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Houses for Sale Near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base | Florida

Welcome to Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida. This location is considered one of the best places to call home in the Sunshine State. So, if you are a military or serviceman homebuyer, houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base have you covered.

Depending on your preference, you can search for your perfect house by the community or base. Whichever choice you make, rest assured that you will finally find the right home for your needs and lifestyle.

Remember that you have always dedicated your duties, life, and time to keeping this country safe. Therefore, you deserve a place to call home once you discharge from your military service.

You will most likely find a NAS Jacksonville Navy Base military relocation ready to take you through home buying. This team will help you choose a great home in a friendly neighborhood with good schools, excellent social amenities, and a welcoming community.

In this regard, you can choose from single-family homes or settle for worry-free new construction houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida.

Your ideal home is a click away. All you need is to engage the right military relocation team, choose the most appropriate neighborhood, start searching for your next home, and everything else will fall in place, much to your delight.

Highlights of Jacksonville Naval Air Station:

  • Total Population - 2000
  • Walk Score - 31
  • Median Home Price - $180,052
  • Median Household Income - $44,688
  • Median Rent - $1,600
  • Median Individual Income - $22,822


  • Total Population - 2000
  • Median Age - 22
  • Renters - 82%
  • Owners - 18%

The Current Real Estate Market near NAS Jacksonville Naval Air Station is unique yet promising. Several houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida, are available for willing home buyers. Since you are one of them, it is time to know and discover everything regarding the real estate market in this part of Florida.

To begin with, the median sale for houses near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base stands at approximately $180,052. Aside from that, the average days a home can last on the market is around three months or 90 days. In some months, such homes can last an average of 24 days on the same market.

Since there are no known bidding wars currently, houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida, are selling just close to the stated or asking price. Now, you should ask whether Jacksonville Naval Air Station is an excellent place to settle with your family. Another question should entail what it sounds like living near NAS Jacksonville, Florida.

Read on for detailed information about the history, living conditions, transit options, demographics, schools, things to do, and family-friendly stuff to expect near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base.

NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida

Naval Air Station Jacksonville is an essential instrument of United States security. The base is one of the most diverse and dynamic naval installations not only in the country but also across the world. The naval base employs about 20,000 personnel.

Residents of this area are proud to call NAS Jacksonville Navy Base home and fortunate enough to have a robust military presence in this region. Through the years, this naval base in the state of Florida has always positively impacted the local community and actively participated in numerous global affairs. Plus, the NAS Jacksonville personnel are constantly developing and nurturing the entire neighborhood, including their families.

In addition to that information, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida, is one of the most advanced naval bases located in Duval County. It is the second largest base in the southern part of the US and the third in size countrywide. The naval base serves as both a military base and a military airport located approximately 6 km from downtown Jacksonville.

Naval Air Station Jacksonville Navy Base is one of the military bases with the most rapid growth rate in the last few years. Its primary purpose is to train the most outstanding pilots in the country and across the globe. Also, it serves as home to various techniques and cutting-edge technologies applicable in anti-submarine warfare for the US and the allied nations.

History of NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida

The current NAS Jacksonville Navy Navy Base was originally called Camp Joseph E. Johnson. The base was created in 1917 during World War I. At the time of its creation, the base had no more than 600 buildings, making it one of the largest navy bases. NAS Jacksonville Navy Base also was home to the second largest and most significant range for rifle training.

At the end of World War I in 1919, the base was disestablished. After that, it took less than a decade to re-establish the place just before World War II in 1940. During this period, the area experienced some reconstructions and numerous updates. The commissioning of the navy camp followed this new recreation.

Coincidentally, the commissioning process ran concurrently with the first-ever pilot landing at the base despite the runway not finishing to the required standards and specifications. The navy base would later witness Jimmy Grant open a gate for its upcoming years of operation. Once commissioned, NAS Jacksonville Navy Base released not less than 10,000 highly trained pilots and another 11,000 air specialists at the height of World War II.

Additional runways were constructed during the war, including several modern buildings. Among the notable construction projects during the war were a professional hospital and a prison for POWs (Prisoners of war), among others.

It was until 1960 that NAS Jacksonville started to experience a growth period in terms of new facilities and countless updates on the existing structures. This successful development coincided with Jacksonville, Florida's economic and social growth.

At the same time, the base had up to 11,000 service members and a staggering 5,000 civilians employed. Indeed, the base served (still serving to date) as an economic boom in this section of Florida. At the moment, NAS Jacksonville boasts 23,000 employees in addition to several projects around the area.

