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Lakeland, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Are you looking at Lakeland FHA homes for sale? If so, you probably want to know about moving to Lakeland, Florida, right? This city attracts most people because of its thriving job markets, budget-friendly housing, good schools, and proximity to bigger cities. Read in to learn more about living in Lakeland, Florida, as you plan your move to this charming city.

Why Lakeland, Florida is the Best City for You

There are so many highlights when moving to Lakeland, and it may be impossible to list them all. Here is why this historic city is the best place for you and what to expect when you search for Lakeland homes for sale.

Affordable Housing

Did you know that living in Lakeland is 9% cheaper than living in other Florida cities? That's not all. The housing cost in this city is 30% lower than the average in the U.S. The median home price here is around $250,000, a great deal compared to neighboring Tampa and Orlando, where home prices are surging.

Cheaper Lakeland FHA homes of sale are among the top reasons most families move to Lakeland, Florida. So, if you're looking for an affordable place for your family in Florida, then Lakeland is your best bet. There's something for everyone, and you will mostly find two- and three-bedroom apartment buildings, detached single-family houses, and mobile homes.

More Employment Opportunities

You won't stress about getting a job when you move to Lakeland, Florida, which boasts an unemployment rate of 5.6% and a growing market. With a 2.9% increase in employment opportunities in the past year, the job market in this city is expected to continue to grow as more people move to Lakeland.

The average salary in this town is $68,000, and you will likely find a job in management, sales, office work, and service provision. Some biggest employers include Publix, Saddle Creek Logistics Services, Amazon Air Hub & Distribution, GEICO, and Lakeland Regional Health. Interestingly, Lakeland has the most workers in maths and computers than anywhere else in the United States.

Good Schools

Luckily for you, Lakeland is home to highly-rated public and private schools in Florida and abides by the excellence of the Polk County School district. This city has more than 25 elementary, middle, and high schools. Notable schools in this town include Lakeland Senior High School and George W. Jenkins Senior High School.

Those seeking post-secondary education can choose from Florida Polytechnic University, Florida Southern College, Florida College, Polk State College, and Southeastern University. Apart from those, Everest University and Keiser University also have satellite campuses in Lakeland.

Historic Charm and Rich Culture

Lakeland, Florida, has successfully preserved its historic charm and rich culture with many ancient historical landmarks. As its name suggests, Lakeland is home to amazing lakes such as Lake Morton, Lake Mirror, and Lake Wire which are close to the city center. The downtown area is home to the famous Polk Theater, built in 1928, and sits along with antique shops, bars, and restaurants.

Florida Southern College is one of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs, a renowned architect, and one of his largest collections in the United States. This college has become a local attraction where people visit the marvel of the 12 buildings of Wright's architecture, with the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel as the unique structure.

Moderate Cost of Living

The good news about moving to Lakeland, Florida, is the moderate cost of living which is 13% lower than the U.S. average. This city also charges $427 property taxes lower than most towns in Florida.

Living in Lakeland is 15% more affordable than living in Tampa, which is forty minutes away. Also, not forgetting the low 7% sales tax and no state income tax.

Great Location

Nothing beats the location of Lakeland, which is conveniently situated in the middle of Florida with an hour's drive to Orlando, while Tampa is forty minutes away. And the best part? You have all the vacation destinations and famous attractions right in your backyard.

You can easily plan a trip to theme parks, world-famous beaches, and incredible lakes any time and avoid the tourist crowds.

Available Transportation

If you don't own a car, you don't have to worry about moving around Lakeland. You have different transportation options to get around this town when you move here.

This city has a Citrus connection, an efficient public bus service plying most routes in Polk County. You can also opt for Lyft or Uber, which are cheaper and more frequently used than local taxis.

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Things To Do In Lakeland, Florida

The best part about living in Lakeland is that it's situated in the center of Florida, which means you can access any tourist attraction around the state.

Your mind will be blown away when you discover all the fun things you can do with your family when you move to this city.

