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Waterslide Thrill at Tampa's Adventure Island Water Park

There's something about a waterslide that makes an otherwise mundane summer day seem a little more exciting, especially when total strangers surround you.

Adventure Island is the best place to be on a hot and humid day because there's nothing quite like the sensation of being hurled along a 100-foot-high waterslide at speeds up to 35 mph.

The water park boasts eight of the world's largest waterslides, including the brand new Tidal Wave Bay.

Here are some highlights at Adventure Island

The place is jam-packed with people enjoying their time in the sun, whether on land or in the water. These are people who know how to have fun — don't be surprised if they're dancing on a giant slide or riding a bumper boat.

Adventure Island has all kinds of rides and activities and an arcade and mini-golf course. It's also home to one of Tampa Bay's top roller coasters and other thrilling rides.

  • The thrill rides - The water slides range from mild to wild and feature multiple lanes of water that shoot riders through twists and turns. There are also several fun rides like bumper cars and go-karts.

  • Water sports - The pools are great for swimming, but the waterslides are real. They'll keep you racing down the hill, then quickly slam you into a 100-foot-tall wall before shooting you through another series of turns.

  • Water Park - Adventure Island offers some excellent attractions for kids as well! There are several attractions for children, including go-karts, bumper boats and mini-golf.

  • Food - In addition to the many rides at Adventure Island Water Park, guests can also enjoy dining options, including burgers, chicken tenders, pizza, ice cream and soft drinks. The park also offers a variety of snack items such as nachos, hot dogs and pretzels.

After spending some time there, relax at one of the many spas (including a mini spa and a full-service spa) or enjoy one of the restaurants and bars open during regular business hours only.

Aerial panorama view of Waterpark with 30 exciting Twisting water rides and attractions

Top Attractions and Things to Do

The best thing about Adventure Island Water Park is the way employees interact with guests and make sure people have fun while they're there. It is usually pretty busy, and employees are constantly coming around to check on guests, ensuring everyone is having fun. There were also plenty of lifeguards present to direct visitors if necessary.

  • The Wahoo Remix - The Wahoo Remix is a six-lane racing slide that will have you and your friends speeding down steep drops, tight turns and exhilarating curves as you try to beat your opponents to the finish line. There's nothing more exciting than zooming down the twists and turns of this slide.

  • Solar Vortex - Solar Vortex takes you into a dark tunnel with swirling funnels, which adds an element of surprise to this exhilarating ride. You'll have no idea what's around the corner on this slide, but it's sure to be thrilling.

  • Rapid Racer - This thrilling water tube roller coaster uses an uphill water jet propulsion system to send you through uphill climbs, dips and unexpected twists that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It's the closest thing you'll get to riding an actual roller coaster at Adventure Island, which is worth trying.

  • Vanish Point - Vanish Point is a heart-pounding drop slide located in Calypso Bay. Standing at seven stories high, it provides a terrifying free-fall that will make you feel like you're flying through the air — before sending you into the pool below with a splash.

  • Colossal Curl - The Colossal Curl is one of the newer attractions at Adventure Island. Riders can experience a side-by-side race with their friends as they zoom down the hill into a bubbling, swirling bowl. The attraction is 50 feet tall and reaches speeds up to 30 mph.

  • Calypso Coaster - This high-energy thrill ride takes riders through over 400 feet of fun twists and turns. It's not a coaster ride for the faint of heart, as it reaches speeds of up to 34 mph. Riders must be at least 49 inches to ride this coaster alone.

  • Aruba Tuba - One of the best rides at Adventure Island Water Park, Aruba Tuba, is a family raft slide that will take you on a three-person raft through over 550 feet of twists and turns. This ride is perfect for families looking to have a thrilling water experience together.

  • Riptide - The Riptide, a popular favorite, is an enclosed tube slide that will take you up and down through 180 degrees of twists and turns. This ride is excellent for thrill-seekers looking to get their adrenaline pumping.

  • Water Moccasin - This single rider tube slide gives you a rush like no other as you glide through twists and turns with the Florida sun beaming down on your face. The Water Moccasin is perfect for those who are looking for a relaxing ride to cool off from the hot Florida weather.

  • Caribbean Corkscrew - Another one of my favorites, this ride takes you through two corkscrew turns before dropping you into the splash pool below. We would highly recommend this ride to anyone looking to experience a thrilling water park experience.

  • Gokart - This is the ultimate go-kart experience. The track features nine bridges, two tunnels, and a 360-degree spiral. If your speed exceeds 35 mph, the engines automatically shut off the karts' engines. The course's tight turns, sharp corners, and hairpin curves at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour offer plenty of thrills.

Other notable rides include the Key West Rapids, a fast-paced ride that takes guests through 250 feet of white-water rapids and the Rambling Bayou, a lazy river where guests can relax and unwind in inner tubes and twisting slides with high-banked curves that drop into an oversized funnel.

In summary

Adventure Island is the best place to spend a day in the sun while taking in the thrilling waterslides.

Not surprisingly, water parks are a massive draw in the Sunshine State. The recently renovated Adventure Island in Tampa is no exception. As one of the top recommended things to do in Tampa, this 30-acre water park sits just across the street from Busch Gardens.

It's a quick and easy walk between the two parks, so you can get your fill of both thrilling rides and cool water slides at Adventure Island, then head on over to Busch Gardens to ride roller coasters and see exotic animals.

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