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What You Need to Know About the Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance Programs in Florida

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This week's newsletter will discuss all things related to the Chenoa Fund Down Payment Assistance Programs! This is a national down payment assistance program provided through CBC Mortgage Agency, which has a mission to increase national affordable and sustainable homeownership, with a focus on creditworthy, low and moderate-income individuals. In this newsletter, we will discuss the following:

  1. How Much Down Payment Assistance is Available?
  2. How Chenoa DPA Works with FHA Loans
  3. Other Chenoa Benefits to Consider

1. How Much Down Payment Assistance is Available?

Chenoa Fund is a significant down payment assistance program for borrowers who do not have the funds for the entire down payment and closing costs. The down payment assistance (DPA) is up to 3.5% of the purchase price, and this aid comes in the form of a forgivable or repayable 2nd This program requires the buyers to work with approved lenders, meaning there is a special list of approved lenders from which the borrower must choose. Borrowers who receive this DPA can also combine it with seller concessions (within the respected guidelines) to help with the closing costs. This means that borrowers will not have to drain their bank accounts to purchase a home but instead receive assistance to keep their bank accounts in good standing.


2. How Chenoa DPA Works with FHA Loans

Chenoa DPA works well with FHA loans. The DPA must be used for the down payment, as it cannot be applied to the closing costs. Three different programs work with FHA loans, the first being the Chenoa Fund Rate Advantage Program. This is the most popular and successful Chenoa product, allowing borrowers to lock in a great rate on their future primary home and receive a 3.5% DPA. To be approved, you will need a minimum FICO of 640 and a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 50. The Chenoa Fund DPA Edge is a 'soft second' mortgage. This option is trendy for low-income borrowers because the funds used for a down payment are forgivable, so it does not have to be paid back! Borrowers will need a FICO score of 620 or higher and a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 45 or less. Last is the Chenoa Fund Edge Repayable Second Product, and with this option, there are no income limits to qualify for the DPA. Borrowers will need a minimum 620 FICO score, and the maximum DTI would be 45%, but there is potential for that to increase if the borrower's FICO score is higher. This loan comes in two different terms you can choose from, which are 10 years at 0% interest or 30 years at 5% interest.


3. Other Chenoa Benefits to Consider

One of the great things about the Chenoa Fund is that it provides pre- and post-purchase homebuyer counseling to help ensure borrowers succeed with the program. Their goal is really to support homeowners through their first year as homeowners. There will be regular monthly check-ins with borrowers to ensure any questions or needs for assistance are addressed. One of the best parts of the Chenoa Fund is that it is not through the government and is entirely self-sufficient. So, borrowers will be dealing directly with Chenoa for anything that needs to be addressed.


The Chenoa Fund gives prospective homebuyers a unique opportunity to take advantage of the three available down payment assistance programs. Borrowers will not have to break their bank account to get into the home they've always dreamed of, and dealing with Chenoa directly on any issues post-closing will be a breath of fresh air for the new homeowners!

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