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Houses for Sale Near Blount Island Command Marine Corps | Florida

The Blount Island Command is a United States Marine Corps logistical base in Jacksonville, Florida. The base is the home of the command's worldwide mission to support US Marines' expeditionary forces.

Cutting deep into Blount Island is the Back River Channel that leads out into Blount Island Marine Terminal. Blount Island Command is the central hub of the US Marine Corps prepositioning program.

The base loads ships with the equipment and supplies required for their deployment and then goes to the key locations where troops need restocking. Periodically, US Navy ships return to Blount Island to offload their cargo and receive fresh supplies.

Vehicles driving to the base come off an exit from the I-295 freeway and take Highway 105. They then cross a small bridge to access the installation's Visitor Control Center that leads to the marine terminal on the northern side. The channel is the waterway entrance for ships, boats, and other types of watercraft.

Blount Island is predominantly an industrial area with no residential neighborhoods outside the base. Therefore, if you need to find housing off base, the best communities in the area include Beacon Hills and Harbour to the south across St. John's River, Chandlers Crossing in the North, Little Marsh Hill situated across the channel toward the east, and San Matteo to the west.

If you are stationed at Blount Island and are interested in one of the many houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps, then here is all you need to know about the site.

We will show you the best neighborhoods to look for a new home and things to see and do while in Jacksonville, Florida.


The Blount Island site opened its gates in 1942 as a navy base. The armed forces mooted the concept of having Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) forces in the late 1970s. When the program began operations in 1979, it was known as the Near Term Prepositioning Force (NTPF).

The NTPF used the military's existing operational supplies and forces equipment to load ships that belonged to the Navy Military Sealift Command (MSC). At this time, the ships were based out of Diego Garcia, while the original ship maintenance and equipment were from the Philippines' Subic Bay Naval Base and Naha in Okinawa, Japan.

Immediately, the US Marine Corps recognized the considerable advantage they could gain by prepositioning equipment for American forces in the crucial early stages of a crisis response. The military, therefore, seized the opportunity to revolutionize its combat readiness.

The Marine Corps then formed the Biennial Maintenance Command (BMC) based in Jacksonville, Florida. This development led to the establishment of the Blount Island Command in 1989. Blount Island is a subordinate command to the US Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia.

In 2004, the navy's lease of Blount Island ended. For this reason, the Marines had to buy the island from the Gate Maritime Properties (GMP) company. After a lengthy legal dispute with the company, the Marine Corps paid $160 million to acquire the land on which the base now stands.

What Is Off-Base Life Like Near Blount Island Command Marine Corps?

Here are some things you need to know about living in the city of Jacksonville before purchasing a home among the houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps:

School District

The base has dozens of public, private, and charter schools within a 10-mile radius. The public schools off base operate under the Duval County Public schools, a prominent Florida school district encompassing a variety of public schools from elementary to high school. Several excellent private schools, including the Duval County Charter Schools, are also available in the area.

This abundance of schools means you have plenty of options available to your children if you live at Blount Island Command or in a nearby off-base neighborhood. Bus transportation to school is available county-wide.

The city of Jacksonville also offers opportunities for higher education through the nearby University of North Florida, Florida State College in Jacksonville, Jacksonville University, and Edward Waters College.

Things to See and Do

San Mateo Park is an attractive public space located on the western edge of the similarly named residential area. If you live in or near San Mateo, fishing and boating on the Broward River can be a fun day excursion for the family. If you go south on Highway 17 for about nine miles, you get to Emerson Park, a lovely small lake, and the adjacent Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

The Lake Dumont area is for families living in Chandlers Crossing, including the William F. Sheffield Regional Park. You could participate in many fun activities here, including hiking the Lea Loop Trailhead. If you live in this area, you could take your kids to visit the Sheffield Park Playground. Nearby, the Clay Target Sports Center is also if you like target practice with a rifle.

The residents spend their weekends boating along the St. Johns River on Little Marsh Hill. If you love fishing, you can find all the gear at the White Shell Bait and Tackle Shop. Best of all, if you do not own a house with a river-facing dock, Marsh Hill has many boat ramps for you to use to launch a recreational boat.

If you buy one of the houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps in the Beacon Hills and Harbour neighborhood, you will enjoy golfing and the Hidden Hills Golf Club clubhouse. The massive Ed Austin Regional Park has a dog running area if your puppy needs some exercise. Within the St. Johns Bluff neighborhood, you will find the Fort Caroline National Memorial, a pleasant and serene place to visit. Like Marsh Hill, boating enthusiasts can access St. Johns River boat ramps.


The Navy Wives Club of America (NWCA) No. 86 operates the Not New Thrift Shop located at the main gate of the nearby Navy Air Station at Jacksonville. The club is a nonprofit comprised of the wives of Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard personnel and accepts donated household goods, clothes, and toys. The NWCA sells the goods to raise money for local charities, and the thrift shop is an excellent place to declutter your new home or hunt for bargains.

Are you or your spouse looking for some retail therapy? The area around the Blount Island Command offers an incredible variety of shopping districts providing options for every taste. For the best shopping experience near Blount Island Command Marine Corps, take a stroll through the Avondale and San Marco areas or head to the beaches to visit the many trendy, upscale boutiques.

Explore the eclectic vintage treasures that the Southside and Five Points areas offer. You can grab a quick mid-day snack by browsing local farmers' markets for handmade art and crafts. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the latest must-have items, step into the Avenues Mall or the city's ultimate shopping haven, the St. Johns Town Center.

The St. Augustine Premium Outlets near Daytona Beach and Jacksonville can be your saving grace when looking for a place to go shopping on the weekends. Make sure to visit the GAP, stop at the Crocs outlet, or walk around the many other shops looking for deals. You can find savings on Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Brooks Brothers, and more.

