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Homes for Sale in Wynwood Art District - Miami, Florida

Do you want to create your home around eclectic art and vibrant murals? Wynwood Art District is the perfect place. While this city draws locals and tourists from all walks of life, the neighborhood is awash with culinary hotspots, fashion boutiques, craft breweries, and funky galleries.

The neighborhood’s walkability is a delight for many residents. Suppose you need a different vibe, head to the neighboring bustling Midtown or Miami Design District. The city is also 20 minutes away from South Beach’s sands and crystal-blue waters.

Homes for sale in Wynwood Art District give you access to unmatched entertainment and culture. This compact district borders Miami Design to the North, Town Square to the South, Edgewater to the East, and Allapattah to the West. Young creatives and entrepreneurs love to call this city home.

Are you considering purchasing one of the homes for sale in Wynwood Art District? Here is a guide to the best outdoor attractions, neighborhoods, school systems, and fun activities.

Living in Wynwood Art District

Settling in the homes for sale in Wynwood Art District lets you get up close with Puerto Rican culture. Many immigrants moved to the city from the 1950s onwards. The city’s cultural diversity means you’ll interact with people from different walks of life.

The city’s concentration of art galleries, eateries, and entertainment venues attracts numerous visitors daily. Currently, Wynwood is one of the hippest neighborhoods in downtown Miami.

Wynwood is an entirely walkable neighborhood offering numerous everyday conveniences. You could also access grocery stores and big box retailers in the nearby Edgewater and Midtown areas. Do you fancy yourself on scooters? This area is rife with rentable scooters you could leverage.

You can travel on foot to local and nearby areas or access other distant neighborhoods like Coconut Grove and Brickell by car. Wynwood is evolving progressively to become a more dynamic and livable community. This evolution means the area is growing beyond the graffitied walls many people associated it with.

Still, the neighborhood has retained its reputation as a tourist-laden hub for culture vultures and artsy wannabes. Expect crazy crowds during weekends and specific festivals. The area continues with an upward trajectory that takes it beyond partying.

Things to Do in Wynwood Art District, Miami

From perusing the Museum of Graffiti to the well-curated Wynwood Walls, Wynwood Art District has numerous options for residents. Explore the Wynwood Art Walk with numerous other locals and tourists. Retail shops and art galleries open their doors for a huge block party.

Locally owned retail shops like the Wynwood Shop and Frangipani give you a much-needed break from art peeping. Gaze at the unique, locally made goods on display.

Here are other incredible fun activities in the area.

Spend your day at Wynwood Walls

This park is surrounded by hoardings and spreads throughout industrial warehouses in the area. The warehouses feature varied and vivid murals. Homes for sale in Wynwood Art District let you marvel at the work of Jeffrey Deitch and Tony Goldman. These artists used the neighborhood’s warehouses to host murals that represented worldwide artists.

Wynwood Walls attracts countless artists from all walks of life. You’ll also find curious onlookers appreciating the art exhibitions. Expect continuous expansion and transformation at this outdoor exhibition space.

Head to the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar for ethnic dishes from Latin America. This restaurant will soothe your cravings after an adventurous day amidst the beautiful art scene.

Explore the Tresart Gallery

Do you want to check out the works of Roberto Matta, Tschabalala Selg, or Cindy Sherman? Homes for sale in Wynwood Art District let you explore this chic market gallery with new art exhibitions. The gallery previously focused on Latin American art.

However, you’ll also find contemporary art from diverse international artists. This welcoming and inclusive space offers many beautiful pieces you’ll love.

Visit the Museum of Graffiti

Explore how graffiti and tagging have evolved since the 1970s to their acceptance as global art. The exhibition at the Museum of Graffiti has fascinating insights into aesthetic norms and ever-evolving culture.

The Margulies Collection

Check out seasonal exhibitions from Martin Z. Margulies collection at this warehouse. The gallery houses large-scale works and exhibits from Olafur Eliasson, Richard Long, and Claes Oldenburg.

Explore Impressive Art Galleries

Homes for sale in Wynwood Art District offer quick access to a magic quadrilateral of street art. The numerous art galleries here create an artistic environment that you’ll love.

Bakehouse Art Complex acts as a pioneer for the other galleries in Wynwood. Young emerging artists can display their work at the 60 art studios and two exhibition galleries here.

Check out the most extensive collection of modern art exhibitions at the Rubell Family Collection.

Roberto Clemente Park

Do you want to spend some time away from homes for sale in Wynwood Art District? Head to the city's pocket park that features a community center, playground, and ball field.

