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Haines City, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Are you looking for a decent community with plenty of recreation amenities in Florida? One of the best places you should consider is Haines City in Central Florida. For many decades, the town has earned fame as one of the safest cities. Moreover, the city stands out among its neighbors for its relatively lower crime rates, affordable housing, and lower cost of living index.

Discover the top reasons to consider living in Haines City and the top three neighborhoods to buy a home within the town.

A Brief History of Haines City, Florida

Haines City is a small suburban dwelling in Polk County, Central Florida. It forms part of the Winter Haven Metro area in Florida.

As of the 2010 US Census, Haines City was the third most populous town in the County, with an estimated population of 20,535 people.

Haines is a fairly old town, dating back to its platting in 1885. Initially, the city was known as Clay Cut. However, when the construction of the South Florida Railroad reached the town, the construction company set up a rail substation in the town, paving the way for a new name.

The town later obtained a new name in honor of Colonel Henry Haines, a former rail construction official.

It was officially incorporated as a city in 1914.

Top Reasons Haines City Is a Place Worth Living

Haines City has earned tremendous accolades for being a great place to live. Lower crime rates, outdoor recreation amenities, and proximity to major urban centers are reasons to buy Haines city homes for sale.

Below are the reasons you should buy a home in Haines City, Florida:

Strategic Location

Haines City borders two significant towns - Orlando to the Northeast and Tampa to the Southwest. Incredibly, Haines falls between the two towns, allowing an hour’s drive to Orlando and another hour to Tampa.

Therefore, when you buy Haines city homes for sale, you’ll easily access recreation opportunities across the three towns.

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living index is an incredible tool for comparing living costs across different states.

According to City Rating, the cost of living in Haines City is lower than the national average and that of Florida.

Haines City boats a 99.2 cost of the living index compared to the nation’s 100. It is, therefore, cheaper to live in Haines City than most Florida and US towns.

Lower Housing Prices

Haines City boasts a relatively lower housing cost than other towns. The median home value in the city is $160,500, significantly lower than the national median value of $204,900.

Due to the relatively lower home prices, the homeownership rate in Haines City was 64.4% in 2020.

Judging by the home market trends, Haines City can accommodate your housing needs if you’re a first-time buyer looking forward to growing your family.

Plenty of Employment Opportunities

Haines City has an encouraging job prospect in Florida and nationally. According to Best Places, job opportunities in Haines City increased by 2.9% from 2021-2022.

Moreover, the unemployment rate is 2.6%, lower than the 3.6% national average. So, if you’re looking for job opportunities, you can be sure to find one.

Quality Schools System

Living in Haines city guarantees access to quality education, thanks to a vibrant school district. First, the Polk County School district strongly focuses on school academics, where students undertake core subjects such as Science, Math, English, and Social Studies. Afterward, students can take dual credit or advanced placement classes to prepare them for college.

In addition, the school district offers students equal opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities. For this reason, most schools offer drama, choir, art, and band activities in addition to clubs and societies.

Students can participate in clubs such as;

  • Student Council
  • Spanish Club
  • Future Farmers of America
  • National Honor Society (NHS)

According to Citytistics, the town’s education system has a B- rating, implying a good score at the state and national levels. The favorable rating is attributed to several factors, including;

  • High teacher-to-student ratio
  • High academic achievement
  • High enrollment and graduation rates
  • Availability of extra-curricular activities

As a result of the high rating, you’ll find suitable schools that will mold your children into well-rounded citizens. Some top-rated schools with incredible academic performances include:

  • Elementary Schools - Bethune Academy, Eastside Elementary School, Sandhill Elementary School

  • Middle Schools - Shelley Boone Middle School, Daniel Jenkins Middle School

  • High Schools - Haines City High School

Favorable Cultural Diversity

Haines City is one of the most diverse cities regarding ethnic distribution. For this reason, many visitors and citizens find the town a choice destination.

According to Data USA, 87.5% of the population consists of US citizens, while about 19% are residents who don’t own US citizenship.