When you shop here, don't forget to ask about your military discount at the stores you visit.

Eating Out

The city is a melting pot of international tastes and cultures. No other city in Florida can match Jax for unique foodie experiences. Expert local chefs with national and international training in some of the world's leading establishments pioneered Jax's thriving culinary culture. As a result, the city's food scene is an exciting hybrid of classic southern comfort and casual elegance, with the inimitable flavors of the coast thrown in alongside a dash of global flair.

Need a quick caffeine pick-me-up? Then skip the Starbucks and try out Bold Bean Coffee, located on Stockton Street. You could also check out the honey latte with almond milk served at Hendrick's. Chamblin's, situated in the Uptown neighborhood near Blount Island Command Marine Corps, is great for enjoying coffee while you wander through its bookstore.

Since 2006, readers of the Florida Times-Union have voted the Metro Diner the "best breakfast in Jacksonville." The chain has also been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives for its famous Pittsburgh Steak salad and meatloaf platter.

Another excellent breakfast venue is the Maple Street Biscuit Company. Operating in at least six locations within Jacksonville alone, it is one restaurant you do not want to miss out on. It serves delicious food with fun names like the Sticky Maple and The Squawking Goat.

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Neighborhoods to Consider Moving to Near Blount Island Command Marine Corps

Blount Island Command has various housing options and works with Mayport and Naval Air Station for housing in and around the base. The base offers temporary accommodation for service members visiting the base for a short time. The base provides more permanent housing for service members stationed at Blount Island Command.

However, you may want to consider off-base living by investing in one of the houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps. Here are our top five recommendations for where to look for your dream home near Blount Island:

Chandlers Crossing

Chandlers Crossing is a neighborhood situated north of the Blount Island US Marine Corps support facility. The neighborhood is adjacent to Jamestown and Oceanway. Chandlers is the first residential area you see going north as you pass through the Jacksonville industrial zone.

Most of the residential development in this area happened over the past 80 years. The neighborhood consists of many custom homes and subdivisions. If you're looking for houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps, you will find attractive apartment complexes and luxury homes sitting on relatively large lots.

Many homes in the neighborhood are post-year 2000 constructions and are newer than those found in surrounding areas; the majority are owner-occupied.

San Mateo

If you want to get to San Mateo, take the I-295 beltway from the Blount Island Marine Corps Support Facility and pass through the North New Berlin industrial area. After that, exit the I-295 at the Pulaski Road exit.

In San Mateo, there is a large housing district next to N. Main Street, and if you can afford one of the houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps, you may get a house with a dock for your boat on the Boward River shore.

Most of the San Mateo neighborhood houses are modest three- or four-bedroomed tract homes. On the other hand, the riverside homes are lavish estates that many locals use as their primary residences, while the smaller houses are famous as vacation homes.

Most houses in San Mateo date to the early 1990s. Furthermore, the area has many rental homes in different architectural designs commonly occupied during the high season. Among the styles available include contemporary, single-story brick Mediterranean villas, craftsman, and colonial.

Little Marsh Hill

To reach Little Marsh Hill, you should take Highway 105 around the eastern side of Blount Island Channel. This location should give an excellent view of the US Marine Corps Blount Island Support Facility across the water.

Little Marsh Hill is a close-knit neighborhood surrounded by the massive Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Best of all, if you work at the Blount Island Command Marine Corps, the commute should take just a few minutes.

Most of the homes in Little Marsh Hill are ranch-style buildings and single-story brick houses. What's more, you can find luxury mansions and two-story townhouses if you want one of the houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps. The houses in this area have extensive grass lawns on their front yards and sit on large lots.

Many houses are set away from the road and have long driveways leading to two-door garages. With all the landscaping, the neighborhood is a scenic place to jog or walk your dog.

Beacon Hills and Harbour

Once you leave the Blount Island Command, head south on the I-295 and turn east onto Highway 116 to reach the Beacon Hills and Harbour neighborhood, as the crow flies, the community is a few miles from the military base.

However, getting there by car requires you to take a long, circuitous route of about 12 miles that could take about 20 minutes if there's heavy traffic. Regardless, many of the soldiers on Blount Island and their families like to live in this highly desirable neighborhood and, therefore, do not mind the long commute.

Beacon Hills and Harbour has an exciting mix of traditional and modern architecture. Popular homes in this neighborhood are single-story brick buildings and ranch-style houses. Many of the homes in this area are large and sit on lots of at least a half acre.


Ortega is a cluster of adjacent neighborhoods near Blount Island Command Marine Corps after driving through Venetia. The communities along the Ortega River are Ortega, Ortega Forest, Ortega Terrace, and Ortega Farms. If you are a pilot or want to learn to fly light aircraft, the Ortega neighborhood is adjacent to the Herlong Recreational Airport.

This neighborhood contains a mix of mansions, estates, and luxury homes designed in a range of classic styles, with most houses built during or before the 1940s. Here, you will find large buildings with up to five bedrooms alongside smaller homes of two or three bedrooms constructed during the post-World War II housing boom. The construction boom that led to the development of the Ortega neighborhoods lasted up to about 1970.

If you are looking for something more modern, homes in the area are contemporary styles built in the 1990s.

Move to a Beautiful Off-Base Neighborhood Near Blount Island Command Marine Corps

If you love beautiful scenery and outdoor activities, then an assignment at Blount Island Command Marine Corps is possibly the best thing to happen to you.

Besides offering serene, comfortable suburban living off base, purchasing one of the houses for sale near Blount Island Command Marine Corps, means you are always close to the amenities and services you need to make your posting easier.

Following the tips and guides above, you can find the best place to live and play in Jax.

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