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Wimauma, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Are you looking for affordable luxury living in southern Hillsborough County? Wimauma, Florida, is your definite go-to place. Wimauma, Florida, is a varied and cosmopolitan area with a pleasant climate and a balanced local economy. Wimauma homes for sale near beachside areas have tasteful developments.

This area features palm-tree-lined boulevards along the numerous exciting shops and restaurants. Settling in this area lets you leverage the reasonable cost of living.

The area boasts a flat coastal plain with palm trees, white sand, and coastal grasses. On the other hand, the city and coastal regions have coastal plains forests of laurel mixed with orchards and pine. Winters are mild, with temperatures that rarely go below 50. Expect long, warm, and humid summers. Afternoons have moderate sea breezes.

Besides the impressive real estate in the area, Wimauma also has plenty to do and see.

Family-Friendly Activities in Wimauma, Florida

While searching Wimauma homes for sale, you might want to find areas to explore with your family. This lively city has numerous family-fun activities you could experience. Here are some of our top picks.

Visit the Manatee Viewing Center

Take your kids out for great adventures where they'll view unique manatees while enjoying other fun activities. The fantastic creatures have a designated sanctuary that offers much-needed protection.

This viewing center has an environmental education building that'll take your family into the manatee world. You'll also find remarkable exhibits that introduce your young ones to the world of conservation and environmental responsibility.

Take the adventure a notch higher in the hurricane simulator, which will help your kids understand how the area protects from storms. Allow them to inspect the manatee's bones and try to piece the puzzles together.

Enjoy the Tidal Walk, where you'll see numerous coastal and native plants. The habitat loop trail will take you on an oyster shell path that leads to an observation tower. Consider having a picnic lunch while admiring Tampa Bay.

Overall, the Manatee Viewing Center offers the whole family significant conservation, nature, wildlife, and environmental experiences.

Spare time for Ybor City Museum State Park

Explore the country's unique history at the Ybor City Museum State Park. This historical museum features the Ferlita Bakery building, where your family could explore a recreated cigar worker's house.

Ensure you enjoy a guided tour through the park before exploring the multiple exhibits within the museum. The park takes you back to the immigrant years. Learn about how different cultures influence a city.

If you head back there, you'll find something new thanks to the numerous temporary exhibits available.

Sunken Gardens

Do you fancy exploring old treasures in St. Petersburg? The 100-year-old Sunken Gardens will suit your fantasies. This botanical garden is home to some of the oldest tropical plants in the city.

Create lasting memories with your family as you explore the beautiful, natural environment. Stroll through meandering paths as you take in the sight of lush exotic plants. Take a breather at the cascading waterfalls.

Book a garden tour to learn more about the diverse tree species. Alternatively, you could watch out for horticultural products or special events.

While in the area, let your kids immerse themselves in the smells and colors surrounding them. The orchids, bougainvillea, and royal palms will delight plant lovers in the family. You might be lucky to catch a glimpse of flamingos or other exotic birds.

Overall, the Sunken Gardens guarantee a close touch with nature.

Activities for Kids in Wimauma, Florida

Are you moving to Wimauma, Florida, with your kids? You'll probably want to find activities to keep your young ones entertained. Here are the top activities to do with children in the area.

Explore the Playtime Area

Playtime is the go-to place if you have kids below five years. Kids will find plenty of fun activities that'll keep them entertained. Grab a front-row ticket to ensure your kids enjoy the clean and safe indoor play center.

Book a slot to host your children's birthday parties or special events. The farmyard is ideal for kids looking to zoom down in the mini slide. You could also help them build their imagination at the castle.

Give their creative minds something exciting in the dress-up area. Let your kids try out the firefighting costumes, doctor's apparel, or ancient King or Queen regalia.

Playtime offers a perfect spot to help your kids enjoy more fun while making new friends. Look out for numerous fun events like Mad Science Kids Camp and Super Hero Kids Camp.

Visit Glazer Children's Museum

Let your kids play, learn, and explore great excursions whenever you spend time at the Glazer Children's Museum. This fun museum offers imaginative play at the Twinkle Stars Theater or the Vet Clinic.

Your young ones will find new and exciting exhibits at this museum. Let them immerse themselves in art while painting and innovating in Artsmart. Add some math fun at the Central Bank, where they'll enjoy interactive games.

