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Tampa's Splash Harbor Water Park: Something for Everyone

There are innumerable theme parks and waterparks across the United States, but they are not all made alike. Florida in general, and Tampa in particular, has specialized in designing some of the most engaging, exciting, and well-thought-out theme and water parks possible. A visit to Tampa’s Splash Harbor Waterpark is sure to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Let’s take a look at what the park has to offer visitors and try to answer some of the common questions potential visitors might have.

Main Attractions

There’s plenty of fun to be had by the whole family at Tampa’s Splash Harbour. Here are a couple of attractions you should definitely check out when you get the chance:

  • Pirate’s Plunge - If you’re looking for excitement on the high seas, the Pirate’s Plunge makes for great excitement as the single-rider body slide takes you on a journey ending with a splash into the cool blue pool.

  • Smuggler’s Run - The Smuggler’s Run is a 42-foot-tall slide with enough twists, turns, and features to get anyone’s heart rate up. Take a tube onto the ride and prepare yourself for one of the most thrilling rides of your life!

  • Great White Lazy River - Lazy rivers don’t get much better than this. The Great White runs for 600 feet featuring plenty of gentle twists and views to help you relax and stay cool as you enjoy the Florida sun.

  • Blue Lagoon - This strategically-located zero-entry pool is enhanced by the addition of ground sprays and mushroom waterfalls for one of the most unique pool experiences you will find anywhere in Florida.

  • Iguana Falls - Meet our friendly mascot -the friendly Iguana, as it looms benignly overhead. Enjoy the falls and soak up the sun.

  • Key West Mining - Who’s hoping to come up with some gold? Take up your bags and get to work seeking out hidden treasure under the gentle waves.

  • Splash Harbor Snack Shack - A day of activities will undoubtedly leave you and your loved ones in the mood for some good food, which is what the Snack Shack is here for. Here you’ll find funnel cakes, corn dogs, hamburgers, mozzarella sticks, ICEEs, wraps, dippin’ dots, and much more.

  • Cruzan Rum Shack - You’ll need a drink at some point, right? Come over to the Cruzan Rum Shack for a variety of specialty drinks, beers, and more.

  • Southernmost Links Miniature Golf - Tropical settings only make miniature golf that much more exciting for the whole family. Check out these 18 holes.

  • Gecko’s Game Room - There are plenty of arcade-style games and attractions here, with plenty of prize tickets up for grabs that you can redeem for more great games.

  • Boat Slips - For those of you who want to go the whole hog and come into the park under your own steam, there are numerous boat slips on the water that will accommodate boats of various sizes.

View of Waterpark

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Just so you know a bit about what to might expect, here’s a quick selection of the questions and queries most people have when planning a trip to Tampa’s Splash Harbour Waterpark.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, safety considerations for both visitors and animals make it impossible to have pets in such parks. They might get excited and cause an incident, trigger someone’s allergies, foul the waters, and so on. Service pets, however, are allowed as they are generally well trained.

What’s the dress code around the water attractions and the pools?

The swim park asks that visitors dress appropriately for safety and decency, which excludes cutoff jeans, thongs, visible undergarments, belts, and shorts for safety and decency. Garments that have snaps, zippers, and so on might be safety hazards on the rides as well, thus preventing visitors from boarding them.

Is smoking allowed?

While this is a non-smoking facility in general, smokers can find a place to light up in a designated section of the Cruzan Rum Shack.

Can you bring your beverage and food to the water park?

Like most parks across the United States, outside drinks and foods are not permitted at the waterpark. They do, however, have plenty of food, drink, and snack options at relatively reasonable prices. You can also find alcoholic drinks for adults at the Cruzan Rum Shack.

Should minors be accompanied?

The chaperone policy at the park is brought to bear on minors under the age of 16, with adults being held responsible for minor guests that come in with them. Even so, all guests will need to have a wristband with them to gain access, and one adult chaperone is required for every two minors in the party.

What are the weight or height restrictions, if any?

To make sure everyone is safe on the rides, the park requires that participants on the slides be at least 4’8” tall and no more than 300 pounds.

Where is Splash Harbour Located?

You can find the waterpark at 399 2nd Street, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785. For more detailed guidance, you can check out more directions here.

Who is Splash Harbor designed for?

As per their own statements, Splash Harbor is designed to cater to the young and the young at heart. Toddlers, infants, and grade-schoolers will find something to excite them in the Treasure Cove Splash Zone, which features multiple slides, interactive water features, and a massive dumping bucket. Kids in grade school going on to adults will be thrilled by the Pirates Plunge and Smugglers Rum attractions, which feature towering body slides and thrilling tube slides. The Great White Lazy River, Blue Lagoon Big Pool, and Key West Themed Park will all be attractive points for young and old alike.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to entertainment in the Tampa, Florida area, but few things will beat the sheer thrills and excitement you can find at Splash Harbour Water Park. There’s something here for the whole family, so don’t hesitate to make it the destination of your family vacation, outing, birthday party, or fun family event. Make your booking today. See you there!

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