Polk Theatre

The Polk Theatre was built in 1928 and is more than just a theatre. With seating of 1,400 and a precisely carved dome that mimics the galaxy, your family will be mesmerized by its magnificent architecture with elements that take you back in time as you watch classic film shows, broadway shows, and operas.

Your family will appreciate sitting on the high balconies, complete with a Venetian courtyard below the sculpted star and cloud-covered ceiling, as they catch live music or theatrical performance. The Polk Theatre is the go-to if you're looking for a free and fun activity with your family.

Lake Morton

Lake Morton offers you a unique opportunity to experience nature and animals at their finest. One of the main attractions of Lakeland is watching the beautiful swans. Bring your family here for a memorable time feeding the swans, and you can carry your food or buy some from the available feeder machines.

Apart from the swans, your family can spot different animals as they explore the lake. Geese, white marlins, and turtles are also common here. This lake also offers the best backdrop for a family photo. Remember to include Lake Morton in your must-visit list; your family will enjoy every bit of it.

Circle B Bar Reserve

Are you looking for an adventurous activity? Then the Circle B Bar Reserve is your go-to place. This former ranch promises you an adrenaline-filled adventure with its different activities. It also has one of the best hiking routes in Lakeland, Florida, such as the Treefrog Trail, Alligator Alley, and the Marsh Rabbit Run.

The Alligator Alley is a picturesque trail with plants, trees, birds, and wildlife. Here you will spot many alligators as they bask on the river bank. You can stroll on the Treefrog Trail with giant live oaks or treat along the Marsh Rabbit Run with giant alligators and prairie cranes. There's so much to do with your family in this reserve as you watch exotic birds, critters, and raccoons.

The Florida Air Museum

Go back to the 1900s with the Florida Air Museum, which displays the collection of vintage air racers, aircraft, experimental homebuilt rockets, ultralights, and military-built aircraft. Your family can take a journey in aviation history with the fantastic collection as you get close to historic aircraft.

The Florida Aviation Hall of Fame, Howard Hughes Aviation collection, and Lakeland in WWII are among the collections displayed in this museum. This museum promises your family a unique educational experience with tours, camps, and lots of fun as they explore the skies.

Skate World Lakeland

The Skate World Lakeland offers your family the perfect plan to get out of the house and enjoy classic skating sessions.

Skating is fun; your family will break a sweat as they join others on the skating rink. You can skate as much or as little as you like, and the facility also offers skating classes, which is a perfect activity to bond with your family.

Fun Kids Activities in Lakeland, Florida

Looking for fun activities to keep your kids busy in Lakeland? Well, you will be happy to know that this beautiful city has different activities, from museums to parks, to keep your child entertained all day.

Check out the following activities in Lakeland:

The Explorations V Children's Museum

The Explorations V Children's Museum is a must-go for your kids, and this facility aims to educate your children through exploration and active play. This museum has themed sections that spark your kids' curiosity and connect with their young minds using their five senses, hence the V in its name.

This children's museum has space, science, music, flora, and fauna sections complete with monitors, cameras, lighting, and operation controls. These exhibits here are designed for hands-on learning through imagination. Your kids can have fun as they learn while unleashing their creativity.

Common Ground Park

Undoubtedly, Common Ground Park is among the top activities to do with kids and promotes your kids' play and learning with their innovative playing equipment.

They can explore the themed sections to their heart's content, including interconnected valleys, mountains, meadows, and canyons, as they build their cognitive and physical development.

The children can freely play without hurting themselves because the place is covered with turf grass. In addition, this park has a flower garden where they can pick flowers and interact with nature.

Safari Wilderness Ranch

Welcome to the home of uncaged exotic and extinct animals from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Safari Wilderness Ranch will be a hit with your kids as they interact with these fascinating animals. Let them thrillingly spot their favorite animals on a safari vehicle tour, riding a camel, or a kayak safari.