The dog-friendly facilities, restrooms, and colorful murals always impress. The park is ideal for picnicking, people-watching, or jogging.

Head to the Beach

While this city is inland, homes for sale in Wynwood Art District offer you quick access to Mid-Beach, Miami. Miles of scrollable golden sand await you at the beach.

Be sure to splash about in the Atlantic breakers. Head to the world-renowned Broken Shaker to complete your afternoon with a cocktail.

Check out the Renowned Breweries

Wynwood’s popularity goes beyond its art offerings. This neighborhood also hosts some of the best breweries. Start with the Wynwood Brewing Company keeps growing in popularity throughout Miami.

Do you want to revel in a more Biergarten atmosphere? Head to the Concrete Beach Brewery to enjoy your beer outdoors. Star Wars lovers will feel at home at J. Wakefield Brewing.

Neighborhood Wynwood in Miami

Top Neighborhoods in Wynwood Art District, Miami, Florida

Wynwood real estate comprises condos and single-family units you could leverage. Affordable homes with gardens and yards are available in the city’s northern sector. You can also choose Mediterranean revival-style bungalows with gardens and gently sloped roofs.

The former industrial district turned hipster paradise offers numerous boutique shops, art galleries, and fusion eateries that you’ll relish. Your family will love the infectious, upstart energy that homes for sale in Wynwood Art District offer.

You’ll brush shoulders with tastemakers from the art, culinary, fashion, and technology industries. Overall, this ever-emerging area guarantees matchless fun and adventure for residents and tourists alike.

Wynwood Art District sits south of NW 29th st, north of NE 20th st, east of 195, and west of North Miami Ave. Within these boundaries, Wynwood’s signature scene comes to life.

Expect a more residential feel beneath the newly built apartment buildings. Expect more apartments to sprout as Wynwood continues to gentrify. Would-be residents looking for rental opportunities throng the Wynwood 25, the area’s market-rate rental community.

Sentral Wynwood and Cynergei Condominiums offer more options for renters flocking to this neighborhood.

Local Attractions in Wynwood Art District

Wynwood main attraction is art peeping allowing locals to wander through the world-famous Wynwood Walls. This outdoor maze of walls has sculptures and murals from world-renowned street artists. Find other creative murals beyond the original Walls.

You’ll find top attractions on the city’s main streets, NW 2nd Ave and North Miami Ave. The famed Wynwood Marketplace and Wynwood Walls hardly disappoint. Much of Wynwood’s recent growth has occurred in the side streets between the main thoroughfares.

Freestanding structures house various concept bars and restaurants you could indulge in.

Do you want to explore Wynwood in the company of a local guide? Make the most of the diverse Wynwood tours that’ll enlighten you on the interesting facts about the neighborhood. Participate in the Art Walk that animates Wynwood’s streets. Your family will love the impromptu artistic performances and street food.

Add a tasting session in different restaurants in the area's gastronomic and artistic walking tour. Learn more about the neighborhood's history from the local artists during the official street art walking tour.

Consider the Wynwood Graffiti Golf Cart Tour, if you prefer to explore your new neighborhood from the comfort of a golf cart. Alternatively, you can ride a bike bar crawl into the neighborhood with the Wynwood Cycle Party Bar Crawl.

Best Restaurants in Wynwood, Miami

Wynwood Art’s culinary scene buzzes with all cuisines you crave. Visit KYU restaurants to enjoy tasty Asian-inspired barbeques. Order crowd favorites like roasted cauliflower head served with a shishito-herb vinaigrette. You could also try Korean fried chicken or any of the inventive cocktails.

Different Asian cuisines are available at 1-800-Lucky with seven vendors. Share steaming baskets of Fresh Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls or adventurous Filipino gastro-pub dishes.

Joey’s intimate dining room serves tasty Italian dishes, including authentic pizzas and homemade pasta. Head to Doma for a Southern Italian menu and an inspired wine list.

The longtime staple Kush offers the best burgers in town. This top-rated restaurant offers a solid craft beer selection and locally-sourced beef. Are you in the mood for a cool treat? Dasher & Crank provides the most creative scoops that your kids will love.

R House Wynwood hosts the famous Drag Brunch. Enjoy an entertaining show on Sunday Funday after a low-key brunch on the airy patio of Morgans.

Should you Raise a Family in Wynwood Art District, Miami?

Wynwood Art District has numerous features that could convince you to raise your family in the neighborhood. Here are some perks you’ll enjoy if you settle in the homes for sale in Wynwood Art District.

