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Houses for Sale Near Homestead Air Reserve Base | Florida

Finding homes that meet your family size and financial requirements is essential, especially if you are in the military. Luckily, the government has various special preventions and options to ease the process and ensure you get the best deal.

You've come to the right place if you are searching for houses for sale near Homestead Air Reserve Base. Keep reading to learn more about these awesome deals.

Homestead Air Reserve Base

Homestead Air Reserve Base is located 25 miles from Miami on the Florida peninsula's southern end. The wing has 1600 members and 1200 reservists and was initially named Homestead Army Airfield. Above-average schools surround the base, which is culturally diverse and has a tropical climate.

Additionally, the base offers suburban living and is the best location for individuals who've received PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Travel Orders.

The base's surrounding communities make it one of the best places to move to and even start a family since there are many fun activities to participate in.

What does Homestead Air Reserve Base Specialize in?

The Air Force allocated the 482nd wing to the Tenth Air Force stationed at Homestead Air Force Base. The combat unit supplies mission-ready pilots, support personnel, and General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft for short-notice global deployment.

The Airforce utilizes the base as a staging area for palliation efforts and operations in the southern hemisphere. Additionally, it accommodates the prime focus for assisting in various natural disasters.

Homestead Air Reserve Base - History

In 1942, the government tasked Colonel Plummer with establishing a fully functioning military base. The government used the base to accommodate scheduled stops from known air routes from northeastern cumulated states. The base became more vital when the 2nd operational unit was activated.

The base grew in size during the tensions with Cuba and the Soviet Union. However, hurricanes destroyed it twice, in 1945 and 1992. The Department Of Defense rebuilt it both times and renamed it Homestead ARF in 1994.

The reserve remains strong and active despite various situations and disasters, with the 482nd TFW as the base's host.

Life Off the Homestead Air Reserve Base

Dade County (where Homestead Air Reserve Base is located) is close to Miami, and living there provides all the perks of living in the city minus all the disadvantages. For instance, your kids learn in the best schools, and you get to soak up some sunshine on the beach whenever you are off duty.

Additionally, you'll enjoy various fun activities like jamming to famous DJs like Marshmello and The Chainsmorkers at the Ultra Music Festival.

You can also grab a ticket, buy your favorite drink, and watch top tennis players at the Miami Open. You may also take a trip to the everglades to see manatees and alligators or book a fishing charter to go deep-sea fishing.

School Systems

You should know that Florida's flourishing education system provides parents with a diverse array of choices if you're looking for houses for sale near Homestead Air Reserve Base to turn into a home. Parents in Florida can choose from various K 12 options depending on their children's gifts, personalities, and academic strengths.

You can choose to take your children to:

  • Public charter schools
  • Traditional public schools
  • Public magnet schools
  • Online academies
  • Private schools
  • Learning pods
  • Homeschooling

Additionally, you can choose unique education options and explore the services offered. Various options provided in Dade County and within the state ensure students get properly natured and receive an appropriate education.

Homestead has 182 elementary, middle, high, and public district schools. It also has public charter schools and private schools. Here is a list of some regional top-rated public schools based on equity and academic performance.

Air Base K-8 Center for International Education

This outstanding school has above-average test scores, student progress, and equity. Students enrolled in the school show exceptional academic progress than other students within the state.

The high test scores and academic progress mean the students possess strong academic skills. Additionally, underserved students pass perform better than other students in Florida.

Additionally, it shows the school's dedication to promoting academic growth more than other schools within the state. Programs and courses provided in the school include music, AP, world, languages, and performance arts, and Cambridge International courses. Additionally, the school offers advanced STEM coursework to help students succeed in high school.

Somerset Academy

Somerset academy is a public charter school with 1766 students. It registers above-average ratings in test scores, student progress, and equity. Students enrolled in Somerset academy show aggressive academic progress compared to where they were last year and other students in Florida.