The best part about this ranch is that it is not crowded, unlike other tourist destinations, and your kids will have fun learning about the animals as they enjoy the tour.

Lake Eva Water Park

Lake Eva Water Park offers affordable kid-friendly fun, and nothing is better than playing with water on a hot summer day, as it can get really hot in Florida.

This water park has dry and wet activities, and the entry lagoon pool will keep your child busy for hours as they cool off at the slides.

Lake Eva Water Park will surely keep the little ones on their toes as they try to duck the springing water from every direction.

Barnett Family Park

Barnett Family Park is a one-stop kid-friendly park in Lakeland, and it's just the right place for the kids to cool down from the Florida heat.

Your children will love getting soaked in the water area with water shooting from the walls and the ground, and they can also cool off at the splash pad.

This park also has several playgrounds with swings. You can sit down for a picnic at the pavilion as you wind up your visit.

Where to Eat in Lakeland, Florida

Regarding Florida's cuisine, Lakeland has become a heavyweight with vast cuisines worldwide. Whether you're looking for flavorful Italian cuisine, tasty Mexican meals to authentic American meals, you'll find it in this fantastic city.

Here are the best spots for eating out in Lakeland, Florida.

Cafe Zuppina

Cafe Zuppina gives you a taste of the Middle East, and your mouth will burst with flavors from Mediterranean cuisine. This cafe has a casual atmosphere, serving tasty meat dishes like chicken kebabs and lamb meatballs. There's also something for vegetarians, and you can choose from veggies moussaka or veggies patties.

The Gyro platter is their signature dish, with a generous serving of rice, gyro meat, pita, tomato, and Brussels sprouts with a drizzle of tzatziki sauce.

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille is the go-to place for seafood with a twist. This restaurant has an extensive menu with starters, soups, and salads.

The house specialty includes steak, crab-crusted redfish royale, and chicken dishes. But the coolest part is that they go out of their way to make your special days memorable with a complimentary dessert.

The Bourbon Street Salmon is a must-try, made with honey bourbon-glazed salmon served with vegetables and mashed potatoes.

The Red Top Pit Stop

Locals and tourists rave about Red Top Pit Stop, and it's not surprising that it's among the highly-rated eateries in Lakeland. This is the place for traditional American diner-style meals that serve steaks, pancakes, tender barbeque, and gravy.

Their specialty Swamper is out of this world, a steak burger filled with lamb barbeque and cheese. It always comes highly recommended as a casual place to eat.

The Best Neighborhoods in Lakeland, Florida

Are you looking at Lakeland FHA homes for sale? If so, this city has much to offer you in terms of good neighborhoods at reasonable prices. These neighborhoods are diverse, and depending on your budget and lifestyle, you can choose lakeside or suburban living.

Here are the best neighborhoods in Lakeland, Florida.

Beacon Hill Historic District

Beacon Hill Historic District is a highly sought-after, unique neighborhood for upscale living. You will mostly find two to three-bedroom homes with two baths, but four to five-bedroomed homes are also available.

Beacon is not just a regular community; this prestigious neighborhood has friendly neighbors, close to amenities, and has a boulevard lined with oaks and magnolias. The median home price in Beacon Hill Historic District is $340,000.

Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights offers a mix of country club life, suburban living, and a great neighborhood to raise your family.

Most homes here are three to five bedrooms sitting on extensive lands with good landscaping and trees. This community is close to amenities, and the median home price is $250,000.

Lakeland Highlands

Lakeland Highlands is a suburban neighborhood with a residential charm. You will find plenty of green spaces and a winding street with a sparse population.

This uptown community boasts A-rated amenities, including schools, weather, and housing. Here you will find townhomes, single-family houses, and condos. The median home price in Lakeland Highlands is $433,127.

The Bottom Line

Lakeland FHA Homes for Sale offers affordable housing, a moderate cost of living, good schools, and many job opportunities. The job market is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

If you're looking for fun activities with your family and neighborhoods with a sense of community, this town has everything you need.

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