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Wesley Chapel, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Location is one of the most important factors to consider before deciding where to set up your new home. Wesley Chapel in Pasco county, Florida, has been one of the most popular destinations for new homeowners in the U.S. in the last decade.

The population of Wesley Chapel has been growing at a healthy rate, with no shortage of facilities, schools, fun activities, and a rich history.

This middle-class community in Florida is considered part of the Tampa Bay metro area. Some of the attractive aspects of the region include high-paying jobs, access to a myriad of facilities and amenities, and a one-hour drive to some of the most acclaimed tourist attraction sites in the U.S.

Whether you are a family man, searching for a good school, or are single and looking for a well-paying job, Wesley Chapel is the ultimate destination for new homeowners.

Below are a few reasons to consider Wesley Chapel, Florida as your next home.

An Overview of Demographics - Wesley Chapel, Florida

Before diving in, here's a sneak peek of Wesley Chapel's population and demographics.

One of the best indicators of a good neighborhood to move into is its population and demographics. Wesley Chapel features some of the safest communities in the U.S. People living in Wesley Chapel consider the southeast one of the safest regions.

Wesley Chapel is the fastest-growing community in Pasco County, with a population of approximately 69,000 people. While the crime statistics are at par with the average crime rates of the country, there are various upscale neighborhoods in the community that is considered safer than the rest.

Top Ranked neighborhoods in Wesley Chapel, Florida

The best neighborhoods in Wesley Chapel Include:

Lexington Oaks

Lexington Oaks is situated a few kilometers off State Road 54 in Wesley Chapel. It is our first choice for the best neighborhoods to live in Wesley Chapel. Residents of the community have plenty of amenities to choose from, including a public championship golf course that is considered the best in the county.

Other amenities in Lexington Oaks include swimming pools, a clubhouse, a 5.5-acre park, restaurants, spas, and more.

Meadow Pointe

Meadow Pointe boasts one of the furthest stretching master-planned communities in Wesley Chapel. Spreading a stretch of 1,800 acres, with most of the land set aside for recreational facilities and conservation. It is one of the reasons why Meadow Pointe is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Wesley Chapel.

Meadow Pointe has something for everyone. Whether racquetball courts, swimming pools, basketball courts, volleyball, a clubhouse, or daycare for your children, Meadow Pointe has the amenities you need. The expansive community allows you and your family a horde of choices at home, almost all of which feature excellent views of green spaces and conservation areas.


Are you looking to live in a gated community? Perhaps the most well-planned neighborhood, Brookside, features some of the finest custom-built homes. Brookside is also home to some of the finest and most acclaimed local restaurants, grocery stores, and leisure hubs.

To top it all off, Brookside is just a few miles from the University of South Florida, which is perfect if you have a family member pursuing higher studies. Brookside should be high on your priority list if you have a family and are looking for a whole life experience.

Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks boasts the feel of a resort, unlike a typical suburb. Residency in Seven Oaks books you an unending date with fun outdoor activities such as game nights, live entertainment, and holiday parties, among many more. What's more, Seven Oaks houses several community classes, with personal fitness training, tennis, dance, sport, and volleyball lessons high on the clubhouse list.

Seven Oaks is appropriate for people looking for a vibrant community that offers the perfect sense of family. The neighbors are friendly and will gladly join in your fun activities and community work.

Ashley Pines

Ashley Pine could be your best pick if you want to move into one of the smaller communities in Wesley Chapel.

Evading CDD fees paid in master-planned communities could be one of your priorities, or you would like to play a part in the sprawling suburbs of Florida. If this sounds like you, Ashley Pines could be perfect for you.

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Climate in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Wesley Chapel is located on Florida's gulf coast, meaning you can expect a tropical climate year-round. Summers are often hot and very humid, but winters are far more enjoyable here than in other parts of the U.S. It is why the famous snowbirds flock to Florida during winter to escape the cold back home.

The most anticipated months of the year in Wesley Chapel are April, March, and November, and you should consider moving in these months. The least pleasant months are January and July, and you risk stifling humidity or extreme cold if you decide to move in these months.

