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South Florida Fair: Robots and Fair Food

What a good time to be alive. The South Florida Fair is just around the corner, and there is no better moment to prepare for it than now. Even though the fair is held every last two weeks of January, this year’s event will seemingly run into February. From the food to entertainment, this post explains everything about the South Florida Fair and what to expect from the event.

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History of the South Florida Fair

The South Florida Fair has a rich history that goes back to 1912, when the inaugural event happened in West Palm Beach. Initially, the fair was known as the Palm Beach County Fair before changing its name to the South Florida Fair.

Ever since the first event, the South Florida Fair has grown in leaps and bounds to become a popular festival of sorts. However, this does not mean the fair does not have its downfalls and shortcomings. The Great Depression of the early 1930s forced the event to operate as a carnival before being discontinued in 1937. Plans to restore the fair in 1942 began in earnest, but Pearl Harbor’s attack scattered everything.

It was not until 1946 that the South Florida Fair resumed operations. After resumption, the inaugural event was held at the National Guard Armory in West Palm Beach. The fair later moved to Morrison Field. The fair moved to Palm Beach Speedway in 1953 before settling at its current location in Palm Beach State College.

The South Florida Fair usually runs for 17 days during the last two weeks of January. However, the 2022 fair will seemingly run into February. It attracts over 500,000 attendees, making it one of Florida’s most popular cultural and educational festivals.

The bright and colorful lighted Ferris Wheel at the childrens state and county fair off southern boulevard in West Palm Beach Florida

2022 South Florida Fair Theme

The fair focuses on showcasing livestock, agriculture, real estate, and winter crops. Each year has a different theme that dictates what to showcase during the event. The reason to incorporate a theme in the fair is to stimulate tourism.

The South Florida Fair is all about educating the masses. For this reason, the themes are mostly educational and cultural.

The 2022 South Florida Fair theme is “Rockin Robots.” The fair will feature fun robots, larger-than-life-size robots, interactive robotics activities, bot battles, and robotics in agriculture, science, education, and manufacturing. Attendees will see how robots play a vital role in the sectors mentioned above.

Some of the exhibits at the South Florida Fair include:

  • The Robot Zoo - The Robot Zoo has an array of robot animals, allowing attendees to explore the biomechanics of these intelligent machines. The 2,500 sq. foot exhibit features seven animal robots, including a squid, chameleon, grasshopper, bat, platypus, and rhinoceros. You will get to see and learn various animals’ real-life characteristics, such as a chameleon changing colors and a fly walking on the ceiling.

  • Lumia - Lumia is a high-energy visual show featuring “Lady Light” from Las Vegas. This electrifying experience promises attendees an array of amazing LED dancers. In essence, Lumia is a cyr wheel, a cirque-style acrobatic performance that you don’t want to miss. Visit the stand for a breathtaking, memorable visual display.

  • Oscar the Robot - Oscar the Robot is the ideal entertainment partner for your kids. The robot provides laughter at all its performances, making it a must-visit stand for hilarious moments. The robot has a knowledgeable and friendly personality, making it a favorite for many fun-lovers. Ensure you stop by for a memorable experience.

  • Robot Rangers - The Robot Rangers are two highly-intelligent and robust robots that wow attendees with their witty conversations. The robots reside in the smaller exhibit building known as the Agriplex. You can also find them around the midway. They promise to keep you and your family entertained during the entirety of the fair.

  • Movia Robotics - Adults and children on the autism spectrum can learn a lot from Movia Robotics, including Kebbi, Misty, iPal, and NAO. Since autism involves social and communication challenges, these interactive robots provide specific instructions in social skills. They help ASD persons to cope with the various challenges they face daily.

  • Max Power & Nitro - Another interesting pair is Max Power and Nitro. These robots walk, talk, and dance just like your ordinary pal. They create an instant party out of any situation for a memorable experience. Max Power & Nitro also has a monster truck to boot.

  • Robot Ruckus - The South Florida Fair has endless fun through its combat robot competition. The Robot Ruckus is arguably the largest combat robot competition in the country. It features 150-gram to 250-pound battle robots from various teams such as Witch Doctor, HyperShock, Sporkinok, Kraken, Rotator, Axe Backwards, Gruff, and Bushhog, among many others.

  • Rock-It The Robot - If you want to meet a nine-foot-tall robot that talks, walks, and rocks, visit Rock-it The Robot. It is the ultimate ambassador of goodwill, and its mission is to greet and mingle with all fairgoers. Its massive structure is a spectacle that you do not want to miss.

South Florida Fair Offerings

The 2022 South Florida Fair promises to be a spectacle. It features five stages of entertainment and world-class performances. The fair has over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing agriculture, livestock, and robots in line with this year’s theme. All exhibitors come from more than 30 Florida counties, making it a historical event that you don’t want to miss.

The fair has daily parades with more than 200 rides, games, and other family-friendly attractions in store for attendees. The fair also has several smaller exhibit buildings such as the Agriplex, Cruzan Amphitheater, Yesteryear Village, and Palm Beach Model Railroaders.


The South Florida Fair is a chance to explore livestock and agriculture from exhibitors in the 30 Florida counties. This year’s event is themed around robots and how robotics has a role in the farming sector. Attendees will learn the biomechanics of complex animal robots and their role in agriculture, manufacturing, education, and science. Mark your calendar and book a date to visit the South Florida Fair 2022.

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