to 23% are vacant.

With almost a quarter of the homes vacant, you can always secure a home in your preferred location. Here are popular areas to live:

Biscayne Boulevard

If you're looking for homes for sale in Beverly Terrace that cost less to maintain, consider purchasing a condo on Biscayne Boulevard. They have added amenities, which include parking garages, pools, and dog parks, among others, and fall under homeowners association for maintenance.

Owning a home in Biscayne gives access to essential and luxurious amenities, which include Little Haiti for all your fruits and Morningside Park for taking a walk with your family. It is also near most waterfront sites, providing you and the family an occasion to meet people from diverse backgrounds who often frequent such places.

Aria on the Bay

Buy a home in Aria on the Bay for a spectacular view of the city and water. This luxury high-rise development in Edgewater comprises 648 units with one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans. You'll enjoy valet parking, pool tables, swimming pools, a business center with a conference room, and concierge services.

This establishment brings you closer to several retail and shopping options. These options include a Publix grocery store, Pura Vida, and The daily. It’s only 20 minutes from Miami International Airport and 12 minutes from Brickell by road.

Icon Bay

Buy a home at Icon bay to enjoy resort-style amenities, such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, club room, an infinity-edge bay front pool, tennis court, and a theater room. You also enjoy unlimited views of the picturesque Miami Beach skyline and Biscayne Bay.

Icon Bay is conveniently located near the Arts and Entertainment District, Miami Design District, and Wynwood. This means you will have plenty of fun things to do within walking distance. It’s also just 20 minutes from Miami International Airport.

Aerial view of neighborhood in Miami

Beverly Terrace School Systems

Before purchasing a home, you need to clearly understand the school systems in your target area. It needs to have access to the right schools that offer your kids quality education. Beverly Terrace has numerous schools serving the educational needs of the community.

Take your young kids to any of the many elementary schools in the area. They have all the necessary facilities and well-trained and experienced staff. You can expect them to mold your young one into a well-rounded, responsible individual.

There are also plenty of middle and high schools in Beverly Terrace. You can be sure your growing children will have access to quality education as they grow older. Ensure you plan accordingly for their education to have a smooth time with your children.

Elementary schools in this area include:

  • Santa Clara Elementary School
  • CARE Elementary School
  • BridgePrep Academy Greater Miami
  • The French American School of Miami

Consider the following schools if your child needs middle school education:

  • Mater Academy Virtual Center
  • Centner Academy
  • Citrus Drove Middle School
  • La Prima Casa Montessori

Here are some high schools for your consideration:

  • Eximia World School
  • iPrep Academy
  • School for Advanced Studies

No matter where you are in Beverly Terrace, you’ll always find a school near you. As you prepare to purchase one of those homes for sale in Beverly Terrace, know that the educational needs of your kids are in safe hands.

Local Attractions in Beverly Terrace, Miami

With their proximity to various local attractions, homes for sale in Beverly Terrace are ideal for individual and family settlements. Below are some top attractions in the area:

Wynwood Walls

Since its inception in 2009, Wynwood Walls has grown into a global street art museum. The museum will impact generations, so settling in Beverly Terrace makes you part of its history.

The Walls are the definition of modern art, spanning over 35,000 square feet. More than 100,000 spray cans go into the art to give you plenty of art to view.

Experience the best art curated by Goldman Global Arts. Enjoy cutting-edge works, graffiti, and murals from leading fine artists. Buy a home in Beverly Terrace and enjoy access to Wynwood Walls to spice up your days.

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

View your world differently at the Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science, the only aquarium and science museum in downtown Miami. It will ignite your curiosity and inspire you to learn new things and appreciate your world differently.

You can also promote science by purchasing gifts of science and giving them to your friends and family. Also, be sure to bring your children along, so they can also marvel at science in this museum. The representations of mammoths, dinosaurs, and the underwater world will capture their imagination and improve their knowledge and creativity.

Miami Children’s Museum

Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace allow you to experience Miami Children’s Museum, one of the few museum-based schools in the US.

It creates a unique creative atmosphere for children to play, create, imagine, and learn. Bring your kids to this museum for an exciting time throughout their stay in this neighborhood.

Jungle Island

Visit Jungle Island for unforgettable animal encounters – you can take a photo with a kangaroo! Pump the adrenaline by participating in treetop trekking.