Schools and Facilities in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Public schools in the Wesley Chapel area are organized into districts headquartered in city communities. The highest-ranking schools in Wesley Chapel include Wiregrass Ranch High School, Academy At the Farm, Sand Pine Elementary School, Seven Oaks Elementary School, Wesley Chapel High School, Veterans Elementary School, Wiregrass Elementary School, Dr. John Long Middle School, and Union Park Charter Academy.

Hundreds of schools in and around Wesley Chapel are ranked among some of the best schools in the country. That makes it one of the best destinations for new homeowners with children.

If you are concerned about your child's education and involvement in sports activities, Wesley Chapel should be among your first choices to establish your new home.

Economy in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Of all Tampa Bay communities, Wesley Chapel boasts the most lucrative household median income ($86,800 by 2019). It is the fifth-highest median income in the state of Florida.

The Wesley Chapel economy mainly depends on retail, dealership sales, and medical revenue. With skills in any of these fields, you could have a promising future at Wesley Chapel.

The thriving economy in Wesley Chapel is partly due to its proximity to popular tourist attractions and beaches, which entice many people, particularly during winter.

Moving to Wesley Chapel is a plus as your home can only gain more value, and jobs are paid significantly higher hourly wages than in other parts of the country.

Cost Of Living in Wesley Chapel, Florida

The median home price in Wesley Chapel is $387,000, which is considerably higher than the average for other towns in America.

However, the cost of living in and around the Tampa Bay region is due to the myriad of amenities available in the communities, including Universal Studios, Disney World, award-winning beaches, and the Kennedy Space Center.

The median rent in Wesley Chapel is approximately $1,987, trending upwards with the increasing population and diversified community.

While most people consider this reasonably steep, this central Florida gulf coast city offers a much lower cost of living to towns with its population density and amenities.

Sporting, Shopping, and Entertainment Activities in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Wesley Chapel offers excellent options if you want to engage in sporting or social activities within your community.

From shopping at Wiregrass to golf courses in Seven Oaks, you will never be bored by the sheer amount of recreational activities and sporting amenities available in Wesley Chapel.

Whether your preference is movies or you are a museum geek, this middle-class Florida city has all you need.

Its proximity to top-notch beaches also allows you to participate in beach events such as volleyball and surfing. This allows you and your loved ones to keep fit in some of the most exciting ways around the state.

Top Sites and Activities to Participate in Wesley Chapel, Florida

We can't sign off without introducing you to some coveted sites and activities in Florida's Gatorville, including golf parks, fishing spots, and ax-throwing venues.

The Epperson Lagoon

The Epperson Lagoon offers you a glimpse of paradise. With over 7 acres of first-class facilities and sporting events, this artificial beach boasts the perfect white sands and blue waters for your family's enjoyment.

Whether it is kayaking or water obstacle courses, there is no shortage of fun activities and gaming events in Epperson lagoon. It is why it is among our finest picks for destinations to visit while in Wesley Chapel.

The Harry Hopman Tennis Academy

Established in 1986, the Harry Hopman Tennis Academy is located in Saddlebrook and offers excellent tennis training and gaming experience for people of all ages and ability levels. It is one of the state's most renowned tennis training facilities, home to more than 40 tennis courts.

The Harry Hopman Academy has enough resources to cater to true tennis fanatics looking for a more engaging daily program. Offered year-round, the facility provides a demanding five-hour daily tennis program that is the perfect choice for any ardent tennis player. It also provides the finest opportunities for tennis enthusiasts who only want a feel of the game or a few quick lessons.

On top of the tennis facilities, Saddlebrook Resort is surrounded by gorgeous scenery, which is an excellent opportunity for anyone who loves nature walks or camping.

Lexington Oaks Golf Club

Are you visiting Wesley Chapel on a guy's trip? Look no further than Lexington Oaks Golf Club. Whether you are taking your boss out to talk about that new promotion or you love to stroll in nature, this 18-hole championship golf course is your best bet.