Alternatively, kids could learn about Japanese culture or join the drum circle in the West African Drum Hut. The museum's supermarkets, pizza making, and puzzles add to the interactive fun.

Gator Freds Fun and Party Center

Kids will always relish the opportunity to play, and Gator Freds Fun and Party Center is the perfect invitation for endless fun and games. This huge kid-size interactive town lets your kids play and bounce.

Bring your kids here if you want them to use up all their energy. Besides, they'll meet other kids their age and put their imaginations to use. The center's theater, costume shop, fire station, and grocery store guarantee endless fun for your young ones.

Let the kids have the time of their life while you relax in the comfy seating area while enjoying free WiFi. The fun inflatables will guarantee joy for all your children, regardless of age. If they are very young, consider dropping them off in the toddler area.

Gator Fred is also an ideal location for anyone looking to celebrate special birthdays. You could also bring them over for any special occasion. Are you short on time? Make the most of the drop-off program, complete with great fun activities.

Miniature happy family standing outside mini house

Local Attractions in Wimauma, Florida

Do you love outdoor excursions? Wimauma, Florida, hardly disappoints. This city is home to the Little Manatee River State Park, close to the Manatee Viewing Center. Besides, residents can have fun in the numerous amusement parks and museums.

Boating and fishing enthusiasts will love the several available fishing charters. Tourists and locals also spend lots of their time at the nearby beaches. The nearby Apollo Beach and Bradenton offer the best in beaches, water activities, and restaurants.

Here are other local attractions you could consider visiting.

Hillsborough River State Park

This historic state park opened its door to local and foreign tourists in 1938. The expansive river divides the park and offers fishing, canoeing, and kayaking opportunities.

Start a memorable adventure at the Interpretive Center before you explore the rest of the park. Catch glimpses of life at Fort Forster. The numerous historic artifacts also give you a sense of the Second Seminole War.

Enjoy beautiful landscapes in the park as you make your way through the exciting trails. The nature trails promise an incredible experience for enthusiastic hikers. Consider exploring the Wetlands Restoration Trail if you bring your bicycle.

When you can't bear the Florida heat any longer, cool off at the swimming pool. The park's full-facility camping site lets you bring camping enthusiasts. Ultimately, you'll enjoy a nature-filled day with lots of adventure and history.

Almost Heaven Kayak Adventures

Exploit diverse guided kayak eco tours that'll take you through the Siesta Kay, Lido Key, and Anna Maria Island. Venture through natural ecosystems and peaceful habitats while exploring the natural beauty.

Look out for beautiful dolphins or manatees while exploring the Mangrove Tunnels. Your young ones can join in the fun thanks to the available smaller life vests and lighter paddles. Alternatively, you could let them sit in the back of the tandem kayak.

Beginners and experts alike will find something suitable whenever they visit. The friendly instructors offer on-water paddling instructions that make life easier for first-timers.

Explore the Dinosaur World

Wimauma's Dinosaur World offers a substantial prehistoric day for you and your young ones. Take the trip down memory lane to enjoy sites of incredible dinosaurs in a lush, natural setting. The paved walkways guarantee a seamless experience.

Spend time at the Prehistoric Museum to explore the available fossil collections. You could also spare a few minutes for the Deinonychus Island tour. The Dinosaur World will also treat you to glimpses of Trilobites and Allosaurus Foot Claws.

This museum also has native fossils and many facts and information about different dinosaur species. Your kids could excavate dino gems or dig for fossils. Spare some time to check out the Geode Cracker that might hide jewels beneath the seemingly average rocks.

Top off the Jurassic experience in the impressive picnic areas and playgrounds.

School Systems - Wimauma, Florida

As you think about Wimauma homes for sale, you'll also need to consider the available school systems. If you have children or plan to have them in the future, it is helpful to check out nearby schools.

Potential homeowners might prefer schools that better prepare their kids for higher education. On the other hand, some parents opt for schools with robust sports programs. Wimauma, Florida, has a comprehensive mix of these school options. All the same, it is always good practice to choose areas with excellent school ratings.

The top schools in the area include:

  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary Magnet School
  • Mitchell Elementary School
  • Wilson Middle School
  • Bell Creek Academy
  • Coleman Middle School
  • Tampa Bay Technical High School
  • Bell Creek Academy High School
  • Plant High School

Your young ones will get a sound educational background from any of these schools. Besides, the teachers will foster their creative ability while helping them grow up to become responsible citizens.

