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San Juan, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

San Juan, Puerto Rico, has a median home value of $422,000. In America, the average house costs $277,796. Real estate in San Juan, PR, goes for an average of $422,500. You can find single-family homes and condos in San Juan's real estate listings. They also have commercial real estate for sale. Reach out to a real estate agent in San Juan immediately to set up a viewing of a home that interests you.

Brief History of San Juan

Juan Ponce de León, a Spanish explorer and conquistador, is most known for his fanciful search for the Fountain of Youth in the 16th century in Florida. He established the town of Caparra on the island of Puerto Rico in 1508. Long-term settlement was deemed impossible on Caparra, so the population relocated to the island where modern-day Old San Juan now stands.

Because of its convenient port and location, the new town of San Juan Batista de Puerto Rico swiftly ascended in the ranks of the colonial authority.

When Alonso Manso arrived in the Americas in 1511, he was appointed bishop of Puerto Rico. San Juan was the Inquisition's first permanent base in the New World and the first ecclesiastical center of the Americas. Just 20 years after its creation, in 1530, the city already had a library, a university, and a library.

The revitalization of Old San Juan has resulted in a surge in tourism to popular destinations like the El Morro fortress. San Juan is becoming one of the most popular vacation spots in the Caribbean. San Juan is a popular destination for U.S. citizens seeking a Caribbean getaway without the hassle of obtaining a visa or passport.

Living in San Juan

Puerto Rico is a vacationer's paradise, boasting 300 stunning beaches, verdant mountains, delectable cuisine, a vibrant culture, and warm, sunny weather all year round. Puerto Rico, which is part of the Caribbean archipelago and consists of over a hundred small cays and islets, was acquired by the United States in 1917.

The island proper is currently split into six sections, all offering unique attractions and amenities. San Juan's rich history, the untouched beauty of the Central Mountains, and the breathtaking sunsets along the coast—all of Puerto Rico's sites are worth seeing at least once. Also, this is not lost on people looking to purchase vacation homes.

Shoppers, diners, and tourists flock to Old San Juan's cobblestone streets. Two forts from the colonial era make up the San Juan National Historic Site, located on a cliff in the historic neighborhood and offer stunning views of the ocean below.

Concerts, cuisine festivals, and cultural celebrations are just some activities the city administration and local business owners put on around Old San Juan and the harbor to appeal to the local population.

Residents interested in outdoor activities typically travel outside the metro region, whether playing a golf game in Dorado or hiking in El Yunque National Forest. During the weekends, residents flock to the beaches on the southwest and west shores, where the Caribbean Sea is generally calmer. At the same time, others take ferries to the nearby islands of Culebra and Vieques to relax on their renowned beaches.

The average rent in San Juan is significantly less than in other cities on the mainland (though communities close to the coast have more expensive housing). Still, most residents here pay more for their monthly energy use than they would back on the mainland.

As the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, residents of the Caribbean must prepare themselves for the threat of hurricanes at all times. Flooding, heavy rain, and hurricanes are all potential hazards for the island. The cool air from the ocean helps to prevent overheating.

To navigate around San Juan, you'll need your own set of wheels. Some parts of the metropolitan region are easily accessible by foot, such as Condado and Old San Juan, but most of the city is too stretched out to be explored on two wheels.

The Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses (AMA) manages the metro area's public bus system. The Tren Urbano train line serves only about 10 miles of central San Juan.

Getting to and from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, located about 10 kilometers (6 miles) east of Old San Juan, is the most common use of cab companies.

The San Juan Community

In terms of population composition, San Juan is quite eclectic. Most young adults from other areas of Puerto Rico move here for job prospects and lively nightlife, while the remaining households are primarily children's families. Additionally, many people worldwide choose San Juan as their retirement location.

It's not surprising that San Juan is predominantly Catholic as a former Spanish colony. As a matter of fact, till 1850, Roman Catholicism was the only religion practiced legally by locals. The Epiphany, which occurs in early January, is one of several Catholic celebrations that are still enthusiastically enjoyed by many.