The Lexington Oaks Golf Club is packed with exciting features, including lakes, wetlands, and unique landscapes, which add to not only the challenge of the course but also its aesthetic feel. If you get hungry after a long game of golf, Omari's Bar and Grill, situated within the Lexington community, is the perfect place to have a meal and unwind.

Wiregrass Shopping Experience

The Shops at Wiregrass is among the most attractive open-air shopping centers in and around Wesley Chapel. Located only a short drive from the main attractions in Tampa, this premier shopping center has everything to complement your shopping experience.

The hops and Wiregrass boast some wealthiest department stores with well past 100 specialty shops, services, and restaurants. Wiregrass also hosts some of the finest signature events, including the famous Cruisin' at Wiregrass Car & Truck Show, the Symphony of lights extravaganza, the Fresh Market, the Spring & Fall fair, and the Artisan Street market, among many more.

Premium Outlets

You can take advantage of the outlet to enjoy delicious dining options for you and your loved ones in Market Hall. Tampa is home to over 100 premium outlets, including Calvin Klein, Nike, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and others.

You could also sample steak and another fancy eats at the adjacent Longhorn Steakhouse and other restaurants, including B.J.'s Brewhouse and Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, all conveniently anchored at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Highland Axe Throwing

The upscale Highland Axe Throwing venue at the Grove in Wesley Chapel is among the most exciting venues in Wesley Chapel.

The facility boasts 2,500 square feet and has 12 excellent lanes to throw in. It also features a bar and lounge, with a fantastic balcony and an excellent view to chill and sip drinks on.

Dog Parks

If you are a pet owner and would love to take your dog on strolls, then Wesley Chapel is the ideal location to move into. With many pet-friendly parks, you can take your dogs out and participate in various regional sporting activities.

Some of the most acclaimed dog parks in the area include Meadowood Paw park, Avalon Park, West Dog Park, and the Carolyn Meeker Dog Park and Nature Trail.

The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary

The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary is located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. It is home to many exotic birds, including special needs birds and parrots. This fantastic bird sanctuary offers a complete view of some of the most exotic and endangered birds in outdoor open-flight aviaries.

You will be educated on keeping these exotic birds as pets and safeguarding them from extinction due to climate change.

If you are a bird lover and seek an outdoor experience that satisfies your love for nature, then the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary should be your go-to option for feeding and petting birds.

Fishing Spots

Is fishing your thing? Wesley Chapel is home to fantastic fishing destinations, including lakes, reservoirs, and streams. You will also be provided with great fishing tools and bait by stopping at one of the many tackle shops during your fishing trip.

Some of the best fishing destinations in Wesley Chapel include:

  • Morris Bridge Park
  • Cypress Creek Reserve
  • Hillsborough River State Park
  • Lake Morton
  • Upper Tampa Bay Regional Park

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides are exhilarating, and with the beautiful scenery visible from 5,000 ft in the sky, it is one of the best experiences for people who visit Wesley Chapel.

If you haven't already, hopping on a hot air balloon and riding in the skies above the beautiful views in Wesley Chapel will be an unforgettable experience for anyone.

Welcome to a Family-Friendly Community

One of the most significant considerations when moving into a neighborhood is the community in the area. Wesley Chapel has some of the country's most welcoming and friendly cultures. With crime rates at record lows, it is one of the best neighborhoods to consider living in.

Whether you are just visiting in the holidays or planning to extend your stay, you can be sure of a caring community that will guide you through some aspects of living in Wesley Chapel's diverse neighborhood.

With so many activities and destinations to visit in Wesley Chapel, it is no wonder you are considering a move to this fantastic gulf coast city in Florida.

It boasts charming neighborhoods, a beautiful culture, plenty of family-friendly activities, delicious foods, top-tier schools, and enchanting tourist destinations. Wesley Chapel is perfect for everyone, regardless of whether you have a family with you or are keen on moving in alone.

Wesley Chapel is quickly gaining appeal with first-time home buyers, with excellent schools and a vibrant community. The town is also growing at a fantastic rate, and, as such, the price continues to soar.

Properties in Wesley Chapel are also relatively affordable but vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are interested in moving to Wesley Chapel, do it sooner rather than later.

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