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The Guide to Making and Accepting an Offer on a Home

How Sellers Decide on Offers

Wondering how sellers judge offers for their home? The best offer isn't always the highest one


At this stage, homebuyers are pre-approved for their mortgage loan.

Full Approval

During this stage, homebuyers are fully approved for their mortgage loan.


In this stage, homebuyers pay for the home in cash and are fully approved.

How Buyers Are Affected by The Sellers Decision

Here's the home buyer process for each offer type


Offers With Pre-Approval

  • Gain Pre-Approval
  • Sign Contract
  • Contingency Period (Home + Mortgage)
  • Get Fully Approved and Acquire Home
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Offers With Full Approval

Zero Commitment or Cost

  • Letter of Commitment (Appraisal may be required)
  • Sign Contract and Acquire Home
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Cash Offers

  • Letter of Credit
  • Sign Contract
  • Acquire Home

Want the Home? We Guarantee it

Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card When Fully Approved

We want to help you buy your home efficiently. We are so confident that we will buy the seller's home if we cannot close for a financing reason by the contracted date.

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