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Who is Who in the Homebuying Process?

One important decision a person can make in life is buying a home. It involves a lot of legal aspects, tax codes, financial matters, market research, and looking at big numbers. Whenever such factors, as well as your lifesaving, are involved, you have to be careful.

A lack of knowledge about the home-buying process can cost you big time financially and in terms of comfort. Many people have lost money in the real estate market by overpaying for a house, purchasing a property in poor condition, or being duped by unscrupulous market participants.

So how do you navigate the convoluted maze of an ever-changing real estate market?

Well, you don't have to become an expert in all factors at play in the real estate market to buy a home. You only need to know how to put together a good team to look after your interests and ensure you get the best properties at reasonable prices.

Some of the players in the home buying process include:


For your part, this is a significant investment decision, so you have the right to hire and fire players from your team if they don't perform to your satisfaction. Everyone else works for you, except the lender, of course, because beggars can't be choosers.

Real estate agent

Real estate agents are skilled individuals who facilitate transactions between you and the property seller. They earn commissions for their services which usually includes:

  • Bringing you and the seller together
  • Comparing past sales data on similar homes to help you place a fair bid
  • Carry your offer to the seller
  • Representing you in negotiations
  • Advice on inspections
  • Help with paperwork
  • Advice on moving

Because real estate agents work for commissions, they must inform you if they are representing the seller, too, to avoid conflicts of interest. Anyone with a basic real estate license can be an agent. Most real estate agents work for brokers, though.

Real estate agent talking to home buyer

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker does the same thing as an agent, but they usually have a team of agents. To become a real estate broker, a person must pursue extra education and training and take an additional licensing exam. Hiring a real estate agent that works for a brokerage firm is wise since, in a crisis, the success of your transaction may rely on backup help from the broker.

Property inspector

The physical condition of a home has a significant impact on its value. Before you dip in your pocket to pay for a house, have it checked thoroughly from foundation to roof to ensure you know what you are getting into literary and finically. Most lenders even make it a condition for issuing a mortgage, and if a house doesn't meet certain standards, they may deny a mortgage or charge a higher interest.

Financial and tax advisors

The process of buying a home shouldn't be approached casually. It's a huge investment, so it's only sensible that you try and see how it all aligns with your financial situation. You know your financial goals, so work with financial and tax advisors to determine how expensive your home should be.

Escrow Officer

The escrow officer is a neutral player in a real estate transaction who ensures that all parties involved in the real estate deal handle everything correctly. An escrow officer makes sure that all parties adhere to the contract terms.

Mutual distrust is at the heart of every real estate deal. Frankly, you'd be foolish to go in without a neutral third party to handle contracts and finance without favoring anybody.


Depending on how sophisticated your contract is, you may or may not need a real estate lawyer to make sure no laws are broken.

Putting a real estate lawyer in your team helps navigate complex real estate laws, get answers to any questions, file paperwork, settle disputes, or take matters to court in case things get worse.


Lastly, and more important is the lender if you don't have enough savings to buy a house outright. Most people have used loans to buy their dream homes. But not all lenders are the same.

It would be best if you get a lender who can give a loan at a reasonable rate; otherwise, it would be painful if you can no longer afford to make payments in the future, leading to your house getting reposed and sold to cover the balance.


If you are looking to buy a house, you should hire a team of stellar professionals to look after your interests since you cannot master every aspect of the home buying process.

Many players in the real estate market are trained and licensed professionals who work on behalf of buyers or sellers in exchange for a fee or commission. Just remember that you are the boss. If anyone doesn't perform as expected, they have to go!

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