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Panama City Beach's Largest Amusement Center: Race City

Race City has been Panama City Beach's largest amusement center since it opened its doors in the 1980s. With decades of experience, Race City offers customers the best values and an extensive lineup of gaming options. It's one of the largest amusement parks in Panama City Beach, offering plenty of activities to keep children and adults entertained.

Whether you're trying to kill some time with the family or looking to put together an awesome corporate event, Race City, has what you need. Each section of the park has something unique that sets it apart. Whatever you need, there's something in this amusement park that'll meet your needs.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Race City amusement park, including popular activities in this fun-filled place. Read on to learn more.

Where is it Located?

The address for Race City is 9523 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, United States. Built on Front Beach Road, directly across from Pier Park and minutes away from many other major attractions, Race City is a prime location that makes it convenient for both tourists and locals.

When you're ready for some fast-paced family fun right here in Panama City, you can hop on over to their massive facility. The amusement park is close to popular hotels, vacation rentals, local shops, and restaurants in Panama. In fact, it's so close you can practically hear people screaming for their lives while riding on the park's heart-pounding rides.

Little kids boy and girl fun riding an small electric cars on sport ground

Rides and Amusements at Race City

Race City’s wide variety of rides, amusements, and games are enough for people of all ages to have a great time. From roller coasters to water slides and bumper cars, Race City has it all. And with new additions added on an annual basis, you can be sure that your little ones will never tire of going there again and again.

It’s no wonder they call themselves Race City. They want you and your family to have an unforgettable experience when you visit the amusement center. To give you an idea of what you can expect at this establishment, here are a few of their most popular rides and amusements:

  • Go Kart Tracks - Race City has several go-karts designed for you to test your driving skill. These small vehicles offer a thrilling ride that people of all ages will love. They're relatively safe and only mildly stimulating. On your next visit to Race City, be sure to get some low-impact cardio with a go-kart ride. Race your friends, family, or co-workers to settle who's got what it takes to be number one.

  • Roller Coaster - The roller coaster at Race City is considered the most thrilling attraction in the park. Race enthusiasts are excited to head over to their state-of-the-art roller coaster section. Skilled mechanics have been working around-the-clock making sure every bolt, wheel, and gear is sturdy enough for hours of fun.

  • Thrill Rides - Race City has a line of thrill rides that will please every adrenaline aficionado. Race City is home to some of today's most extreme amusement rides, from heart-pounding drops to intense accelerations. If you like nonstop thrills, look no further than these gravity-defying machines.

  • Arcade - With Race City’s brand new multi-level arcade, you get an amusement park experience unlike any other. All their arcade machines are fully functional – they aren’t just for looks. Their arcade has a mixture of traditional coin-operated machines and more contemporary touchscreen games for those who'd rather play with their hands. Each game offers its own unique experience, so be sure to try as many as you can.

  • Miniature Golf - Race City’s mini-golf offers your family a fun, safe way to spend time together. You'll get a chance to enjoy their unforgettable around our 9-hole course. This 9-hole miniature golf course is one of our most popular attractions. The holes range from simple to complex, with obstacles like sand traps, brick walls, and even water hazards. For those who have never played miniature golf before, a variety of colorful chains make it easy to keep score—and don't worry if you're not a pro golfer. Their team of courteous and friendly staff will be there to guide you.

  • Skycoaster - Race City’s sky coaster is an aerial thrill ride like no other. Riders are attached to a 137-foot tower with an arm that rockets into the air at over 60 miles per hour. When riders reach their highest peak, they are weightless before plummeting back to earth. The sky coaster generates intense feelings of excitement and emotion in riders, giving them an extraordinary adrenaline rush.

  • Bumper Boats - If you like to play hard with friends or family, bumper boats at Race City may be right up your alley. They’re a popular choice for children and adults of all ages, so be prepared to share space with other park visitors. With just enough risk to make things exciting, you can get lost in some great aquatic adventures. There’s plenty of excitement in these bumper boats as you whiz around buoys in the brightly colored bumpers.

  • Spin Zone - The spin zone at Race City is sure to offer a lot of fun for all ages. This ride isn’t one for those who get dizzy easily, as it swirls you around in a circle while moving in another direction. The spinning zone is great if you have kids—or are just adventurous. With terrifying drops and stomach-churning turns, they’re not for wimps.

  • Fun House - The Fun House is a common staple at most carnivals, but it's one of the favorite amusements at Race City. Combining old-school funhouse design with some cutting-edge visuals, Race City's Fun House is sure to elicit screams of delight from kids of all ages. The fantasy-adventure world section (which isn't that scary) features a creepy cast of characters you only see in movies. From the moment you step into the Fun House, there's one huge surprise waiting for you inside.

Bottom Line

When you think of Panama City Beach, Florida, you probably imagine the beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water synonymous with this vacation destination. However, there's another way to enjoy the area's unique and diverse attractions during your visit—that's visiting Race City, Panama City Beach's largest amusement center.

The park has multiple rides and attractions that will be fun for the whole family. It offers a variety of rides, amenities, and interests. If you're looking for some great entertainment and fun activities to do with your friends or family while you're on vacation in Florida, be sure to check out Race City.

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