The top 5 most prominent ethnic groups include:

  • White (Non-Hispanic) - 30.5%
  • White (Hispanic) - 29.6%
  • African-American - 25.1%
  • Hispanic (2+) - 6.86%
  • Hispanic (others) - 5.06%

Haines City has an array of dining options from local and international cuisines. So, if cooking is not on your priority list after a day’s work, you can try the classic dishes from many restaurants across the city.

Some top-rated restaurants include:

  • Dora’s Pizza - A family-owned restaurant famous for serving Italian dishes, including pizza and pasta.

  • City Caribbean Café - The choice restaurant for Caribbean and soul dishes.

  • 787 on Wheels - A top rated food truck serving authentic Puerto Rican food.

  • Manny’s Original Chophouse - The restaurant is known for quality steak, burgers, and seafood.

A paper house and family

Top 3 Neighborhoods To Buy Homes in Haines City, Florida

Haines City is a quiet town with beautiful places to live. In addition to the booming housing market, you’ll have unlimited options when looking for a house.

Here are the top 3 neighborhoods to buy a home in the city:

Hammock Reserve

Hammock Reserve tops the list of affordable, brand-new dwellings at the heart of Haines City. You’ll find nearby restaurants, shops, and outdoor activities to explore with your family.

For a classic outdoor experience, try golfing at the Southern Dunes or water activities at the nearby Lake Eva Community Park.

And if you wish to buy some Haines city homes for sale, Hammock Reserve will never disappoint. Look out for property listings on realtors’ websites with prices starting from $299,000.

Cypress Park Estates

The Cypress Park Estates is famous for its single-family homes in the city. If you’re a first-time buyer, these homes will perfectly match your home needs.

The homes feature 3-4 bedrooms, thoughtful floor plans, and unique designs. In addition, you’ll have spacious suites and an open front view for a breathtaking appearance of Florida’s sunset.

Cypress Park is conveniently located close to major businesses, so you can quickly access the local stores, grocers, and pharmacies. When it’s time for fun, you can take your family to Lake Eva Community Park, less than 10 minutes away.

Gracelyn Grove

Gracelyn Grove is a relatively new development located on the northern outskirts of Haines City. It features a nestled setting, scenic landscape, and open spaces between homes.

The most notable amenities include:

  • Playground - Includes an open field where you can walk or take a bike ride in your free time. The playground has an overhead shield to protect you against intense sunshine or rainfall.

  • Dog Park - Gracelyn Grove is one of the pet-friendly neighborhoods in the city. The dog park has adequate space for small and big dogs and a fountain for pet rehydration. Meanwhile, pet owners can sit on the benches while watching their pets have a good time at the park.

  • Entertainment Area - The entertainment area is an expansive outdoor space for fun with friends and family. It features picnic tables, gazebos, and comfy benches.

Top 10 Activities To Do in Haines City, Florida

Haines City is full of fun and an array of outdoor adventures. From scenic views to hiking on tails and partying at the nature parks, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy your stay in the city.

Here are the ten best activities to do in Haines, Florida:

Golfing at Southern Dunes Golf Club

The Southern Dunes is an award-winning golf course in America. Since the 1990s, the Southern Dunes Golf and Country Club have ranked highly among its counterparts for every good reason.

It features 18 shooting holes with lush green hillside views. Beautiful ornamentals, well-trimmed grass, and magnificent bunkers crown the landscape within the playing field.

The Southern Dunes Golf course also has a full-service restaurant with plenty of meals at affordable prices.

Having Fresh Juice Fruits at the Ridge Island Grove

Florida has a rich history of planting citrus fruits, which began from the time of the early settlers. To date, citrus farming accounts for a significant economic input for many towns in Florida, including Haines City.

One of the largest citrus hubs in the city is Ridge Island Grove. The family-owned citrus hub has various handpicked and packed fruits from the farm.

You’ll find fresh orange juice with marmalade honey to quench your thirst here. You could also carry an array of packed fruits such as limes, oranges, and grapes.

And if you love picking your own, it’s still alright. Grab a hat and a basket and head to the nearby farms.

Watching Antique Planes at the Fantasy of Flight

Would you love to view the historical world war planes at close range? Then the Fantasy of Flight should be a top priority when you visit Haines City.

