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Spring Hill, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

For individuals and families that love the warm Florida weather and the beautiful beaches, Spring Hill might be the perfect home for you—located some fifty miles north of Tampa, sitting inside the Tampa-St. The Petersburg-Clearwater metro area belongs to Florida's Nature Coast Region. The city is set on a lovely stretch of Hernando Beach.

Being home to the famous Weeki Wachee Springs, the unincorporated city is best known as a tourist destination. It is also home to the world-famous mermaid show and the spring-fed water back.

From its humble beginnings, Spring Hill has grown from a small suburb in Tampa in the 1960s to a bonafide city that is now a middle-class suburb haven with a surprising amount of attraction. Buying a home in Spring Hill might be one of your best decisions. You will love living in Spring Hill, Florida!

The Population of Spring Hill, Florida

Before 2010, Spring Hill was a small city with only a few occupants. Since then, as the city's status grew, so did the population. Currently, the population is 113,568 people sitting on the 60-mile stretch of land. That's about 1,900 people per square mile. Most of these are property owners, with renters only making up 25%.

The median age for people living in the city is about 43 years. That makes it ideal for young families and older folks nearing retirement age.

Most people living in Spring Hill are Caucasians, but other demographics like Hispanics and African Americans also invest and buy properties.

Like the rest of Florida, this city is also home to some notable personalities, just in case you'd love to have your address next to a celebrity. These include famous film director Ricou Browning and Matt Breida, an NFL running back.

The Climate and Weather in Spring Hill, Florida

The climate and weather of Spring Hill are Subtropical – typical Florida stuff! Humidity, warm summers, and plenty of rainfall. The beaches come in handy during the summer and tend to get packed to the brim with tourists and locals looking to cool down.

The best part about living in Spring Hill is that it doesn't generally experience snow. You will fit right in if you hate the biting winter cold and shoveling.

Spring Hill is located on the Gulf Coast, bringing some bonuses like pleasant mornings and cooler summer nights. If you're an avid outdoorsman who enjoys fishing, boating, and other watersports, Spring Hill will be a haven for you. After all, it's in the Sunshine State.

Safety and Security in Spring Hill, Florida

The last thing you want for your family is to take them out of place with bad weather to relocate them into the jaws of crime. Safety and security should be prioritized when looking at places to relocate and buy property.

According to Crime Grade, the safety and security rating of Spring Hill is a B+. Spring Hill is ranked in the 73rd percentile for safety. That means Spring Hill is safer than 72 other cities. This city's crime rate is lower than the average U.S. city.

The south part is considered the safest in the city, with crime rates as low as 1 in 67 residents. The low crime rate in the city could be attributed to the small-town nature of Spring Hill and a large population of families and retirees who consider themselves safer here than in other bigger cities in America.

The Cost of Living in Spring Hill, Florida

The cost of living in Spring Hill is more affordable than in many similar cities in the U.S., with access to much better beaches.

On average, the cost of living in Spring Hill is 6% lower than the national average. However, it can vary based on factors such as your career, the location of the property you're interested in, and your average salary.

Spring Hill's housing expenses are 30% lower than the national average. Utilities, gas prices, and bus fares might not differ from national averages, but what you save in housing is significant, considering housing takes most of the budget.

An additional benefit for residents living in Florida is you don't pay individual income taxes to the state. That means you keep more of your money which you can use to offset your mortgage faster or improve your standard of life.

Homes in Spring Hill are typically more affordable. The median price of a home in the city is about $295,000, with a median price per sq ft of $189. The homes here are more affordable than in other U.S. cities.

You might pay a little more for your groceries in Spring Hill, but not enough to dent your pockets. Also, the price of groceries will depend on the side of the city you're in.

Healthcare and Amenities in Spring Hill, Florida

Florida has some of the most fantastic health facilities in the country. The most notable and highest ranked in Florida is Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Adventhealth in Orlando. Although these aren't in Spring Hill, it speaks to the high standards of the healthcare system in the State that trickles down to the cities and suburbs.