Soar above the jungle and experience the fascinating landscape from a fresh perspective. Tag your children for a whole family fun adventure.

Bayfront Park

Spanning 32 acres, Bayfront Park sits right on Biscayne Bay. The park is great for families that want to play, relax, or exercise. Lounge on the open lawn, walk along the winding walkways, relax and play on the sandy beach area, and view the stunning fountain.

Join special events with special event lighting and enjoy a waterfall dating back to 1926. Visit the tropical rock garden, and have fun at the VIP seating areas.

Beverly Terrace Crime Rates / Safety

It would help to consider a neighborhood's safety before purchasing a home in it. Crime is a major aspect of safety determination, so its rates can help determine if an area is safe. Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace are generally safe, so you won't have to worry about your family and property security.

With plenty of local attractions and pulling in crowds from different places and backgrounds, you can be sure you're safe in this neighborhood. After all, there's safety in numbers because you won't be alone in any open or closed spaces for fun.

Places teeming with tourists and revelers tend to be safer since each entertainment spot has its own security. Most establishments have CCTV coverage and guards to ensure their security.

Also, most homes in this place are laid back and quiet but full of life. Moving into Beverly Terrace should be one of your best decisions this year.

Is Beverly Terrace a Good Place for Raising a Family?

Like most people, you want to purchase a home to raise a family. One reason you should consider Beverly Terrace is its suitability for raising families. Here are some reasons Beverly Terrace is a good place for raising a family:

Good school systems

Your children's education is essential to shaping your choice of a suitable neighborhood to purchase a home. Homes for sale in Beverly Terrace excel, with numerous schools dotting the landscape.

Choose between public and private schools, right from elementary to high school. You may also consider charted schools if they fit your fancy. Living in this neighborhood means you'll always be confident in finding a good school for your kids.

Plenty of amenities

You can always go right with Beverly Terrace when it comes to amenities. These facilities attract droves of people who frequent the neighborhood searching for exciting activities, eateries, and accommodation. Some of them are looking for homes for sale in Beverly Terrace.

Go shopping at The Shops At Midtown Miami, Trader Joe's, or any other stores across the neighborhood. You'll get anything you want without having to break a sweat. You’ll be lost for choice if you wish to have meals outdoors. From Amara at Paraiso to Little Hen, you can excite your taste buds and nourish your family.

Good and spacious houses

Regardless of your family size, you'll always find a house that suits you. From one- to three bedrooms, you get a home with enough space for your family and needs.

Also, homes for sale in Beverly Terrace have most facilities, such as parking, swimming pools, and open lawns, to make you more comfortable.

It is safe

Beverly Terrace is also safe for your family and property. Crime rates are low because the communities here take security seriously.

Security personnel is available at most sites and homes. You need to play your part to ensure a heightened level of security. For example, be sure to lock your car doors before you leave your vehicle parked anywhere.

Home Loans in Beverly Terrace, Miami

If you're interested in purchasing a home in Beverly terrace but need more funds to make the purchase, you have no reason to worry. You can go for home loans and choose the loan type most suitable for you. You can from these types of home loans:

  • Conventional mortgage loans - These loans are easier to obtain and more affordable than other loan types. They require a lower number of fees and have fewer terms to qualify. You won't need the backing of the federal government but only need to follow the guidelines set by the lender.

  • FHA Loans - Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans have helped increase home ownership in the US. They have reduced the down payment amount and the credit score requirements. If you have a lower credit score, these loans will suit you since they are backed by mortgage insurance Premiums (MIP) and the Upfront Funding Fee. This reduces the down payment amount to as little as 3.5%.

  • VA Loans - These loans are for active and former military members and their families. If you’re a former or an active military person, you may consider going for this loan type to purchase a home in Beverly Terrace.

  • USDA Loans - They are named after the US Department of Agriculture but are not meant for farmers alone. Their main aim is to develop rural areas and small towns. These loans are available for households in designated rural areas and meet eligibility criteria. USDA categorizes 97% of the US as rural, so you may be lucky if you consider homes for sale in Beverly Terrace.


If you're planning to settle and raise your family in a good location, consider one of the homes for sale in Beverly Terrace. With plenty of attraction sites and amenities, this neighborhood provides the best environment for a happy family.

Consider getting a home loan to meet your home-buying needs. For more information, contact your local real estate agent.

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