Rich Diversity

Wynwood offers diverse cultures that help you raise all-round families. Your kids will interact with neighbors from all ages, races, and classes, enabling them to appreciate different cultures from an early age. They'll have an easier time settling into any society later in their lives.

Artistic Scene

Do you want to nurture the creative aspects of your children? Homes for sale in Wynwood Art District will help you achieve that. Wynwood is an artist neighborhood that supports talent.

You'll easily nurture creative and innovative minds in this neighborhood. The numerous art galleries and street art exhibitions let them learn from the best.

Diverse School Options

Wynwood offers numerous school options for children growing up in the area. Consider taking your kids to the Mast Academy or Coral Reef Senior High School. Your kids will receive the preparation necessary to be responsible citizens regardless of your choice.

Mortgage Options

While considering the possibility of purchasing a home in Wynwood, understanding the available mortgage options can help you know how to finance this dream. You won’t need the cash to get your desired home.

Mortgage loans come in many forms, including VA, FHA, Conventional, and USDA. These options have unique perks, interest rates, and qualifications. For example, who receive backing from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

On the other hand, FHA loans have low credit scores and down payment requirements. USDA loans allow you to purchase a home in rural areas, while conventional loans don’t receive any backing from government agencies.

Here is more information regarding different mortgage options.

FHA Loans

The US government created the Federal Housing Administration to offer cheap, affordable, and accessible mortgage options. FHA loans ensure lenders face minimal liability if you default on payments.

First-time homeowners prefer FHA loans because of their lenient credit requirements. This loan option is also ideal for anyone with low credit scores, modest incomes, bad credit histories, and minority borrowers.

You can get approval for an FHA loan with credit scores as low as 500. You’ll also purchase with as little as a 3.5% downpayment. Lenders also assess your debt-to-income ratio to determine if you can take on new loan obligations.

There are diverse FHA loans that can help you purchase homes for sale in Wynwood Art District. These loan options include:

  • Home purchase loans
  • Standard refinance loans
  • Streamline Refinancing
  • Cash-out Refinancing
  • Home improvement loans (FHA 203(k) loan)
  • Energy efficiency mortgages

USDA Loans

Are you considering settling in a rural area? USDA loans will serve you suitably. Usually, USDA loans are available for permanent United States residents, US citizens, foreign nationals, or people who are ineligible for conventional mortgage services.

While this loan option aims at making property purchases in rural areas, you can still access the loan for homes in suburban areas. Lenders will assess whether your preferred home meets specific qualifying characteristics.

USDA loans are suitable for borrowers with low to moderate incomes. Your lender will also assess your qualifying income, eligibility income, and adjusted eligibility income before approving your loan.

VA Loans

Active service members and veterans need help getting a home loan. Fortunately, the US Department of Veteran Affairs set up VA loans to ease the loan process. These loans usually require zero down payment and won't require private mortgage insurance.

VA home loans are ideal for service members looking to refinance or buy a house. Active service members must meet specific minimums to be eligible for the loan. These requirements include:

  • Completing 90 days of wartime.
  • Completion of the entire active duty period.
  • Continuous active duty service for at least 24 months.
  • Completion of at least 20 months in a 2-year enlistment.
  • Completion of a 181-day active duty service before a hardship discharge.

Lenders often charge low-interest rates due to government backing. You can leverage diverse VA loan mortgage options, including:

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans typically attract higher rates than government-insured loans. These rates often depend on the following:

Most lenders often offer fixed interest rates and a 15 or 30-year payback period. Besides, they’ll also assess your credit score before approving your loan request. A high credit score will earn you better terms. Lenders also consider your debt-to-income ratio to decide if you can take on more debt comfortably.

Conventional loans require you to only put up 3% as a downpayment for the house. However, you’ll need to purchase private mortgage insurance to ensure that the lender doesn’t incur losses if you default on the loan. If you pay 20% upfront, you won’t require PMI on the loan.

Ensure that you prepare proof of income documents that show you can repay your loan effectively. It is always helpful to talk to an experienced loan officer to determine which loan options suit your situation.

Live in Miami’s Hub of Art and Culture

Wynwood has evolved from a fully industrial neighborhood to an art district filled with galleries, artisanal coffee shops, and phenomenal restaurants. This eclectic and friendly neighborhood offers numerous activities that you can indulge in.

Whether you prefer yoga, farmer’s markets, or wandering the street, Wynwood always delivers endless fun.

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