Spring Hill alone has three accredited hospitals. These are the Bayfront Health Spring Hill Hospital, Oak Hill Hospital, and Bayfront Health Brooksville Hospital. Because Spring Hill has a large population of senior citizens, it also has many nursing homes and rehab facilities, including the Sg Hill Health and Rehab. Other notable options are:

  • Evergreen Woods Assisted Living Facility
  • Health South Rehab (it's associated with Oak Hill Hospital)
  • Bayfront Health Spring Hill
  • Oak Hill Hospital (for obstetrical services)

Besides the excellent and highly-ranked healthcare facilities in Spring Hill, the overall cost of healthcare is lower in the city. Payscale estimates the cost of healthcare in Spring Hill to be 5% lower than the national average. A typical doctor's visit costs about $112.37, while a vet visit costs about $53.73.

Proximity to a suitable healthcare facility is something most families consider when looking for a home. Whether you're a retiree looking for a good hospital for your regular check-ups or an average family looking that needs access to a hospital in case of an accident or emergency, you will be spoilt for choice in Spring Hill.

Hand holding model house and small tree

Education and School System in Spring Hill, Florida

The population of Spring Hill is generally well-educated. Approximately 14% of the population has a bachelor's degree or higher, and most are college diploma holders. The city has an impressive selection of schools across two districts of Pasco and Hernando.

Spring Hill has nine schools, with most being pre-schools. There are also elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, public district schools, private schools, and public charter schools that host over 5,000 students.

Whatever school you want for your children, Spring Hill has multiple choices to make the selection easy.

Besides the expansive education infrastructure, Spring Hill has some top-rated academic institutions that can accommodate gifted children and challenge a curious mind. These schools are ranked on various measures, including academic performance and equity.

Challenger K-8 School of Science and Math (Public, Elementary)

Challenger K-8 is ranked as one of the best elementary schools in the city. It has an excellent equity rating helping all students excel in its various courses.

It has a lower average of students per teacher at 15:1, which is lower than the national average of 17:1 and most of the teachers at the institutions have three or more years of experience.

Gulf Coast Academic of Science and Technology (Charter, middle school)

This is another center of educational excellence. It has an enrolment of 232 students in grades 6-8 and is placed top 5% of all the schools in Florida for all average test scores. It was also top 5% in reading proficiency in the academic year 2018 -2019.

The student, teacher ratio at the institution is 15:1, which is lower than the national and state average.

Classical Preparatory School (Charter, High School)

Classical Preparatory Schools serves over 1,000 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It is placed top 50% of the schools in Florida. Like other schools on this list, this one also has a favorable student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1 and a minority enrolment of 31%.

The Spring Hill education system caters to all families and students. There are quality public, charter, and private schools that families can consider based on their academic goals and priorities, and some of the schools also cater to disabled students. But, finding a school that aligns with your child's goals and aspirations in Spring Hill won't be a problem.

The Best Things To Do in Spring Hill, Florida

After considering all the serious factors that could prevent your move to Spring Hill, it's time to look at the fun side. When looking for a new home, you want a location where your family is safe and well-catered and has lots of fun options for when you want to bond, have fun and spend some time together.

Spring Hill is designed for just that! It's flush with great activities for kids and families, which is why it doubles as a great tourist destination.

Activities for kids

Young families moving into Spring Hills will have the most fun. They won't have any problems finding exciting and fun activities to keep their little and energetic ones engaged.

Wildlife Survival Sanctuary

Water activities are a given in Spring Hill. But if you're looking for something more calming, the Wildlife Survival Sanctuary is the perfect place. It's a wildlife sanctuary where animals can live out their lives peacefully while getting the care they serve.

The sanctuary tries to provide the animals with large spaces and natural habitats to hide from the observers. You can take your children to see different species and types of wild animals in the comfort of their cages.

