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Saint Cloud, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Are you looking for a place to call home? Saint Cloud is the place for everyone. It has incredible features like the lakes and parks surrounding it and still maintains a close distance to other cities like Orlando. In other words, it's a booming area with a sense of serenity.

Besides its location, the city also has unique features that entice you to move there. However, before moving to any place, there are a few factors to consider, like the weather, location, cost of living, and accessibility to amenities like school.

Reasons to move to Saint Cloud, Florida

Here are some of the reasons to move to Saint Cloud, Florida.


Saint Cloud is at the ideal location for you. The city is situated in Osceola County, Florida. It's just the proper distance to neighboring cities like Orlando and far enough from them to give it a suburban feel. The city also has a great view of lakes and famed parks.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Saint Cloud is a bit higher than average compared to other cities. It should not discourage you from moving here as it is a small price to pay for various benefits. Luckily, FHA has covered you with amazing housing deals and affordable interest rates, ensuring you take advantage of an opportunity to live there.

The availability of social amenities like school and public transport also makes the cost of living worthwhile. Since many people are taking advantage of the offers by FHA, the place will be packed in no time. The influx of people will increase the demand for social amenities and lower the cost of living.


It is always vital to ascertain the security of an area before moving in. The crime rate in Saint Cloud is lower as compared to other cities. Imagine a neighborhood where you don't have to worry about being mugged or being the victim of a crime.

The continuous influx of people to the area has also significantly contributed to this. If the question on your mind is whether Saint Cloud is safe for you and your family, then yes, the place is secure. Another factor that adds to its security is its distance from other cities. It is not as busy or crowded as other cities, which helps reduce its crime rate.


Saint Cloud is said to have an array of public schools for you to choose from. It means your child can get a quality education while you enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. Private schools are also available if the public schools do not please you. You are guaranteed quality education when raising a child in Saint Cloud compared to other cities. The distance from the significant city's hustle and bustle are also ideal for learning.

The right school for you may depend on a couple of factors; for instance, you may prefer a school that prepares your child for higher learning, while someone else might choose a school based on their curriculum and things like the sporting program.

Whichever you choose, Saint Cloud has it. Homes near prominent schools like Cornerstone Charter Academy High School are more expensive than homes further from the school.

Weather and climate

You should always review the weather and climate of a place before moving in. The weather in Saint Cloud is fair since there are more sunny days than chilly ones. Like any other place, this depends on the seasons. In summer, temperatures can rise to 92 degrees in July.

The most favorable months are March, April, and November. August and July are the least comfortable months, with August having an average of above 90 degrees and July going as high as 92.

Saint Cloud has a proper temperature with an average amount of rainfall. Rain falls mostly in June and at least in January. Snow falls less often in Saint Cloud than in other Florida cities. If you like mid-range temperatures, then it is the place for you.

Walkable neighborhoods

Whether a place is walkable or not is entirely dependent on you. Some define a walkable place as an area where everything is easily accessible, while others define it as an area that reduces car dependency. Lucky for you, Saint Cloud has both. There are lots of stops for you with restaurants and shops to obtain what you need.

Most studies show that the walk score for Saint Cloud is above 10. It's still a big city, so you will still need a car to move from one place to another. You may opt to bike riding, though some distances are a bit long for cycling. In each case, the tranquility of Saint Cloud is maintained.


The issue of jobs in Saint Cloud is a double-edged sword or a two-pronged fork. Statistics show that employment has been on the rise, which makes the area promising for prospects. The increasing number of residents has created job opportunities for the people. Unfortunately, it has also diminished the previously available jobs.

The unemployment rates were increasing initially but are now plummeting due to the increasing job opportunities. Proximity to other cities like Orlando has also helped increase employment since you can work in Orlando but stay in Saint cloud.


The influx of people into the Saint Cloud has increased the demand for social amenities. Since more schools, hospitals and offices are being built; government expenditure is significantly higher. Taxes work like economies of scale in business when compared to demographic data.

The city's continuous development has led to lower taxes compared with other city-states. Since more people can access necessary facilities, the cost of living is lowered and is featured in the taxes. The economy of the city has also been boosted due to this.

Leisure and fun

If you are fun-loving, then Saint Cloud is the place for you. The area is surrounded by lakes and parks, which makes recreation the norm of the place. Things like fishing and horseback riding have been taken to a whole new level. There are several activities to be carried out.

Another advantage of the rising population of the area is more accessible access to all facilities, even non-essentials. If you are a foodie, there are multiple stops with different restaurants and cuisines for you to try out. For nature lovers, the whole area is surrounded by works of nature to ensure you have the best experience.


There are plenty of options in Saint Cloud when it comes to mobility and transport. For instance, if you like walking, there are paths for you to go freely. The same goes for cyclists. Some distances are long even for cyclists hence the need for a car.

If you are not fortunate to own a car, the state has provided a bus as a means of transport for you. There are about nine bus stops in Saint Cloud to ensure you reach your destination with the slightest difficulty. Not only do they have various gas stations, but they also have stopped for you to charge your electric car. It is truly a place for everyone.