The Culture and Cuisine - Wimauma, Florida

Finding your dream home among Wimauma homes for sale offers you access to friendly local eateries. Enjoy servings of Mexican and Latin dishes. Also, you can choose from multiple dessert options. You could also stop by the bakeries, which provide tasty cake options.

Do you fancy Italian specials? Consider stopping by the Bella Cucina Italian Family Restaurant. Grab a quick lunch along the Sun City plaza. The authentic Italian dishes are available in a pleasant and elaborate ambiance.

The cheese ravioli and dinner portions of rigatoni with meatballs hardly disappoint. Try out the mussels in white sauce or a side salad. Alternatively, you could order the fettucini alfredo with chicken in significant amounts.

It won't be long before you make this restaurant your go-to place for dinner with your loved ones. Enjoy reasonably-priced meals in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Top off your meal with a glass of white or red house wine.

The Best Neighborhoods in Wimauma City, Florida

While considering Wimauma homes for sale, you'll also want to find suitable neighborhoods you can call home. Before settling in an area, it is always helpful to consider diverse aspects, including demographics, available schools, local community, and amenities.

Here are the top neighborhoods that offer excellent living experiences to Florida residents.

Valencia Lakes

If you need a home that epitomizes Florida's resort lifestyle, consider settling in Valencia Lakes. This neighborhood ranks high among the Tampa Bay area's premier communities. Enjoy numerous amenities that guarantee a comfortable stay in the area.

Many residents love this neighborhood for its 40,000-square-foot clubhouse. Expect a luxurious stay thanks to the spa, fitness center, restaurants, gaming areas, swimming pool, and yoga and exercise studio. Exercise enthusiasts will find lots of joy in the tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts.

Besides, there's also a plethora of clubs and fun events courtesy of the Lifestyle Director.

Choose from villas to luxury single-family residences that make up the list of Wimauma homes for sale. You'll only need between $200,000 and $500,000 to find your dream home.

Are you looking for a centrally located area that is affordable and offers a full taste of Florida's lifestyle? Look no further than Wimauma, which is an ideal relocation destination. Explore the numerous Wimauma homes for sale to find your dream home.

Bayshore Gardens

Tampa-Bayshore is an ideal neighborhood for anyone looking for an urban Florida feel. The median home value of $480,090 means that most neighborhood residents own their homes.

Bayshore Gardens offers excellent accessibility to playgrounds, daycare centers, and nearby parks. Let your kids enjoy great recreation at Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park or Friendship Park. Besides, families can enjoy lovely picnics under the shade or walk along the trails.

You'll also find plenty of dining options once you settle down in this area. The Kekes Breakfast Cafe is an ideal spot to grab a morning cup of coffee, while Daily Eats serves as a suitable dining place. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the diverse dessert shops, including Panera Bread and Publix Greenwise Market.

Overall, this neighborhood offers an ideal living situation, complete with top amenities and recreation options in Wimauma.

South Shore Bay

Enjoy beachfront living if you choose to settle for Wimauma homes for sale in Southshore Bay. Find new homes in a gated community and enjoy top amenities that guarantee a remarkable living experience. From the fastest internet to impressive WiFi speeds, Southshore Bay delivers unmatched facilities.

Residents in this neighborhood have quick access to gentle lapping waves and kayaking experiences. You could also indulge in the swim-up bars or relax in the sand. The numerous day and night events will keep you entertained all year long.

Crystal waters of the beautiful Lagoon surround the impressive homes in the area. The sunset views add more color to an incredible community. Choose from the diverse home options available for everyone.

Spare time to explore the vibrant parks and active trails when you need to take a break from your usual duties. The beaches have complimentary chaise lounge chairs ideal for extraordinary relaxation.

Find the Best Place to call Home

Many would-be homebuyers have different things they consider before settling in an area. Some might prefer a walkable city, while others prefer the tranquil streets of the suburbs or open spaces and nature.

Wimauma homes for sale offer all these options regardless of what you prefer. First-time homebuyers and seasoned homeowners will find ideal homes in the county. Consider partnering with experienced real estate agents who help you narrow your home choices.

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