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North Miami, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

North Miami is an ideal residential area for anyone looking for an urban feel. This area has numerous restaurants, parks, and coffee shops that ease the residents' lives. The city is home to many young professionals who comprise most of the liberal population. With a median home value of $212,300, this suburban area encourages homeownership among new residents.

While looking for North Miami FHA homes for sale, you'll notice that the city has plenty of sun, outdoor activities, and sand. Get ready to enjoy a small-town vibe in a big city. The close-knit communities usually complement quick access to incredible social amenities and attractions. Residents love the tropical weather that comprises humid summers and comfortable temperatures for most of the year.

Searching for North Miami FHA homes for sale lets you enjoy convenient access to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Get wherever you need to go with a simple bus ride. You'll also have quick access to Miami International Airport. The city is the perfect residential area for anyone working in Hollywood.

North Miami is a boater's paradise. The coastal neighborhood has private boats and marina docks everywhere. Alternatively, you could rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboards. Learn more about the area's top fishing spots and ecosystem during the available guided tours.

Middle-class residential areas continue to sprout in the Southern region. If you head to Coral Gables or Kendall, you'll find middle-class and wealthy U.S. migrants. The city's real estate scene features glass skyscrapers in the downtown area. Low to midsized housing is present inland to the west.

Best Neighborhoods in North Miami, Florida

North Miami Beach is an eclectic town with a strong local identity. City residents thrive in the ocean-centric lifestyle with numerous cultural outlets. North Miami FHA homes for sale also give you access to excellent dining and shopping experiences. Choose from diverse homes in a diverse and vibrant community.

The city's architecture features a more mid-century feel over the Art-Deco style. Away from the shoreline, you'll find more accessible single-family homes and condominiums.

Keystone Point/Amber Creek East

Keystone Point is an urban neighborhood with tiny to medium-sized apartments and single-family homes. Keystone Point lets you enjoy the finest amenities on your 2+ bedroom homes.

Choose from well-designed homes in waterfront estates. While many houses date back to the 1950s, renovations have helped them to reflect modern tastes. Expect stunning gourmet kitchens and private swimming pools if you settle for more luxurious homes.

This nautical neighborhood is historic and walkable with some seaside and shipping feel. Enjoy panoramic waterfront views from the comfort of your home. The neighborhood's proximity to the ocean means that it has multiple amenities ideal for recreational activities.

With numerous waterfront home options, Keystone Point offers unparalleled bay views. The carved channels in the community allow you to sail into Biscayne Bay which is close to North Miami FHA homes for sale. Besides, you'll also have easy access to the Keystone Point Marina.

Golden Glades Neighborhood

Expect an urban-suburban mixed feel if you settle in Golden Glades. This neighborhood has a mix of small (studio to two-bedroom) and medium-sized (three or four-bedroom) family homes. You could also find apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. The median home value of $256,100 allows for homeownership.

Essentially, residential real estate comprises both owners and renters. The homes in the area neighborhood are older and well-established. Most of your neighbors will be of Haitian and Cuban ancestry. You might also have Jamaican and South American neighbors, highlighting the diverse cultures in Golden Glades.

The North Miami FHA homes for sale here will give you access to numerous parks. Hang out at Claude Pepper Park, which is suitable for sports lovers. Your kids can spend their energy on the playground while you take advantage of the basketball and tennis courts.

Head to Haulover Park Beach to enjoy the picnic areas, blue waters, and soft sand. Alternatively, consider attending the kite-making workshops before heading out to the kite-flying area.

Alhambra Heights

Settling in Alhambra Heights lets you enjoy an urban feel in medium-sized and small single-family homes. The area's real estate comprises homes built between 1940 through 1969. Most residents of the neighborhood are of Haitian and Cuban ancestry.

Spare time to explore the historic Alhambra Water Tower with your family. The tower has an architecturally playful and aesthetically pleasing facade. Relax in this hidden gem after a busy week at work.

Your kids will also relish the indoor fan available at Dezerland Action Park. The climbing walls, VR & arcade games, and small trampoline rooms always deliver. North Miami FHA homes for sale also give you quick access to the historic Coral Gables, where you can create lasting memories with your family.