A Puerto Rican's inability to cast a ballot in federal elections.

School Systems in San Juan

The educational system of San Juan is patterned after the United States. San Juan places a premium on education, and the island is home to a wide variety of excellent educational institutions. Private schools tend to be of higher quality than public schools, and many foreign parents choose them for their children.

Public schools

  • Luis Munoz Rivera
  • Juanita Garcia Peraza
  • Sotero Figueroa
  • University Gardens (Especializada) Elementary School
  • Central Artes Visuales (Especializada)

Private schools

  • The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico
  • The TASIS School in Dorado
  • Academia del Perpetuo Socorro
  • Cupeyville School

Universities / Colleges

  • University of Puerto Rico
  • Universidad Del Turabo
  • Universidad Metropolitana

City of model houses and autumn yellow trees

Activities, Attractions, and Amenities in San Juan

The castle and the other historic city walls were added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 1983. The city's historic district comprises cultural attractions, including museums, recreated colonial-era buildings, convents, churches, and more. El Condado is home to some of the best resorts in the city, and there are some great beaches in the area as well.

Visitors can travel from San Juan to other popular tourist destinations like lush jungles, a cave system, and dozens more beaches in just a few hours. Additionally, several large cruise ships call this harbor their official home port.

Also, San Juan is home to some of the Caribbean's most prominent industrial complexes, including sugar and oil refineries, breweries, and pharmaceutical production facilities. As one might expect, Puerto Rico is famous for its rum, most of which is manufactured in San Juan.

Have a look at the governor's mansion

Walk along the water's edge from the forts to La Fortaleza, the governor's residence, and another walled compound. There's no way to enter (the governor's private residence and office), but you can look at the building from the front gate.

The first lady has been known to adorn Fortaleza Street, which leads up to the front gate, on her initiative in previous years. Many bright umbrellas, butterflies, kites, and even a substantial Puerto Rican flag have previously decorated the sky above the roadway. It's anyone's guess what street decorations will be up when you get to town.

Calle Loiza

Loiza Street is a hub of activity and culture in Puerto Rico, where you can enjoy anything from salsa to one of the island's best meals.

Everything from five-star restaurants to high-end clothing boutiques, independent bookstores to buzzing cafes, and much more are within easy walking distance.


Both within walking distance, Condado and Old San Juan are teeming with nightlife options for party animals. There is a wide variety of entertainment options, from relaxed lounges to frenetic nightclubs to traditional Puerto Rican eateries.

The Cuisine of Mobile Food Courts

Mobile food vendors have become increasingly common in Puerto Rico. There are two Food Truck Parks in the San Juan region. Miramar Food Truck Park is five minutes from the SJ Doubletree on 1006 Ave. Ponce de Leon is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The most up-to-date park is Lote 23, which you can find on 1552 Ave. Just 5 minutes away is Ponce de León (Parada 23), which is open Tuesday through Sunday in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

To the Oceanic Park

It's a fantastic choice for younger travelers interested in the beach and Puerto Rico's vibrant nightlife. Among the most frequented urban beaches in San Juan, Ocean Park is a fantastic spot for kiteboarding, volleyball, and other beach activities.

The vibrant Calle Loza, which features numerous bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, makes Ocean Park a great destination for young people. Traveling to Condado, Isla Verde, and Old San Juan from this central location is convenient.

Take a picture in front of La Puerta de la Bandera

Located on San José Street, the entrance doors of a rundown building have become a significant figure for Puerto Ricans struggling to make ends meet since the island's financial downturn began in 2012.

Rosenda Alvarez, the artist who painted the Puerto Rican flag on the doors, went back to the mural four years later to tone down the blue and red colors. The alteration was a visual jab at the controversial board overseeing the island's finances. A lot of people, both tourists and residents, come here to take pictures of the building.

San Juan Arts, Culture, and Cuisine

Puerto Rico's beautiful beaches, diverse history, and vibrant culture make it an ideal vacation spot any time of year. Like the rest of Puerto Rico, San Juan has an incredibly diverse population and way of life.