The high test scores and progress mean the school is excelling at improving its students' academic skills and supporting their academic growth. The school provides various advanced courses, including STEM coursework, which helps your child succeed in high school.

Somerset Academy Charter Elementary School in South Homestead

This is a public charter school in South Homestead. The school has 536 students and scores above average in student progress, test scores, and equity.

Students in Somerset make more academic progress than those in the state or where they were last year. The school registers high test scores and constant improvement.

This means the school is dedicated to its students and ensures positive academic growth by supporting their academic skills and helping them grow.

Underserved and low-income students score 75 % on tests, while the other students score 85 %. As the tests show, underserved and low-income students in Somerset perform far better than other Floridan students in the same category.

Aspira South Youth Leadership Charter School

Aspira South is a public charter school with 354 students. The school registers above-average results on test scores, student progress, and equity. Students in Aspira have made notable academic progress compared to their previous performance.

The institution offers advanced STEM coursework to help your child succeed in high school. However, the school's test scores are close to the state's average but below top-performing schools. The school's students may not be performing well at grade level.

Underserved and low-income students perform as well as the others in the state within the same category; however, the school has achievement gaps. The school has positive reviews on different websites, showing its administrative capabilities.

Soldier holding a model house

Top 5 Communities in Homestead, Florida

Here are 5 communities you would like to settle in if you're looking for houses for sale near Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida.

Cutler Bay

Cutler Bay is one of Dade County's newest municipalities and has been growing rapidly because of its business-minded and active population. The community offers various residential neighborhoods that suit anyone's needs. The community is set apart because it has a Youth Council Committee.

Cutler Bay is a nice area and was established in 2005. It has a community of over 45000 residents and a median home price of $475000 ($276 per square foot. The committee consists of a student committee partnering with the city council to give youths a voice.

The community is full of beautiful outdoor scenery with big, beautiful homes. You can participate in various family-fun activities in the area, including sports and cycling throughout the day.

The location is perfect for young families looking for the perfect environment to raise children. However, the downside is that it may be a bit expensive for average homeowners.

Florida City

Florida City is the southernmost municipality and gateway to the Everglades and the Florida Keys. The community provides various benefits like restaurants, hotels, agricultural land, and family-friendly suburbs.

It's home to Miami-Dade College's Homestead Campus and suitable for people of all ages looking to play, work, or live in Dade County.

The community offers residents a suburban feel and has a population of 11855. The community has many parks and families, its residents are liberal, and it has above-average public schools. The city has its ups and downs; however, the people are friendly, and you'll notice children having fun.

The community comprises diverse cultures, with residents from various geographical regions, including Mexicans, Asians, Dominicans, African-Americans, etc. It's a good place to settle if you enjoy building relationships with your community. However, the people don't show themselves, and you will likely fit right in.


Homestead is a suburb in Miami with over 68000 residents. The community is in Dade County and offers residents a suburban feel. Most residents in the community rent their homes, and many families tend to be liberal. There are many parks in the area, and most public schools are above average.

The community is diverse, with different cultures, and you'll fit right in. It's home to the Redlands agricultural district, where you can get plants and fruits. Homestead has lots of shopping centers and community parks nearby.

Housing is slightly more affordable in the region; however, it's still higher than the national average. The downside to living in Homestead is the amount of traffic. For instance, you should expect an hour of commute each morning if you work about 15 miles north of the area.

Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay has beautiful neighborhoods, school services, parks, etc., perfect for flourishing families. The community provides excellent recreational amenities and performing schools. It's the perfect place for individuals that want to start a family and raise their kids in a quiet and safe environment.

Palmetto Bay is a homely and neighborly community with 81% owner-occupied residents. The average household has 3.3 members, and the entire community has 24000 residents.

Additionally, it has good schools with excellent facilities and sporting programs, making it perfect for individuals with families.

The area has many amenities, including restaurants, stores, and coffee shops. There are many activities for kids, including daycare centers, playgrounds, and parks. Kids and adults can have fun in recreational facilities and enjoy memorable moments like long walks along the trail or a picnic under the shade.


