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How to Plan Ahead for a Move

We all get sick! Especially nowadays getting sick can be very scary. As adults, we have better control over our hygiene with hand washing, covering our mouths and noses when we cough or sneeze, wearing masks, etc. Kids however typically are not so good as they are young and still learning, therefore they will get sick. It's just a matter of time and what kind of sickness they contract.

When planning a move, it’s a great idea to have a pediatrician in place ahead of time. The last thing you want is to be all settled in and then something happens and you’re in need of trying to find an office last minute.

If you have a place in mind, you can call and see if they have any pediatricians accepting new patients. If you do not, you can always call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for assistance in finding a doctor in that specific area that accepts your help insurance and is taking on new patients. You will want to do this for yourself and spouse as well. It is always a good idea to have this in place before moving. If not moving too far, but far enough where it makes sense to switch doctors’ offices, sometimes there are multiple locations of that office and that way you could stick to that specific group but in a new area. It would be a good idea to do this with a dentist and eye doctor as well.

Another thing to plan out ahead of time is if you are moving and driving to the new location with the kiddos. This can be challenging as typically kids do not like to sit in the car for long periods of time, so if you are making a cross-country move, you might want to consider some of these ideas. My first idea would be to plan out the whole trip, from every stop to every meal, I would map out the exact distance and pick locations in between of where to stop at. The kids may nap in the car, but you will need to rest as well, so planning an overnight stop at a hotel is a must. If possible, my suggestion would be to have one adult in the back seat with the kids. This adult can help with snacks, switching movies on the iPad or laptop etc. Which brings me to a list of things I think would be helpful to have easily available in the car. An iPad or laptop is a no brainer! If your kids get bored easily from a show or movie, bring something that they can do physically. Maybe some crayons and a coloring book, or some sort of fidget toy. Lots of snacks! Waters and juices too but keep in mind this will mean bathroom stops! I would have some sort of small trash can for the car as well since it will probably need it. You can create a playlist of kid’s songs and haven singalongs too. Mapping out some fun things to do or places to see along the way that the kids would enjoy would also be beneficial to the game plan. My advice would be to be patient and expect the crying and whining, it’s going to happen. Also, if you have pets that will be in the car with you, you want to make sure to pack them what they need and think about stopping and letting them go to the bathroom as well!

Lastly, I think it would be a great idea to also plan for the “unplanned”. It’s inevitable that things can happen which cause a setback or delay in the move. Whether it be as minor as a flat tire on the trip to the new place, or a giant storm where roads are closed, and you don’t have detour options. Things can happen and the best way to plan for these events that you typically don’t think about is to have a plan B or even a plan C. Leave your old house early with plenty of time to get to the new location even if you must take those extra stops. Make sure you have a spare tire and have mapped out mechanics along the way. If starting a new job or transferring within a company be sure you allow yourself plenty of time to do the move and settle in, (if possible). If you or the kids get sick, before, during, or even after the move make sure you have those doctors’ offices lined up with your insurance on board as well, so you don’t get any extra bills. *If you have pets, be sure to register them with the local vet’s office. (They get sick too!) Might be a good idea to know where some are along the way of the trip. Be sure to have childcare in place or allow yourself the time to set it up before overloading your plate with unpacking and getting back to work. If purchasing new furniture that is now delayed by a month, order some air mattresses to be sent to new address for the mean time. Make sure to have extra chargers in the car in case of phones or iPads dying.

All in all, remember that moving isn’t easy especially if you have little ones too, but it’s doable with the right planning and allowing yourself the necessary time!

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