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Homes for Sale in Morningside - Miami, Florida

Picture rows of majestic Mediterranean-style houses with lush yards. Also picture wide, tree-lined boulevards crisscrossing the houses, backdrops characterized by picturesque views of the ocean, and all-year-round sunny weather. These are some of the most prominent characteristics of Morningside, a community within the Upper East Side of Miami, Florida.

Morningside is inarguably beautiful, but there is more to this community than meets the eye for people looking for something more than a getaway spot. The community has everything you would need to work, live, and raise a family.

Some of the notable highlights for families seeking to move here include many highly-ranking schools, good security, access to all types of amenities, and many fun things to do. The homes for sale in Morningside are ideal for raising a family, and their unique designs come with many other added advantages.

Morningside sounds good, but moving to somewhere new is a big change that requires extensive planning. This is why learning everything about what your next destination offers, including its good sides and drawbacks, is always prudent.

Here is a comprehensive guide on living in Morningside, including a brief overview of the community’s real estate market.

A Brief History & Modern Overview of Morningside

Morningside has a long and eventful history. The community has founded in the 1920s under the name Bay Shore – many locals still refer to the community as Bay Shore. The community prospered throughout the mid-20th century, witnessing the development of stylish homes and extensive public and private infrastructure and amenities.

However, development in Morningside (along with other inner-city neighborhoods in Miami) slowed down during the 60s and 70s, but the community remained intact. The City of Miami designated Morningside as a historic district in 1984, and the National Register of Historic Places registered it as such in 1992.

Morningside still ranks among the most intact historic neighborhoods in Miami today. It covers more than 100 acres and ranks among the best-planned neighborhoods in Miami.

Morningside’s most notable features include stylish homes, lush compounds, smooth roads and walkways, and wide, tree-lined boulevards characteristic of the Sunshine State. It also boasts quality infrastructure and amenities, including schools, parks, hospitals, banks, shops, restaurants, and entertainment spots.

Interestingly, Morningside recently underwent gentrification, bringing about an influx of affluent residents (and many new opportunities).

Things to Do in Morningside Miami

Morningside (and the surrounding communities) offers many fun and entertaining things to do, enough to suit everyone’s unique preferences. The range of activities is diverse enough to appeal to people of all ages, from little kids to adults.

Here is an overview of fun things to do here:


Morningside offers several unique attractions to explore. Most notably, the post-war era architecture featuring Mediterranean-revival styles and designs is interesting to explore for history enthusiasts. You can spot these historic homes and commercial buildings all over Morningside, especially in MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District.

Science enthusiasts can explore the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit. The museum hosts many interactive exhibits that showcase some of the latest developments in science and space exploration, such as robotics – interactive means that you can try some of these technologies out. Outdoor enthusiasts can also explore the many outdoor features that the vast Morningside Park offers.

Eat & Drink

Morningside offers a rich and bewildering array of cuisines, thanks to the mixture of Latin and Caribbean cultures. The food here is delicious and nutritious, and the drinks are refreshing. Notably, the Upper East Side is home to some of the best restaurants in Miami.

Some of the best restaurants in Morningside include the following:

  • Grails Miami Restaurant & Sports Bar

  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

  • El Turco Turkish Food

  • Mandolin Aegean Bistro

  • Garden House Latin Restaurant

Overall, there are dozens of restaurants and eateries in and around Morningside. They also include fast food diners, take-outs, and home delivery restaurants.


Morningside is a gated residential community, so there are no shopping centers or retail stores here. However, the rest of the Upper East Side has hundreds of retail shops and large malls and shopping centers selling everything you would need.

You can also buy virtually anything online from local or out-of-town retailers. Miami Ironside and the Upper East Side Farmers Market are the most popular shopping centers among Morningside’s residents.

Relax & Play

Most aspects of Morningside, including the sunny weather and serene parks, are calming and relaxing. Morningside Park is the most popular spot for residents of all ages looking to relax and play. The park covers a large area and offers diverse natural (undeveloped) and man-made features.

The natural features include lush compounds where residents can enjoy many relaxing activities, such as picnicking, walking pets, and BBQs.

Besides relaxing, Morningside also offers lots of fun and productive activities for people of all ages. For example, it features various sporting amenities, including a swimming pool, a football field, a basketball court, and a tennis court.

The most popular sports and fun activities you can enjoy at Morningside Park include the following:

  • Playing football, tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

  • Swimming and water activities such as sailing and kayaking.

  • Hiking, jogging, and running.

  • Camping.