San Juan was a Spanish colonial city from 1521 until 1898, taking on aspects of Spanish and native Caribbean culture. As a result of its status as a U.S. territory, American influences have been gradually incorporated into Puerto Rico's rich cultural heritage.

Visit the Center of Puerto Rican Culture in San Juan's historic district, Old San Juan, to get an in-depth academic education about the city's culture. A native Puerto Rican hamlet has been recreated, and items dating back to before the Spanish colonization of San Juan have been discovered.

Spend a night strolling among the many art galleries in Old San Juan to get a feel for the city's cultural scene the way a native Sanjuanero would. It would help if you went to the movies again in the elegant Metro Cinema, which debuted in Santurce in 1939.

Its cobbled streets are as vibrant as the food in San Juan. Therefore, it's a cruise location that never fails to satisfy the cravings of gourmets worldwide.

The cuisine of San Juan is well-known for being innovative and experimental due to its fusion of Spanish, French, and African influences and its unique spin. While seeing the colonial buildings, sandy beaches, and rich history of Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan, here is a suggestion on where to eat.

On a cruise to San Juan, you must first sample mofongo, often regarded as the greatest Puerto Rican meal. With numerous delicious variations, it's disputed whether it is or not, yet, there's no denying that it is the most well-known.

Green plantains are fried and then mashed with garlic flavor before being stuffed with meat, seafood, or veggies. Imagine your go-to mashed potatoes, but even better.

Beautiful San Juan is home to welcoming locals, exciting San Juan culture and art, and a spectacular panorama of the Mediterranean.

The Best Neighborhoods in San Juan

Here’s our selection of the best neighborhoods in San Juan.


If you enjoy the beach, you will adore this place. As the site of some of the world's top surf breakers, the town draws in visitors looking to ride the waves.

However, surfing isn't the only activity available here. You may keep yourself busy in Rincón by snorkeling, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, whale watching, or just sitting on the beach and taking in the stunning pink sunsets.

Even though home sales are up over 50% from last year, a wide selection of properties is still available for purchasing a vacation home. Data reports that the median listing cost of a home in Rincón is $425,000, making it among the most affordable coastal communities in Puerto Rico.


Finely Buffed in Condado, Condado's lively tropical ambiance and plentiful beach amenities are a lure for families and water sports lovers. High-rise luxury resorts and casinos overlook palm tree-lined beaches that slope gently into turquoise seas.

Avenida Ashford, the neighborhood's main thoroughfare, is known for its gourmet restaurants, rooftop bars, trendy nightclubs, and high-end stores.

In the secured nature reserve of Condado, the lagoon serves as the main attraction, attracting locals and tourists alike for a day on the water in kayaks and paddleboards. The lagoon is a portion of the San Juan Estuary ringed by mangroves; thus, sightings of manatees, turtles, dolphins, stingrays and other marine life are shared.

Keep in mind that the tides at Condado's beach area can be relatively strong; young children and their parents should head to the more protected Playita del Condado. In the evening, after a day at the beach, visit José Enrique's James Beard Award–winning cafe instead of eating at a chain restaurant.


You should visit Culebra if your idea of a perfect holiday is relaxing on peaceful, picturesque beaches away from the madding crowds of well-known resorts.

The unspoiled beauty and abundant marine life of such a small island in the Puerto Rican archipelago are well worth the short and pleasant 45-minute ferry voyage east from the main island.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are highly recommended because of the abundance of marine life in the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, including manta rays, sea turtles, and a wide variety of tropical fish. Flamenco Beach, located along the north coast of Culebra, is often regarded as among the world's finest due to its striking blue waters.

Whether you're interested in a one-bedroom condo in a gated community with resort-style amenities or a spacious villa with stunning panoramic beaches, Culebra's property market has something for you.

Take away

As the oldest city on American soil, San Juan has been continuously inhabited for over 500 years. The island's largest city welcomes tourists with a wide variety of attractions.

It has a lively nightlife, luxurious resorts, fashionable restaurants, and stores that cater to people with current life. Still, its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and numerous historical landmarks would take you a step back in time.

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