Pinecrest is one of south Florida's most beautiful residential areas; it is an upscale haven growing around Pinecrest Gardens and a wildlife attraction that transformed into a community park. The region has some of the best public schools, making it the perfect choice for individuals who want to raise a family.

Pinecrest's population is under 19000, with an 8 square mile neighborhood. It features beautiful houses, tree-lined streets, and a peaceful, friendly atmosphere.

Various factors that make it one of the most sought-after places to live include its lifestyle and culture. The area's local government promotes environmental friendliness and strictly enforces local zoning laws. This helps the community remain ordered and tidy because of the gorgeous landscaping and gardens. It is ranked among the country's most expensive places.

Things to do Within Homestead, Florida

We have rounded up some activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Everglades National Park

The Everglades is North America's largest tropical forest. It is home to various animals and native plants that aren't found anywhere else. Over one million people visit the forest each year, and it could be a great location to visit with your family if you are into nature and wildlife.

The forest has multiple access points and features various recreational and educational activities that keep visitors busy and excited for days.

You should go to the visitor's centers before going into the wild to have a fun experience. You should also sign up for a guided airboat tour to have more fun.

The Coral Castle museum

This museum is located off Dixie Highway near Homestead. The museum is an exciting and unique outdoor attraction built by a local using local limestone.

People are mystified by how the builder manipulated and moved the massive limestone blocks to construct the castle, and some suggest he got some help from extraterrestrials.

The verdict is still out on regarding that claim; however, it's still a popular attraction to adults and children alike. Admission costs are reasonable, and you may get additional discounts if you visit in large groups. It's one of those attractions you won't find elsewhere, and you will surely enjoy your time exploring.

Homestead-Miami Speedway

Most people consider Florida (and it has always been) a racing country. Homestead-Miami Speedway is famous and has a lengthy history of hosting NASCAR and Indy races drawing spectators from around the nation and state. Attend the racing season and experience calm and festive vibes descending on the town.

Many visitors find the experience exhilarating; however, you should avoid the event if you prefer a quiet time drinking coffee and reading a book. You should purchase your tickets in advance through the speedway's website if you want to watch the famous races.

The Town Hall Museum

Homestead residents built the original Town Hall over a century ago. They converted it into a museum hosting the area's fascinating collections of historical memorabilia. The items displayed include historical documents, vintage photographs, and other unique items of local interest, like an old, retired fire engine.

You should visit the Town Hall museum to learn about Homestead. You can find the Town Hall Museum on North Krome Avenue. It receives minimal foot traffic, meaning you'll get most of it to yourself. Purchase a postcard before heading out.

Everglades Alligator Museum

Everglades alligator farm houses Florida's most iconic symbols. You can find alligators in the state's swamps, lakes, and rivers. The creatures can weigh over 100 pounds and grow more than 15 feet long. You can find the museum on SW 192nd Avenue in Florida City and visit for an exciting up-close observation of the toothy reptiles.

The farm is home to many alligators; however, it isn't the cheapest attraction you'll experience on your trip, especially for individuals visiting with children who love nature and animals. Various packages are available during your visit, including gator feedings, instructional programs, and airboat tours.

Zoo Miami

Visit Zoo Miami and experience a 700-acre tropical paradise home to over 3000 animals. It's a one-of-a-kind tropical zoo with the most extensive zoological garden in the state. The zoo is 70 years old and features three miles of exciting and well-marked paths with over 100 individual exhibits of plants and animals.

The zoo is popular with lots of people, and there is the chance you may not enjoy your visit if you go at the wrong time. You should visit the zoo in the early mornings (when they first open) and during weekdays to have a fun and educative experience.


Happy house hunting! Florida is the perfect location for individuals looking to settle down, and you should buy a house in Homestead if you're looking to settle down and raise a family.

There are lots of houses for sale near Homestead Reserve Base, and you will surely find lots of welcome communities and potential homes that suit your needs.

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