School Systems in North Miami, Florida

While considering North Miami FHA homes for sale, you'll most likely look out for schools that can aid your child's development. The city's school districts have top-rated schools that help to bring out the best in your young ones. Besides focusing on academic performance, schools in the area expose your kids to diverse cultures.

Top schools in the area include:

  • Natural Bridge Elementary School
  • Archcreek Elementary School
  • Benjamin Franklin k-8 Center
  • North Miami Middle School
  • David Lawrence Jr. K-8 Center
  • North Miami Senior High School
  • Cristo Rey Miami High School

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Family-Friendly Activities in North Miami, Florida

North Miami has numerous outdoor excursions you could explore with your family. The city has bountiful amounts of beachfront that gives you rest away from the hustle of mainland Miami.

Some of the top family-friendly activities near North Miami FHA homes for sale include:

Exploring the Oleta River State Park

Head to Biscayne Bay to enjoy the unique features of this park. Olena River State Park is an incredible oasis best known for miles of off-road bicycling trails. Make your way to the park's north end to explore the beautiful mangrove forest with native South Florida plants.

Consider taking your family out onto the river. Rent a canoe or kayak and paddle the river to explore. If your children are old enough, you could take a dip to cool down from the 1,200-foot sandy beach.

Saltwater fishing is a possibility for anyone who wants to take it easy. The park's air-conditioned cabins are suitable for overnight visits with the whole family. The trails and hiking spots will serve you well once you get re-energized.

Art and Culture Center Hollywood

Immerse yourself in the city's culture when you visit the Art and Culture Center Hollywood. This center has fantastic local, national, and contemporary art pieces. Look for recent art exhibitions, top-rated education programs, and live stage performances.

The three unique facilities next to North Miami FHA homes for sale will also treat you to impressive visual and performing arts experiences. Bring your children for the monthly free arts family day, where they'll enjoy theme-based, art-making activities.

Youth from all ability levels and backgrounds will relish the year-round visual and performing arts instruction. Let the center's unique programs inspire creativity in children. Besides, frequenting the area also helps to nurture engagement in the arts.

Foster collaboration in a safe environment when you make this center a reclining spot.

Explore the Fern Forest Nature Center

The Fern Forest Nature Center lets you surround yourself with peaceful wildlife and plant life. Your kids will love the close interactions with native plants and loyal reptiles. Check out interpretive exhibits of the park's natural history at the Exhibit Hall.

The beautiful walking trails will take you closer to the nature surrounding you. Make your way through transitional communities and cypress-maple swamp at the Cypress Creek Trail. For a glimpse of red maple swamps, explore the Maple Walk trail.

Spend your family day enjoying nature as you traverse the Prairie Overlook Trail. This one-mile loop takes you through an open prairie and cabbage palm community. Head to the 8-foot observation platform for a bird-watching experience.

At Wetlands Wander, you'll enjoy an interpretive trail along the canal through to the beautiful butterfly garden. You could also relax and reflect on the sensory garden trail. Remember to bring your food and enjoy lunch at the available picnic tables.

Activities for Kids in North Miami, Florida

There is an excellent assortment of fun activities for kids near North Miami FHA homes for sale. It's never a dull moment for your young ones when they are not in school. There's something for everyone, from indoor plays to national parks, theme parks, and museums.

Here are some reclining spots you could consider.

Planet Kids Indoor Playground

Your kids will have an incredible time whenever you bring them to Planet Kids Indoor Playground. This fun, indoor play center allows your creative and curious kids to thrive. The fun and creative activities will give them something to delight in whenever you bring them here.

Let your young ones experiment, explore, and learn while having endless fun. Kids can hide, crawl, and climb the three-story jungle structure. Besides, they could zip and zoom down at the slippery slide.

Age-appropriate fun awaits kids under three years in the Toddler area. The fun ball pit and blackboard are excellent places for your kids to get artistic and creative. Your children could also climb rocks at the fancy bouldering wall.

For parents, this indoor playground lets you sit back and watch your kids play in a designated area. You could also organize birthday parties for your children in this arena.

