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Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Disney World in Florida is home to many attractions, including the PeopleMover, a mass transit system that will take you on a leisurely voyage through Tomorrowland during which you'll get to see the park up-close from a totally new perspective and get a peek behind the scenes of favorites such as Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and much more.


The PeopleMover provides elevated views of various attractions in Tomorrowland as it takes riders on a loop tour of this section of the park. It comprises several vehicles called trams and utilizes magnetism principles to accelerate, providing mass transit for people of all ages and sizes.

A single station serves the attraction; you will find it at the heart of Rocket Tower Plaza, just below Astro Orbiter. After passing the line, you proceed to the inclined moving deck (Speedramp) and proceed up. Then make your way onto the moving train platform, which moves at the same speed as the PeopleMovers so that you can board and start your voyage.

PeopleMover trams transport guests between Tomorrowland attractions and provide a birds-eye view of other attractions.

What Are the Peoplemover Ride Vehicles Like?

The PeopleMover vehicles, aka Trams, feature two rows of seats facing one another such that some people travel facing backward and others forward. The park only allows two adults per row; however, each row can accommodate an extra person. The trams forego safety restraints for hard benches with high backs. You will have to step off a moving platform at Rocket Town Plaza to get into a moving vehicle.

What Is the Peoplemover Ride Experience Like?

The ride will transport you through Tomorrowland and into Space Mountain. From the train, you can see the development of the forthcoming Tron Lightcycle Power Run and stunning views of the Cinderella Castle.

The ride itself is mostly smooth and breezy, with brief bursts of acceleration and sharp turns. The Tomorrowland Transit Train System itself was designed to be used as a mode of mass transit at EPCOT. But, this was back when EPCOT was intended to be a working or Progress City rather than a theme park. You can still see Disney's vision for EPCOT as you zoom through the northern building and pass a large diorama containing a portion of the city's original design.

After leaving the northern show building, the transit takes you through Fantasyland, where you can catch views of the Cinderella Castle, standing in its majestic splendor.

Other attractions include Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, a peek inside Disney's Star Traders, as well as Space Mountain. Sometimes it just happens that Space Mountain is undergoing maintenance. You can enter the dorm and see the roller coaster tracks under the illumination of the interior work lights; this is a rare illuminated look that makes this attraction one of the most popular parts of the ride.

The tram track has a covered outdoor portion, but there are two openings on either side. This works well with the dark tunnels and interior spaces of the attractions that the tram passes, allowing you to kick back, relax and even catch some zzzs if you want.

Entrance of Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

How Long Does the Tour Last?

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority tour is mostly a gentle 10 to 16 minutes ride. Watch out for the sudden swerves and accelerations, though; they can be unpleasant, especially if you have a sensitive stomach; it's better to sit facing forward.

Who Can Access the PeopleMover?

The way the transit train station is designed, only people who can walk can access this attraction. There's a queue on the first floor of the station, from which you access a speed ramp and move to the second floor, then step onto a moving train platform and get into the tram.

Are There Any Health and Safety Precautions for Riding the PeopleMover?

No, the transit train is smooth and breezy, apart from the sudden acceleration and turns that can be unpleasant to people with sensitive stomachs.

Does The PeopleMover Have Any Height and Weight Restrictions?

No, the trams accommodate people of all ages and heights.

Will the FastPass+ Work Here?

The PeopleMover, unlike most other Walt Disney World attractions, does not accept FastPass+. Fortunately, you don't really need it as there isn't much queuing here. The PeopleMover line currently comprises a couple of switchbacks and an inclined speed ramp to take you to the boarding platform.

However, because of rave reviews, the attraction has grown in popularity over the past few years, so sometimes the queue might extend beyond the station and all the way to Tomorrowland. If this is the case, simply locate a Cast Member holding a sign indicating where you should join the line.

After passing through the switchbacks, proceed past a turnstile to reach the moving walkway ramp, which will take you to the boarding platform. Here, the platform moves at the same speed as the PeopleMover trams, so simply wait for the Cast Member to signal that it's okay to board.

How Does Weather Affect Operations?

The weather rarely interferes with the attractions; after all, the tram track is covered. Plus, several portions of the ride are indoors. The only time guests will be exposed is if the line extends past the Speedramp to the outside.

Is There a Best Time to Ride the Transit Train?

Not really, the queue is rarely long, and you can experience the PeopleMover at any time of the day. However, there's something about the silhouettes of the park's structures at night that makes it more attractive. Tomorrowland is lit up during nights, and the Cinderella Castle is bathed with LED lights. Another good time to step into the trams and go for a ride is during those Florida afternoon downpours.


There's a lot to love about the Tomorrowland transit train, aka the PeopleMover. It's just a 10-minute voyage through Tomorrowland, Space Mountain, and other attractions. Take your kids too because the trams accommodate people of all sizes and ages.

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