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Parrish, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Why are Parrish FHA homes for sale amongst the most searched real estate in Florida? There's no better city to buy your dream home in Florida than Parrish. This town attracts many home buyers thanks to its proximity to popular destinations like Sarasota and Tampa, making it a convenient location. You can also easily access the best beaches and recreational and shopping destinations from Parrish.

What It's Like Living in Parrish, Florida

Before starting your search for Parrish FHA homes for sale, you first need to understand what it's like living there and decide if it's a right fit for you. This city has so much to offer if you're primarily looking for a slow-paced life with a deep sense of community.

Here is all you need to know about living in Parrish, Florida.

Wonderful Weather

Parrish is a sunny community with warm days like any other Florida town. With temperatures in summertime getting as high as 90 degrees and low as 51 degrees in winter, both day and night. Expect heavy rainfall with thunderstorms at the end of summer and at the beginning of fall.

As you plan your move to Parrish, be prepared for a tropical storm or a hurricane every few years; it can happen any time of the year. Generally, this town has a comfortable climate and guarantees 244 days of sunshine each year. Be sure to pack plenty of shorts and other light clothing.

Employment Opportunities

You don't have to worry about not getting a job in Parrish, which has an impressive unemployment rate of 4.4% and is significantly lower than the US average of six. Though there has been a decline in job prospects following the COVID pandemic, there is a 45% expected growth in future job prospects.

The median individual income in Parrish is $32,009, more than the average US salary of $31,177. At the same time, the median household income is $80,000, which is way higher than the US average of $60,000. The average salary in Parrish is $73k but can increase depending on your occupation.

Mainly, salary ranges with industry, with the lowest being the food and accommodation services at $13,000, while those in oil and mining receive a median salary of $70,000. For instance, those in the engineering and architectural industries receive a steep $94,643. But workers in other fields like education, management, and business receive a median salary varying between $13,500 and $50,000.


There are different ways to get around Parrish and all points in Manatee County. For public transportation, there are trolleys and buses within the city, which charge affordable fares and are sometimes free. Manatee County Area Transit buses are free if you want to transverse different parts of the county.

Highly Rated Schools

Parrish, Florida, has four public schools that perform exceptionally well - the Annie Lucy Williams Elementary, Barbara A Harvey Elementary School, and Parrish Community High School. Apart from the public schools, the town also has private and charter schools that are conveniently located.

Private schools like Imagine Schools offer the Pre-K to eighth grade, Manatee Schools of Arts with the sixth to twelfth grade, and Bradenton's IMG Academy is the best private high school in Manatee county serving the sixth to twelfth grade.

Students who want to pursue tertiary education in pharmacy, medicine, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians can attend Hillsborough Community College on their Southshore Campus or Manatee Technical College's East Campus.

Local Attractions

Parrish is not short on local attractions, such as the famous Little Manatee River State Park. This state park is ideal for horseback riding, nature trails, and canoeing. You can also picnic or spend the night camping at the riverside pavilion. Interestingly, the river has blackwater and is within the Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve.

Another natural attraction is the Beker South Fork State Park which hosts the broadleaf nodding cap, the only surviving small ground orchid in Florida. You can go bird watching, hiking, and exploring nature as you watch the different wildlife.

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Fun Activities to Do in Parrish, Florida

It's not surprising how Parrish, Florida, has grown significantly over the recent years, thanks to its convenient location and proximity to nearby tourist destinations.

This town has so many activities. Whether you enjoy outside activities, watching animals, shopping till you drop, or indoor fun, you won't miss fun things to do in Parrish.

Fun Things for Your Entire Family

Parrish, Florida, has a variety of exciting activities as well as natural beauty for your entire family to explore

Go Horseback Riding

Are you looking to enjoy Parrish's scenic countryside views? There is no better way to take in this beautiful landscape while enjoying the Florida sun than horseback riding. It's a unique way to bond with your family as they view Parrish in a different light. Thankfully, other equestrian businesses, such as the Tarawin and Hidden Creek farms, offer exciting horse rides.

You don't have to worry if you can't ride a horse. The Hidden Creek Farm offers western and English-style riding lessons for beginners to advanced riders. The farm will pair you with a cultured lesson horse with the help of an instructor, and you can learn horse riding with your family.

Explore the Rye Preserve

Explore this 145-acre nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary, and experience different ecosystems, such as the oak hammocks and the manatee river. Besides admiring the beautiful nature in Rye Preserve, you can watch endangered species, including the venomous blue and black colored Indigo snake.

You can also adventure by exploring the trails, hiking, or canoeing in the river. This preserve also has a camping area where you can camp overnight.

Fishing at Fort Hamer Park

Spend time fishing with family in Fort Hamer Park along the banks of the Manatee River, and nothing beats the exciting faces of your kids when they reel in their catch. After fishing, you can have a quick picnic lunch. The park has a covered pavilion with picnic tables where your family can sit and enjoy the views.

For those who love water adventures, Fort Hamer Park has a kayak launch and a boat ramp where you can watch the boats as they pass by. For rowing lovers, the park has a training facility, and once in a while, you will meet a camp going on in the park, and it's fun watching them rowing in the river.

Tree Climbing at the Common Grounds Adventure

The Common Grounds Adventure is the go-to for thrilling activities and the perfect place to explore with your family.

Recreational tree climbing is the most popular activity, and you climb the trees using a rope until you reach the installed canopy. The park also hosts rope swings, balancing on wires and high ropes.

Kids activities in Parrish, Florida

Parrish, Florida, is conveniently located with fast access to must-visit areas in Florida. Here are some fun things to do with your kids.

Play golf

Playing golf is the perfect activity for spending time with your kids and bringing you together. Not only will you have fun, but you might be surprised how your children are good at it. The best part about golf is that anyone can play despite their age, so no family member will feel left out since they will have to participate.