Off the Wall GameZone Coconut Creek

Challenge your kids at a game they find great pleasure in. Let your kids bounce and flip on the fun trampolines at this Coconut Creek. Dip, duck, dive, and jump at the giant trampoline court.

Deliver some slam dunks with a bit of help from the trampolines. Double fun awaits the whole family at the trampoline volleyball courts. Let your older kids participate in the weekly tournaments.

Do you want your kids to get fit? Sign them up for the bouncy fitness classes at the safe and fun Kangaroo Jumper. Get extra fun at the laser tag stories, cool arcades, climbing walls, and redemption arcades. Your little ones can relax in the toddler space while the older ones release bursts of energy.

The sports bar, free wifi, and restaurant have got you covered as your kids have fun.

Butterfly World

The world takes flight at the spectacular Butterfly World. A rainbow of live exotic butterflies encircles you in sunny Florida. Your kids will love this charming, colorful, and exciting experience.

Butterfly World educates kids about beautiful creatures while seeing them up close. Let them uncover the butterfly's lifecycle and wing patterns. The sparkling wings guide you through flower-lined pathways to a cave where tropical mist and blossoms descend.

Butterfly World delivers a nature-filled experience for your family in North Miami as you get insights into the colorful winged friends. At the live bug zoo, your young ones will witness the beauty of metamorphosis. Kids will also relish the songs of tropical hummingbirds and giant macaws.

Local Attractions in North Miami, Florida

Surfside Beach, Hallandale Beach, and Bal Harbor Beach are within a short drive of North Miami FHA homes for sale. The beaches let you relax next to tranquil waters. The shorelines have boardwalks that provide smooth walkways if you love jogging or bicycling with an ocean view. Alternatively, consider taking a staycation to soak in the sun.

North Miami is also home to Oleta River - a hotspot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This state park offers fantastic scenery and diverse activities like paddle boarding, swimming, and kayaking.

The Greynolds Park Golf Course is the perfect reclining spot for golf enthusiasts. This par-36 course has all the amenities you'd expect. The electric carts, pro shop, and club rentals ensure nothing stands in the way of a relaxing golf experience.

A short drive from the city center will lead you to the Garden of Art's grounds. Enjoy the immersive murals and sculptures that highlight local art. Besides the contemporary arts, you'll enjoy live entertainment options suitable for a hip-art crowd.

Culture and Cuisine - North Miami, Florida

North Miami is richly diverse as new residents flock to the area. The city's exciting revitalization and friendly people make it an ideal place for new community members. The Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) has a reputation for provocative and innovative exhibitions - learn everything about the city's culture in this hub.

The shopping scene will intrigue you with multiple designer boutiques, specialty stores, and malls. The Bal Harbour Shops is suitable for your fix of luxury fashion. For antique treasures, make your way to the New Age Thrift Store.

North Miami Beach also has a comprehensive culinary scene that comprises high-end cuisines and delicious, affordable food. Barok Cafe or Beaker and Gray are ideal brunch sports. At Aventura Mall, you'll enjoy three-level shopping experiences with entertainment.

The city also has a flurry of entertainment spots. Live music and great movies at the iPic Theater bring nights alive. You could also explore quirky dive bars, sports pubs, and high-end lounges to enjoy your free time.

Alternatively, you could throng the diverse Italian restaurants for lasagna, osso buco, or other traditional dishes. The city's craft beer industry is also booming. Lost City Brewing and Descarga Brewing Company represent the new brewery districts in the city.

Overall, North Miami Beach has plenty of new places to try out during your stay.

Interesting Stats about North Miami, Florida

North Miami is at the Crossroads of South Florida, as it lies between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Its prime location has made the city an ever-growing regional shopping area. As a prospective homeowner in the area, you'll find everything from cozy starter homes to elegant waterfront houses.

As of 2020, the city had a population of 62,500 with a median age of 37.5. While you'll find residents of Cuban and Hispanic ancestry, the largest ethnic group in the area comprises Blacks or African Americans. Besides, the area has numerous condominiums and rental apartments in attractive and convenient locations.

North Miami FHA homes for sale also house veterans who served in Vietnam. You'll also find veterans from the Gulf War. Finding a home in this city lets you interact with diverse members of society.


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