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Courtney Grandstrand: An Experienced Insurance Broker in Tampa, Florida

1. Be yourself – but introduce yourself and tell us who you are right away. Show us the fun personality.

I'm Courtney! I am an insurance broker in Florida that loves the beach, fishing, boating, and all things water related.

2. Are you married? Do you have children? How many? Boy / Girl / both? If no children, pets?

I am not married, but I have been with my significant other for over 8 years. We have a fluffy orange cat named BooBoo.

3. What do you do for work? How long have you been doing it?

I am an insurance broker/ agency owner with Goosehead Insurance. I launched my agency last year in May of 2021.

4. How did you get into the industry?

I was a realtor for 4 years while I lived in Dallas. I met a great friend through networking who was an insurance agency owner in Dallas, and she inspired me to look into insurance as a career. I saw the potential, jumped in, and never looked back!

5. Have you ever received any awards? If so, please list.

I have not received any awards.

6. What sets you apart from your competition?

I like to connect with my clients and make insurance fun. Building relationships is important to me and it makes it more of an enjoyable experience for my clients when they sense that I care about making sure they are insured properly, and not just being viewed as a number. I take time to get to know my clients and shop around for them to get the best possible deal.

7. Where are you having the most of your success in your business?

Getting referrals from my realtor and lender partners, and even current clients!

8. Where are you having the most pain or where are you finding most of your challenges in the market?

The most challenging part of my business is keeping up with the ever-changing Florida insurance market and its frequent guideline changes. Insurance companies have exposure management and will close for new business in certain areas of Florida, making available products limited and difficult to place coverage.

9. Do you have a goal for how many families you want to help in the coming year?

I have a goal to help 200 families in the next year.

10. What are your 3 non-negotiables in your business or personal relationships?

3 non-negotiables in both business and personal relationships are transparency, honesty, and ethics.

11. If you could change anything about the mortgage process, what would it be?

I would make the mortgage process shorter and with more lenient underwriters!

12. What are your passions, accomplishments, talent, and/or hobbies?

I love being on the water. I am a beach bum at heart. I go fishing almost every day and my dream is to have a second home in the Florida Keys with a nice boat, and take it out fishing any time I want!

13. List three interesting facts about yourself.

I am born and raised in northern Minnesota. I consider myself a mac and cheese connoisseur. One day, I would love to own a lot of land and have a few horses.

14. What’s on your bucket list?

Open swimming with sharks in Hawaii is on my bucket list. I also want to visit Switzerland.

15. What do you do in your spare time?

I spend time outside in the sun either on the beach or on the boat.

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Phone number: (813) 327-4979

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