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New Florida Hometown Heroes Program Income Limits | 2024

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Understand Florida Hometown Heroes income limits, see if you are eligible, and use the grant for up to a $35,000 grant in 2024 in Florida.

Income Limit Updates for 2024

For 2024, income limits for the Florida Hometown Heroes Program have seen some adjustments. 

The income limits have increased this year, making it easier for more homebuyers to qualify for assistance.

For example, in Alachua County, the FHA, VA, and HFA limit rose by 9.93% from $130,050 to $142,950, and the USDA-RD limit increased by 6.91% from $103,500 to $110,650.

Similarly, in Miami-Dade County, the FHA, VA, and HFA limit went up by 9.97% from $154,800 to $170,250, and the USDA-RD limit grew by 5.79% from $112,150 to $118,650.

These changes mean more homebuyers can access financial support to buy homes in these counties.

Florida Hometown Heroes Income Limits by County

Alachua $142,950 $110,650
Baker $132,900 $110,650
Bay $132,900 $110,650
Bradford $132,900 $110,650
Brevard $141,900 $110,650
Broward $158,400 $110,650
Calhoun $132,900 $110,650
Charlotte $132,900 $110,650
Citrus $132,900 $110,650
Clay $145,950 $110,650
Collier $156,450 $114,800
Columbia $132,900 $110,650
De Soto $132,900 $110,650
Dixie $132,900 $110,650
Duval $145,950 $110,650
Escambia $134,850 $110,650
Flagler $132,900 $110,650
Franklin $132,900 $110,650
Gadsden $133,050 $110,650
Gilchrist $142,950 $110,650
Glades $132,900 $110,650
Gulf $132,900 $110,650
Hamilton $132,900 $110,650
Hardee $132,900 $110,650
Hendry $132,900 $110,650
Hernando $143,250 $110,650
Highlands $132,900 $110,650
Hillsborough $143,250 $110,650
Holmes $132,900 $110,650
Indian River $132,900 $110,650
Jackson $132,900 $110,650
Jefferson $133,050 $110,650
Lafayette $132,900 $110,650
Lake $144,750 $110,650
Lee $140,400 $110,650
Leon $133,050 $110,650
Levy $132,900 $110,650
Liberty $132,900 $110,650
Madison $132,900 $110,650
Manatee $150,750 $110,650
Marion $132,900 $110,650
Martin $137,550 $110,650
Miami-Dade $170,250 $118,650
Monroe $178,950 $124,800
Nassau $145,950 $110,650
Okaloosa $143,550 $110,650
Okeechobee $132,900 $110,650
Orange $144,750 $110,650
Osceola $144,750 $110,650
Palm Beach $160,650 $112,000
Pasco $143,250 $103,500
Pinellas $143,250 $110,650
Polk $132,900 $110,650
Putnam $132,900 $110,650
Santa Rosa $134,850 $110,650
Sarasota $137,550 $110,650
Seminole $144,750 $110,650
St. Johns $145,950 $110,650
St. Lucie $137,550 $110,650
Sumter $132,900 $110,650
Suwanee $132,900 $110,650
Taylor $132,900 $110,650
Union $132,900 $110,650
Volusia $132,900 $110,650
Wakulla $134,400 $110,650
Walton $135,900 $110,650
Washington $132,900 $110,650

Understanding Income Limits for the Florida Hometown Heroes Program

The updated income limits for the Florida Hometown Heroes program help determine who can get help buying a home. For example, in Alachua County, if your household makes less than $142,950 a year, you could qualify for FHA, VA, or HFA loans.

For USDA-RD loans, your household needs to make less than $110,650 a year. In Broward County, the limits are higher: you can make up to $158,400 for FHA, VA, or HFA loans, and up to $110,650 for USDA-RD loans.

These limits are set to help families and essential workers who might need extra support to afford a home.

Various icons that symbolize different income levels for Hometown Heroes Program

How to Determine Your Eligibility Based on Income

To calculate your household income, start by adding up the annual gross income of each member of your household, which includes wages, salaries, bonuses, and any other earnings before taxes.

Include income from other sources such as investments, rental properties, and alimony. Make sure to count income from all jobs held by each household member.

Finally, total all these amounts to get your household's combined annual income.

What counts as income for the program?

The Florida Hometown Heroes Program considers several types of income to determine eligibility. This includes all wages or salaries before taxes, as well as tips, bonuses, and overtime pay.

If you are self-employed, your net profit from your business is counted.

Additionally, government benefits, pensions, and regular financial support from family members or other sources are included in your household income.

Tips for Qualifying Based on Income

Here are 10 helpful tips for qualifying with your income:

  1. Know your gross income, which includes wages, salaries, bonuses, and other earnings.
  2. Count income from all sources, such as investments, rental properties, alimony, and government benefits.
  3. Most lenders require at least two years of consistent employment, so ensure your job history is stable.
  4. If your income alone isn’t enough, consider having a co-signer with a stronger financial profile to help you qualify.
  5. Reducing your debt-to-income ratio by paying off existing debts can improve your chances of qualifying.
  6. Higher credit scores can enhance your eligibility and offer better loan terms, so work on improving your credit if necessary.
  7. Some loan programs have maximum income limits, so check if your income qualifies for specific assistance programs.
  8. Ensure you have enough saved for the down payment and other closing costs, which might include fees and insurance.
  9. Look into state, local, and national homebuyer assistance programs that might provide grants or favorable loan terms.
  10. Before house hunting, get pre-approved for a mortgage to understand what you can afford and demonstrate your buying power to sellers.

Additional Resources for the Florida Hometown Heroes Program

Everything you need to make sure you claim your Florida homebuying assistance up to $35,000:

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