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Things to do in Saint Cloud, Florida

Saint Cloud is the place for you if you have an adventurous spirit and can't wait to quench your thirst. There are lots of fun activities and just as many places to visit. A visit to Saint Cloud will leave you with great experiences and memories for you and your loved ones.

Some of the fun activities and activities to engage in include:

Horseback riding

Horse riding is the perfect sport for nature enthusiasts since it connects them to nature in a fun way. At Meadow stables, you can feel your hair fall back when galloping on the majestic creatures while enjoying the countryside's beautiful view.

Another excellent place for horse riding in Saint Cloud is All Hitched Up. It is great for first-time riders, amateurs, and experts. For first-time riders and amateurs, training is offered to ensure you have a fantastic delight. Your only worry is showing up, and your journey on a horse can hastily commence.

Reptile World Serpentarium

Reptiles, just like colored fish and birds, deserve a platform where their beauty can be expressed. Saint Cloud is well-known for its serpentarium. At the serpentarium, you have a wide variety to choose from; snakes, turtles, alligators, and even lizards. You can watch the teeth on an alligator snap or watch it swish its tail. You can even watch a display of venom being milked for those daring enough.

Whatever tickles your fantasy in the world of reptiles will be at your disposal. If it becomes too much to handle, there's a lovely gift shop where you can take a break and buy something to distract yourself. It is genuinely a heart-throbbing experience.


Diversity is always in the air in Saint Cloud. Lakes surround Saint Cloud, and it would be a shame to visit and not go fishing in one. Lake Tohopekaliga, and Lake Toho, offer one of the best fishing experiences in Saint Cloud.

At Lake Toho, you can obtain a variety of fish, like bass or catfish. It is a beautiful experience to be in the waters, the wind blowing in your face while you send down your hook or cast out your net. Be sure to visit Lake Toho when in Saint Cloud.

Gatorland Orlando

If you have your mind set on one specific reptile, you could visit Gatorland instead of the serpentarium. Whether it's the jaws, the coarse skin, or maybe the rigid tail you want to see, it's all there at Gatorland.

At Gatorland, they let you come close enough to the creatures to send chills down your spine. Besides all the fun with the animals, you can have fun too. There are activities like swamp walks and zip-lining to get you going. You must have a fantastic tale for your friends when you return. It's only a few miles from Saint Cloud, so pop in whenever you're in the area.


Golf is one of the famous chilling sports and is offered here at Saint Cloud. Just take a drive on Michigan Avenue, and you'll see Royal St Cloud Golf Links. You may create fun with your hands and be the creature everyone wants to see.

There you can let loose and take a couple of swings to relax. You can also take a professional approach to the sport since the area is rough and therefore consider it a training session. If you are up for a challenge, the water and sand barriers will do that for you. Whether you do it for fun or to train, you'll still enjoy a breathtaking view of green scenery and a vast water collection.

Peghorn Nature Park

You can take a walk through history in Peghorn Park. You may not be looking for an exhilarating experience but a simple change of environment. Peghorn Park offers an experience where you can hike through its terrain while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The park is one of the city parks that have embraced its connection with nature by preserving ecological balance. If you are looking for a history lesson, you will find one since the name is attributed to cattle that were reared in the area and whose horns looked like pegs.

Picnic at the lake

Saint Cloud is blessed to be surrounded by various water bodies. You can take advantage of this and have a picnic at the lake. For instance, you can drive to Lake Runnymede Conservation Center. The lake will do it for you if you are looking for a serene environment.

The area is endowed with hardwood trees and creatures like squirrels. You can also hear the birds chirping from the trees. It's something for nature enthusiasts. If this is not enough to quench your wanderlust, several other spectacular lakes in Saint Cloud are bound to amaze you.

Best Places to live in Saint Cloud, Florida

Saint Cloud FHA homes for sale are available in almost every neighborhood. Once you are ready, you can arrange an affordable home loan with FHA and choose any of the neighborhoods to live in. Some of the established neighborhoods include:


A home in Harmony is quite affordable as it is within the average pricing for homes in America. It is among the least crowded areas and, therefore, perfect if you are looking for a place with minimal traffic and a sense of tranquility.

It is also among the most peaceful neighborhoods in Saint Cloud, and the state of Florida. You can secure a place and start enjoying the many perks of living in Saint Cloud.


Conway is the place for you if you yearn for adventure and discovery. Its excellent sites and natural sceneries will leave you in a pleasant mood. It also has various entertainment centers so that you can stay energized.

Doctor Phillips

The area is quickly growing to be one of the most advanced in Saint Cloud. If you want to be away from the city but still live in a modernized environment, you should enlist for Doctor Phillips. The area is filled with people from all over to give you that diverse view of things.

Narcoossee Commons

It is the ideal location if you are looking for a neighborhood in Saint Cloud that is in touch with nature. It is situated at the right spot for business and still maintains a sense of serenity due to the surrounding. It's about 10 minutes from there to get to Lake Nona and is close to the Orlando International Airport.

The Takeaway

Obtaining a home in Saint Cloud is a good move for you. You will have access to various sceneries and sites, all within the scope of your home.

The cost of living becomes much lower when you buy a house in Saint Cloud, Florida. The city is also close to other major cities, ensuring you keep in touch with the modern world.

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