The River Wilderness Club in Parrish has an 18-hole golf course with a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and tennis court. It also holds golf camps that are open to kids. You can spend an afternoon playing with your family while enjoying the striking views.

Spend the day at the Beach

Nothing beats Florida beaches, and it's one of the reasons you will love living in Parrish. You can quickly access the top beaches while living in the city, and it will only take a few minutes to drive from Parrish to enjoy the soothing coastal breeze and beautiful views. Have some fun in the sun at Longboat Key, Coquina Beach, and Anna Maria Island.

You don't have to spend so much to have fun at the beach. You can swim and bond with your kids over sand games, scavenger hunts, and walk along the shores. Your family will have a great time, and your kids will not have a dull time at the beach.

Visit Florida Railroad Museum

The Florida Railroad Museum depicts Florida's railroad history, especially during the 1940s and 1950s. It aims to preserve the history of railroads in Florida, and this non-profit organization operates the trains the whole year on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 2 pm. The choice of your train will depend on the activities your kids will do.

This museum offers your little ones unique train experiences in Parrish by riding the exhibits. The kids can visit for a weekend excursion or participate in the special weekend events that occur throughout the year and feature themed train rides. They will enjoy crafts and arts in the pumpkin Patch Express or visit Santa in the North Pole Express.

Tasty and Unique Eateries Around Parrish, Florida

Though Parrish is mainly known for its takeouts, it offers you a whole world of tasty and fine dining just outside your door. Don't know where to start?

The following are some of the delicious and unique eateries in Parrish that you should check out:

C&K Smokehouse

Do you love barbecues? C&K Smokehouse is a friendly barbecue restaurant known for its great pulled pork and other side dishes like baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad.

They serve enormous potions with generous sides satisfying enough to serve as a separate meal. This joint also serves delicious macaroni and cheese. Don't forget to try out the pork chops with a side of fried okra.


In addition to being known as the Home of the Mullet by Gullet, it is also known for serving tasty fish at hard-to-beat prices. Apart from offering their famous mullet, Gulley's has a variety of specialty dishes. The Grouper Tacos and the Stone Crab Chowder are a must-try.

But you can never go wrong when ordering a dish from their menu, and it will truly become one of your favorite spots in Parrish.

Ferraro's Italian Grille

If you are down for fine Italian dining, Ferraro's Italian Grille is the place to go. This restaurant offers authentic southern Italian cuisine, with a large selection of Italian foods like pasta, veal, Sicilian rice balls, chicken, Rigatoni, Gnocchi, or fish ravioli made to perfection.

They make great New York-style pizza, and they don't disappoint. You will love their meatball sub with lots of meatballs, melty cheese, and just the right portion of parm sauce.

The Best Neighborhoods in Parrish, Florida

Parrish is well situated, far from the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan areas in Florida, but with easy access to modern conveniences. This relatively quiet town continues to maintain its country charm as it expands.

Here are the best neighborhoods to begin searching for Parrish FHA homes for sale.

River Wilderness

River Wilderness is a hidden gem that offers a unique real estate concept combined with a country club lifestyle at a reasonable price. The estate has two bedrooms ranch-style homes complete with two full bathrooms with a median price of $225K. This neighborhood is a magnet to those who love nature and playing golf.

If you're looking for bigger homes, River Wilderness has three-bedroom picturesque Mediterranean houses with two bathrooms. These homes are close to lakes, spectacular areas of the golf course, ponds, and meadows. The three-bedroom homes are approximately 3,400 square feet with a median price of $600K.

This price tag comes with lavish landscaping, a summer kitchen, a private swimming pool, and custom cabinets. For golf enthusiasts, the River Wilderness Country Club has different membership levels, and you may choose to use the 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, restaurant, and clubhouse. Additionally, living in River Wilderness guarantees round-the-clock gated security, and you can use the community boat ramp to explore the Manatee River.

Harrison Ranch

Harrison Ranch is among the sought-after Parrish FHA homes for sale and promises you one of the best housing opportunities in Manatee County. This community has two neighborhoods, namely the Reserve and the Cove. You will mostly find single-family homes in both subdivisions with a beautiful view of the ponds, lake, and nature reserves.

For a moment, you will think you're in a neighborhood in Sarasota because the floor plans of Harrison Ranch homes share architectural styles and follow similar streamlined designs with Sarasota. The median price for a three-bedroom house in this neighborhood is $215K, with larger four-bedroom homes with three-and-a-half baths going for $300K.

Most notably, homes in Harrison Ranch sell very first, and these prices may shoot up. Like any other master-planned development in Florida, this neighborhood has quality amenities such as a fully-equipped fitness room, heated swimming pool, recreational center, playgrounds, and tennis courts. The two subdivisions in Harrison Ranch are connected with curving paths lined with exquisite landscaping.

Twin Rivers

The Twin Rivers homes focus on luxury, space, and affordability, and this community also offers half-acre lots for those who prefer starting from the ground up. The median price for these lots is just $21,000, with the one-acre lots, which are high in demand due to their prime location going for $100,000.

This neighborhood also offers spacious three-bedroom homes with a living space of 2,701 square feet at a median price of $255K. A five-bedroom home on 3,035 square feet has a median price of $650K. These homes have different amenities, which include volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts. It also features a park with a river boardwalk and a playground, perfect for spending time with your family.


Parrish is an excellent place for families to consider buying a home. This city focuses on the closeness of the community, and it's just the right balance of convenience and country charm. Parrish offers your kids the best school system for academic success as a highly-rated public school district with good private schools.

Parrish FHA Homes for Sale continue to increase significantly, and the good news is that you will find a home for your budget. Buying a home and settling in Parrish is the best choice for your family.

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