The Fantasy of Flight has been a premier aviation attraction in Florida since 1995. The aviation museum is located only 20 minutes away from Haines City. It is home to vintage aircraft primarily used in the Second World War.

Examples of vintage aircraft at Fantasy of Flight include:

  • P-51 Mustang escort aircraft.
  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.
  • Sikorsky S-55.
  • Aerostar Balloon.
  • Westland Lysander.

Family Day Out at Lake Eva Community Park

Lake Eva Community Park is the heart of Haines City, thanks to its scenic views, abundant outdoor amenities, and open spaces.

The aquatic center, for instance, is ideal for your kids to enjoy water-splashing games. You’ll also find tennis and basketball courts in the park if you love sports.

You could also try your angling skills by looking for bass and sunfish at the beautiful pond. In addition, the lush green lawns and shade trees form an ideal spot for relaxation or hosting a family picnic.

The Lake Eva Community Park also hosts an event center, large enough to accommodate up to 1,300 people. For this reason, it is the home of ‘Florida Ironman,’ a popular family event held in April every year.

Unwinding at the Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is an attractive theme park in Winter Haven, about 10 miles from Hines City. It is a choice destination for parents looking forward to enjoying a classic outdoor experience with their children.

The park has a lovely botanical garden, a Lego-themed park, and roller coaster rides, all ideal for children. In addition, it has 45 carnival rides and a water park for unwinding on a sunny day. While at the park, you’ll also find the finest entertainment from live performances by local artists.

Viewing the Monument of States

The Monument of States is one of the most influential tourist attractions in Central Florida. It is located on East Monument Avenue, Kissimmee.

The brainchild behind the iconic monument is Charles Pettis, a veteran doctor who served in the First World War. Following an attack on Pearl Harbor, the doctor resolved to create a unifying monument in memory of the deadly attack.

The monument consists of rocks taken from all the states in America to symbolize their unity. Since its construction in 1943, the monument has stood out as an iconic landmark worth viewing.

Enjoying Barbecue at Sonny BBQ

In Polk County, you may find yourself craving some smoked barbecue. Although you’ll have many choices, you need a top-rated restaurant with staff skilled in making barbecue.

Head to Sonny’s BBQ for some mouthwatering barbecue. The restaurant owes its fame to 50 years of top-notch service.

For this reason, most clients admit the branch at Haines City is the best for barbecues among other branches. Try different meat options such as pulled chicken, slow-smoked wings, and baby back ribs.

Having a Day Trip at Universal Orlando Theme Park

Universal Orlando is a classic theme park suitable for a family day trip. It features 18 attractions, including a water park and live performances suitable for children and adults.

Moreover, if you love water adventures, you could head to the lazy river for a raft ride with your family. The park also has lodging and dining spots where you can have your meals and find accommodation if you stay longer.

Experience the Magical World of Walt Disney

The Walt Disney World is a renowned entertainment complex worldwide. It is situated in Orlando, about 20 minutes drive from Haines City.

Disney World is a family fun spot for different activities centered on kids. For instance, the Disney character’s experience zone is an exciting place where you can watch your favorite Disney character dance at close range.

The property also comprises other major entertainment areas, including;

  • Theme parks
  • Themed resort hotels
  • Golf courses
  • Camping resort
  • Outdoor shopping
  • Entertainment venues

Viewing Nature at the Allen David State Park

Are you looking for a perfect spot to view the beautiful landscape of Florida? Then head over to the Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek Preserve Park. The park, stretching over 8,000 acres, has lovely landscapes featuring scrub, sand hills, and flat woods.

Besides the scenic views, the park is home to exotic wildlife like the bald eagle and scrub lizard. It also has perfect trails to view the natural spots on horseback. And if you have a birthday party for your kid, book a slot in one of the campsites within the park.

Final Thoughts

Haines City is the hub of tourist attractions in Central Florida. The city is undeniably worth visiting, with plenty of outdoor adventures and lovely spots.

Also, suburban living, scenic views, lovely all round weather, and relatively lower living costs are good reasons to live in the city.

And if you’re looking for a place to call home, you’ll find excellent neighborhoods with decent housing at affordable rates. Contact a qualified real estate agent for the best evaluation of neighborhoods that match your specifications.

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