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

Weeki Wachee is home to many activities that adventurous and adrenalin-loving kids will appreciate. Everything in the park is designed to wow the little ones and leave them speechless, from swimming in the springs to the mermaid show and the ranger show.

Be sure to have them bring their swimming goggles so they can see the fish under the floating dock. It's one park that your kids will want to come to time and again.

Adventure Coast Fun Park

Away from the water and nature to some asphalt fun! The Adventure Coast Fun Park is the leading family entertainment center in Hernando County.

It's packed with activities to suit everyone in the family, from go-carts, a full arcade, train rides, mini golf, music, food, and drinks. It's a great place to hang out when everyone in the family wants to have fun!

Activities for families

Spring Hill also offers some fun family activities as well. These range from high-octane to calming activities to suit every family.

Rotary Centennial Dog Park

The family dog always seems to be left out of the fun when going out because most places don't allow pets. But the Rotary Centennial Dog Park is different. It's a 3-acre park with sized-based play areas where dogs can run around and play.

Bring a Frisbee or a ball to play cat at the park or pass it around after your pet has worn themselves out.

Weeki Wachee Preserve

The Weeki Wachee Preserve is an 11,000-acre mining restoration area bordered by natural habitats. It has excellent nature hikes you can take as a family, but the manatees are the golden moment. If you're lucky, you will see the graceful creatures swimming in the preserve's waters. In the early morning or dusk, you can also see some eagles, wild turkeys, and deer.

Should you choose to take the nature hike, the Maple Leaf Loop is a winner. It's pretty easy, you can bring your dog, and it's packed with sightseeing spots.

Veterans Memorial Park

This is a great park to take your family to when you have a few hours to spare in the evening. There are beautiful trails and open playing fields for football and picnics. There's a swimming pool too if you want to cool down.

Best Places to Eat in Spring Hill, Florida

Spring Hill offers a wide range of cuisines to satiate every palate. After your family-friendly adventures, you can explore the city's various dining choices.

Being a coastal city, fresh seafood is constantly streaming in. But you don't have to limit yourself. Some excellent restaurants feature an impressive menu that will blow away your taste buds.

Breakfast Station

You can indulge yourself in a hearty breakfast to start your day. Breakfast Station is a simple joint serving appetizing breakfast, brunch, and lunch specials.

With an extensive menu that features classics like pancakes to breakfast entrees, this restaurant will take care of all the cravings for you and your family. It has a friendly atmosphere and unrivaled service with train-themed interiors.

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Spring Hill, Florida

Spring Hill is a coastal city with a diverse culture. It has a growing population of minorities. If you're looking into properties in this famous coastal city, here are some of the best neighborhoods it offers where you and your family can settle.

Timber Pines

Timber Pines is a great place to live for families that want that sparse urban feel and tons of space for their kids.

Most residents here own their homes, most of them being retirees with a more conservative lifestyle. The neighborhood has excellent schools and a serene and quiet environment that most families will appreciate.

Weeki Wachee

Weeki Wachee is one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Spring Hill because of its proximity and access to the Gulf. It is close to the famous Rogers Park and has a great local restaurant. The mix of nature and old and new Florida culture make it a prime destination for most families looking to own property in Spring Hill.

The town is packed with activities and attracts many tourists and visitors. It is best for families looking for country and city living.

Land O’ Lakes

Land O' Lakes is easily one of Florida's best places to live. It has that sparse suburban feel that most people coming to Spring Hill seek. It has plenty of parks, so families have plenty of activities to enjoy while here, and it is among the safer locations in Florida.


The property market in Spring Hill, Florida is up-and-coming. The location checks on all the essential boxes, including security, climate, and amenities.

Spring Hill, Florida also has plenty of activities, amazing beaches and restaurants, and a budding coastal culture that most families will quickly adapt to. The best part is that the property prices are not what you would expect for such a city which gives you more bang for your buck!

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