You can reserve some of the amenities for planned events, including the designated picnicking spots and sports amenities. Other popular parks in Morningside include Legion Park, Manatee Bend, and Baywood Park. The surrounding communities also offer hundreds of fun ways to relax and play.


Adults living in Morningside can also enjoy many entertaining activities. However, most of these entertainment options are located outside the community, and residents may have to drive to the Upper East Side and the surrounding cities.

The Upper East Side is the best place to enjoy the nightlife. It boasts many affluent restaurants, clubs, and other entertainment spots. You can enjoy delicious foods, drink refreshing beverages, listen to music, dance, and party. Vagabond Restaurant and Bar is one of the most popular entertainment spots in the Upper East Side.

Best Places to Live in Morningside Miami, Florida

Morningside is a small community, and living here isn’t an option for everyone. Fortunately, there are many nearby communities that are also ideal for living and raising a family.

Overall, these communities are cheaper than Morningside, but they still have plenty of good things to offer. Here is a brief overview of the three best neighborhoods in Morningside:

Midtown Miami

Midtown Miami is located between Wynwood and Edgewater. It is considered a self-contained mini-city because it contains virtually everything residents need. It features nine blocks of diverse buildings, including luxury residential towers and shopping centers.

It’s most notable highlights include highly-rated schools, fun things to do, many shops and restaurants, and good public infrastructure. The median home listing price is about $750,000, while the median rent price is about $4,000.


Wynwood is one of the most affordable neighborhoods near Morningside. The median home listing price here is about $680,000, while the median rent price is about $3,600.

The community’s highlights include good roads, resourceful shopping centers, many restaurants, and a plethora of fun and productive things to do.


Edgewater is a relatively affordable community with a population of about 11,500 people. It has everything you would need in a community, including above-average schools for your kids and fun things to do for the whole family.

The median home listing price in Edgewater is about $800,000, while the median rent price is about $4,000.

Beautiful Modern new construction home in a residential area in Miami Florida

Morningside School Systems

Schooling should be an important consideration when moving, considering that your children’s futures may be at stake. Interestingly, a school system’s quality affects demand for homes, as locations with highly-rated public schools usually have higher home prices.

Fortunately, Morningside boasts many schools across all learning levels, and some are rated highly on the local and national ranking systems.

There are seven public elementary schools ranked A+ or A in and around Morningside. The following three are the highest-ranking:

  • iPrep Academy (ranked 2nd in Metro).

  • North Dade Center for Modern Languages Elementary School (ranked 16th in Metro).

  • Somerset Academy Charter Elementary School - South Miami (ranked 49th in Metro).

Morningside also boasts ten public middle schools ranked A+ or A. The following three are the best:

  • Mast Academy (ranked 2nd in Metro).

  • Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy (ranked 5th in Metro).

  • Archimedean Middle Conservatory (AMC, ranked 12th in Metro).

There are also 19 public high schools rated A+ or A in Morningside. The following three are the best:

  • Design & Architecture Senior High School (ranked 16th in Metro).

  • Terra Environmental Research Institute (ranked 18th in Metro).

  • Doral Academy Charter High School (ranked 25th in Metro).

You can also find good private schools across all education levels in Morningside and the nearby communities. Overall, your children’s education would be in good hands in Morningside.

Morningside Local Attractions

Morningside’s local attractions are somewhat limited. The most notable ones include the following:

  • Morningside Park – relaxing and playing.

  • MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District – exploring old architecture.

  • Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit – exploring technology.

  • Little Haiti Cultural Complex – exploring art and culture.

  • Historic Lemon City Port – exploring the area’s history.

The surrounding communities and cities also offer many attractions. Most of these attractions are ideal for families, while some are recommendable for adults and teenagers.

Safety & Crime Rates

Morningside is not perfect, but it has a relatively low crime rate and a reassuringly high safety rate. The community is gated and guarded.

It also has a quick emergency response time, and residents can apply various personal security measures for their homes, cars, and other assets – most of the homes for sale in Morningside also feature good security systems.

Morningside has a crime rate of about 3.5%, but this is mostly influenced by crime in the surrounding communities. Overall, residents here can stay safe if they take the necessary security precautions.

Why is Morningside a Good Place to Raise a Family?

Morningside is an ideal place to live, work, and raise a family. The community is family-oriented in most aspects, including the fact that the houses are single-family homes, and the community has a high safety rate and low crime rate.

The community also offers many fun and productive things to do as a family, such as relaxing and playing at Morningside Park. Parents will also appreciate the highly-rated schools in and near Morningside.

The most notable reasons for raising a family here include the following:

  • Safe and clean community.

  • Large homes in excellent condition.

  • Fun and entertaining things to do for the whole family.

