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Did You Know that the USDA Offers Mortgages with a Zero Down Payment in Florida?

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The quality of the food is unmatched, and the menu offers a selection that sets them apart. I want to highlight two rolls that I got. The first was the Kobe Roll, which is non-flamed, has shrimp tempura, avocado, and fried onions, and is topped with seared wagyu beef. This was my favorite roll of the night. All the flavors went perfectly together and just hit the spot.

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What I like about Karma, besides the great food, is the fun atmosphere. It’s a classy and clean restaurant, and the one thing they have that sets them apart is how vibrant this place is. FoodiePhil rates this an 8.4, and I’m excited to go back to try other rolls!

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Did you know that the USDA offers mortgage options with a zero down payment? In this week's newsletter, we are going to highlight all things related to USDA loans, including what they are, how to qualify, and specific requirements to get approved for this amazing loan.

  1. What Exactly is a USDA Loan?
  2. How to Qualify
  3. Property Requirements

1. What Exactly is a USDA Loan?

Despite the USDA being renowned for food, forestry, and farming matters, it's also – surprisingly – in the housing business. USDA home loans are no-money-down, government-backed mortgages designed to help moderate- and low-income families acquire sanitary, safe, and decent housing in designated rural areas. However, these mortgages aren't entirely limited to rural areas – some suburban areas qualify too. By offering homeownership opportunities in underserved zones, the USDA mortgage programs also encourage the development of rural and suburban communities. Best part? These loans provide 100% financing, making them a steal for first-time homebuyerswho might strain to gather the down payment but whose income is enough to cover monthly mortgage installments.


2. How to Qualify

USDA mortgages are available to moderate- and low-income American citizens, permanent residents, and foreign nationals who lack safe, decent, and sanitary primary residence. Among the USDA's key objectives is rural and suburban development. As such, USDA mortgages only apply to areas whose homeownership chances appear to be scarce. Provided the location matches any of the category slots stated below, you may be eligible for a USDA mortgage:

The area should be rural with a population not surpassing 10,000

  • It should not feature in a Metropolitan Statistical Area, and its population should not exceed 20,000
  • It should be severely lacking in homeownership opportunities


3. Property Requirements

After ensuring that the property lies within a qualifying rural or suburban location, you'll also want to ensure that it meets the property standards set by the USDA. Fortunately, most of these specifications are the same as other types of mortgage financing. But among these requirements are some that only apply to USDA mortgages. They are as follows:

  • The property's square footage should be between 400 and 2000 square feet and be modest and residential.
  • The property must be the borrower's primary residence. USDA home loans can't be used to acquire secondary residences, multi-unit, and investment properties.
  • The acreage size should be impossible to subdivide or convert into a commercial property.
  • The property must meet the appraisal guidelines set by the USDA


As you can see, the USDA loan program is an excellent option for those who want to get a mortgage without putting any money down. The best part about it? There are no income limits! If you think this might be the right fit, we encourage you to apply today by following our simple steps above.

Interested in learning about becoming a resident in Florida or moving there? Read more.


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