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A Successful TPO Regional Account Manager for Fairway Wholesale Lending

1. Be yourself – but introduce yourself and tell us who you are right away. Show us the fun personality.

I grew up on Cape Cod, taking advantage of living near the ocean, spent a lot of time at the beach growing up. The older I get the more I appreciate the beauty of the Cape. It's a pretty special place, especially the outer Cape. You can go for long walks on the National Seashore and it feels like you are on the edge of the world. It's pretty cool. I am also a US Veteran, having served active duty in the Navy for 4 years and Coast Guard for 6 years. I was a Radioman (E5) and we were responsible for all Ship to Shore, Ship to Ship and Air to Ground Communications in a specified area. I even had to learn Morse Code and be certified up to 16 words per minute. After taking months for me to qualify and finally getting my certification, The Coast Guard announced that they will be eliminating the need for Morse Code training. LOL. It is what it is.

2. Are you married? Do you have children? How many? Boy / Girl / both? If no children, pets?

I have been married to my lovely wife, Cindi for 32 years and we have two adult children who have finished college and starting their own path now. We are avid dog owners. Currently have a 6 year old, 120lb yellow lab name Leo, who we adopted at the beginning of the Covid lockdown. We got pretty lucky with this guy, in fact, after losing my Black lab Lucy in Summer 2019, my family insists that it was Leo who rescued me instead of the other way around. Any dog lover knows how hard it is to lose a friend. Leo is my wingman, he is next to my desk in my office all the time. We have some great philosophical discussions as well.

3. What do you do for work? How long have you been doing it?

In my current role, I am TPO Regional Account Manager for Fairway Wholesale Lending. I am entrusted to represent Fairway and to build relationships with Independent Mortgage Brokers and Lenders throughout New England to provide them with third-party lending options for their borrowers. For example, a borrower calls up a Mortgage Broker and is looking for assistance to purchase or refinance a property, that broker will have a pool of investors that they can select from depending on the circumstances. Brokers have the unique ability to tailor a loan to a borrower's needs which makes their presence an invaluable asset to their client.

4. How did you get into the industry?

I have been in the Mortgage industry since 1997. I got my first opportunity in the business when i was building a swimming pool for an owner of a mortgage company. I was standing in the bottom of the pool, slinging grout, sweating my tail off and he looks down at me and hands me an iced tea, and I said "so what exactly do you do?" Within a week I was interviewing for a job as an in-house Loan Officer. I knew nothing about mortgages. I didn't even know how to spell LTV. On my first day, they said here is a rate sheet and there are the phones. The bookshelf on the right has all of our investor guidelines from each investor. We hand wrote our 1003's and files were overnighted on carbon paper to our underwriters. Within a year, I became the Sales Manager and made a lot of great friends and long-standing relationships. After 8 years as an LO, I then became a Wholesale Account Executive for Sovereign / Santander Bank from 2005 through 2018.

5. Have you ever received any awards? If so, please list.


6. What sets you apart from your competition?

As a former Loan Officer, I have the luxury of understanding the business from the Broker's perspective. When I partner with the Broker and as a veteran of our business, I can help to quickly decipher the circumstances for their borrower. This will allow the Broker / Loan Officer to make a quick and confident decision to get back to their client to see of the terms are a good fit for them. Having the opportunity to collaborate with other Mortgage Professionals is the most rewarding part of my job. It's a win-win-win for all parties.

7. What are your passions, accomplishments, talent and/or hobbies?

I enjoy learning about people's stories, their life's journey. Particularly those who have sacrificed everything to come to America in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Having an honest and open dialogue with those who see things differently than yourself I find to be very rewarding.

8. List three interesting facts about yourself.

I have been to 14 countries
I am an Honorary Member of the Sargasso Sea
I once had a Top Secret Security Clearance

9. What’s on your bucket list?

I have always wanted to pay my respects at the Normandy War Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer France.
Playing golf at the Royal & Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews
Opening a family-owned and operated Italian Restaurant

10. What do you do in your spare time?

I thoroughly enjoy reading or listening to audiobooks. Military History, Autobiographies, and Self Help books. I enjoy golfing when I have time. I look forward to working in my yard, it allows me just turn everything off. I find it to be cathartic. My favorite part of the week is when we have family movie night. We have been doing this since the kids were little and we all still find the time to have dinner and watch a movie together on Friday nights.

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