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Mom on the Move: Nanny vs. Daycare

Some moms are not lucky enough to stay at home with their babies and must either find a nanny or a daycare available so they can return to work. Most parents in this position are smart and have it planned out prior to giving birth (Not me). You must think what is best for your child and your family when it comes to either hiring a nanny or sending them to daycare.

There are pros and cons to either one you choose, and it really depends on what you are looking for. Of course, having a nanny is great because you can find someone you trust and that is a good fit for your family. This can be someone you know, someone that worked for a family you know, or someone off a site like and sittercity which are sites where you can hire nannies and sitters. They do background checks, and you can review their profiles a head of time! You will have more flexibility as far as the time and days you need a nanny. You can travel with your nanny, request over-nights, and have help with errands and such things that a daycare simply cannot offer.

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As a mom it is extremely important to me to have someone that not only, I can trust but someone that is going to treat my children as their own. Having a nanny come to your home is also a benefit because typically when the kids are napping or having down time, they will help around the house. What mom would not want to come home to a clean home, laundry done, dishes done, and the kids happy?? It’s a total win-win if you ask me. I believe the downside of having a nanny is that you have one single person to rely on. If that person is sick, travels, or just needs time off than you have no choice but then to take the time off yourself to stay home with the kids or try to find someone else with not much time. Having one person vs having a whole school to rely on makes a difference.

Let’s talk about the pros of a daycare. For starters you have more than one person to rely on and will always be able to send your child to the center if they are not sick. The cost can be less than paying a nanny depending on the place itself. Your child will be more socialized with other children their age. They will start to become used to a classroom setting to prepare them for kindergarten and grade school. They will learn independence. Also, to be completely honest, if you are a parent that works from home, sending your child to daycare at the right age just might make the most sense for you.

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A lot of parents nowadays are working from home since Covid has made us adapt to a more remote world. Have you tried working from home with a screaming toddler running around getting into everything? A nanny may also feel awkward being in the home with the entire family. Personal experience, I worked for a family and the mom worked from home. I nannied 3 children and it was hard when mom was there. The kids would see their mom pass by the playroom and they would want to go see her and would get upset. You can do a lot of activities outside but if you live in New England or somewhere where there are 4 seasons, depending on the time of year, you may be stuck inside.

That brings me to the cons of a daycare. If the daycare closes due to weather or now due to a potential Covid-19 outbreak you are now back needing to find someone or miss work yourself. Typically, if your child is sick or the daycare closes due to weather, you also still must pay tuition for those days. Daycares are also closed on holidays (not just major ones) and you are down a place for your children and typically pay 50 to 100% of the tuition as well. Whereas with a nanny, you can make arrangements and schedule ahead of time to have them work certain days and holidays if needed. As far as cost, a nanny may cost more but you may get more out of a nanny compared to daycare, depending on your needs and what is more important to you. I know that having a nanny can be more important to some families so that they can have someone that is basically part of the family, helps around the house, and is more flexible with time. Other families may find it more important to have a school-like setting for their children (out of the house) and it may also be a more affordable option for them. Either way, these are some things to think about and consider when deciding which option is best for you!

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