  • Picturesque views of the ocean, trees, and other natural features.

  • Excellent public and private schools.

  • Good public infrastructure and amenities.

  • Delicious and nutritious cuisines.

Morningside and the surrounding cities offer many employment and business opportunities, giving you the means to support your family. The community is also ideal for individuals without families.

Homes for Sale in Morningside Miami

Miami has a robust real estate market with a high demand for homes. However, the community is relatively small and has only 218 single-family homes, meaning that demand is higher than supply.

Most of the homes in Morningside feature unique, Mediterranean-revival architectural styles and designs. Some of these homes were constructed by more than 40 renowned architects, including the duo Kiehnel and Elliott, Martin Hampton, Gene Baylis, and Marion Manley. However, all of the homes are intact and in excellent condition, despite their ages.

The median listing price for homes for sale in Morningside is about $2.8 million. However, prices vary depending on certain factors, especially size – the median listing home price per square foot is about $1,150.

The location also affects home prices – notably, the 13 estates located along Biscayne Bay are more expensive because of the prime location. A professional real estate agent can help you find an ideal home based on your budget and personal preferences.

Home Loans Available in Morningside

The homes for sale in Morningside are reasonably priced, considering everything the suburb offers. However, they are relatively expensive, and many potential buyers usually need some financial assistance.

Fortunately, there are many banks and lenders in Morningside and the surrounding areas, and you can apply for various types of home loans if you qualify.

Here is an overview of four popular home loans available in Morningside:

Conventional Mortgages

Conventional mortgages are the most popular and common type of home loans. They are backed by the lender and the borrower’s assets, unlike government-backed loans. They are mostly recommended for buyers with high credit scores and without access to government-backed loans.

Conventional mortgages have several benefits over other types of home loans. Their most notable benefit is that you can buy a home with as little as a 3% down payment. Another benefit is that they have lower private mortgage insurance (PMI) rates than most other home loan types, and you don’t have to purchase insurance if you make a 20% down payment.

However, conventional loans have stricter requirements than government-backed home loans. You must have a minimum credit score of 620 and a good debt-to-income (DTI) ratio to qualify. You must also purchase PMI if you make a down payment of less than 20%.

Government-Backed Loans

Government-backed loans are insured by various agencies in the federal government. Unlike conventional loans, government-backed loans are less risky because the government will step in if you default, helping reduce your potential losses. They also have easier requirements and terms than conventional loans.

There are three types of government-backed home loans, and each has varying and unique requirements. They include the following:

FHA Loans

FHA loans are designed for low-income borrowers without access to conventional mortgages. The Federal Housing Administration insured FHA loans, while FHA-approved lenders issue them to borrowers.

The requirements for qualifying for an FHA loan include the following:

  • A minimum credit score of between 500 and 580.

  • A minimum down payment of 3.5%.

  • A maximum DTI ratio of 43%.

  • Verifiable income for the past two years.

However, FHA loans have higher interest rates and fees than conventional mortgages. Borrowers must pay an up-front mortgage insurance premium worth at least 1.75% of the loan. They must also pay annual mortgage insurance premiums.

USDA Loans

USDA loans were originally meant for homebuyers purchasing homes in rural areas as an incentive for development. However, they are also available to buyers seeking homes in suburban areas, such as Morningside.

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for a USDA loan:

  • The home must be located in an area designated as rural or suburban under USDA standards.

  • You must have a minimum credit score of 640.

  • You must have a maximum DTI ratio of 41%.

  • You must meet a minimum household income threshold.

Overall, USDA loans are cheaper and easier to access than conventional and other government-backed loans. You don’t have to make a down payment and don’t need private mortgage insurance.

The DTI and household income requirements are also flexible. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) insures USDA loans, and borrowers can apply through approved lenders.

VA Loans

VA loans are insured by the Department of Veteran Affairs and exclusively available to members of the Armed Forces or the National Guard. They offer competitive interest rates and are cheaper than conventional and other government-backed loans.

The requirements for qualifying for VA loans include the following:

  • You must be a member of the Armed Forces or National Guard.

  • You must have a maximum DTI ratio of 41%.

  • You must have verifiable income for the past two years.

You don’t need to make a down payment to purchase a home using a VA loan. The loan also has flexible credit score thresholds, and there are special exceptions to the two-year income requirement.

Your Future Awaits

Morningside is safe and clean, and the houses and public infrastructure are in excellent condition. It also has everything you need to live well and raise a family, including above-average schools, resourceful shopping centers, lots of fun things to do, and interesting attractions to explore. Overall, it is an ideal place to live, raise a family, and work.

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