Most of the first batch of Marines left NAS Jacksonville for other bases across the country. The latest group to leave the base happened back in 1986. The base is home to 16 aviation units and 17 shore commands, including a few other vital agencies.

The most outstanding units within this naval base include the Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron 3, the Patrol Squadron 5, the US Customs and Border Protection, and the Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 58.

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What It's Like to Live off Base While Being Part of NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida

One thing you need to prioritize when moving to or near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base is housing. Depending on how long you will stay in the area, you and your family may be hosted at one of the nearby hotels and inns.

Alternatively, you may take advantage of NAS Jacksonville Housing Service Center to find the best accommodation facilities that suit your current needs as you adjust to your new environment. This center's primary purpose is to assist newcomers in finding homes for them. The center will analyze your income and needs before suggesting the most appropriate houses you can afford.

On the other hand, you can decide to go for the privatized system using NAS Jacksonville Housing Service Center. If not, you may opt for houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base in neighborhoods such as:

  • Chimney Lakes - Currently, there are about 146 houses for sale in Chimney Lakes, Jacksonville. The median sale price stands at $330,051. However, the total number of houses for sale in this neighborhood is about 60% higher than the previous years.

  • Riverside - There are about 93 houses for sale in Riverside, Jacksonville. Their median sale price is about $375,120, with the total number of properties for sale being 59% higher than the previous months or a year ago.

  • Craven - Up to 105 homes for sale are available in Craven, Jacksonville, in Duval County, Florida. The median price for these homes is around $450,000, while the total number of houses for sale is about 59% more than last year.

  • Baymeadows - Currently, there are about 183 houses for sale in baymeadows. The median sale price for these homes is about $190,042, with the total number of homes listed for sale being 18% more than one year ago.

  • Mid Westside - This Jacksonville neighborhood boasts more than 80 homes for sale. The median price for these homes is about $139,944. The total number of houses for sale in Mid Westside is about 25$ more than a year ago. Homes in this part of Jacksonville, Florida, are selling close to the set price.

  • Murray Hill - Up to 81 homes are listed for sale in the Murray neighborhood. The median price for these houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida, is $275,131.The number of homes for sale in this location is about 28% lower than last year.

  • Golden Glades/The Woods - At the moment, there are about 130 homes listed for sale in Golden Glades/The Woods, Jacksonville, in Duval County, Florida. Median sales for these homes are $675,361, and the total number of houses for sale in this neighborhood is around 25% lower than the previous year.

  • Deerwood - Homes for sale in the Deerwood neighborhood are about 73. Their median sale price is around $299,839. The number of houses for sale in this area is approximately 155% higher than last year.

  • Oceanway - Located in Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida, Oceanway has 85 homes listed for sale. The median sale price for these homes is $334,704, with the total number of homes for sale reaching 126% more than a year ago.

  • East Arlington - Currently, there are about 82 homes listed for sale in East Arlington. The median sale price for these homes is about $409,627. The total number of houses for sale in this neighborhood is about 36% higher than last year.

Other neighborhoods where you can find houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base include:

  • Springfield
  • Jacksonville Farms/Terrance
  • Cisco Gardens
  • Forest Trails
  • Secret Cove
  • Jacksonville Heights
  • Pecan Park
  • North Beach
  • Highlands

Before buying a home near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida, you need to know which neighborhood is right for you. In this case, you should look into several factors that influence your location choice. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Nearby schools
  • Demographics
  • Social amenities
  • Local communities

The quality of life around NAS Jacksonville Naval Base is subjective and dependent on several things. With that, some home buyers may want a walkable distance to the city while others may consider the suburbs for their tranquility and proximity to plenty of open spaces.

For some, owning private cars may not be their priority, while others may find having cars a convenient way to get around. This is why Jacksonville Naval Air Station has a transit score of 10 and a walk score of 31.

However, most errands require a private car, although public transit can also play a crucial role when moving from one neighborhood to another or from your residential place to the city. Currently, about 14 JTA bus stations are serving Jacksonville Naval Base.

The School Systems Near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base

NAS Jacksonville Navy Base is surrounded by schools that offer world-class education up to the tertiary level. Most of these schools offer great sports programs; some prepare young students for higher education, while a few combine both to prepare students for the future.

Aside from that, schools near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base are rated differently. You are highly encouraged to check a few schools for their ratings before choosing the best one for your children.

You must also note that areas with highly-rated public schools are likely to have higher home prices due to the rising demand for such neighborhoods. This observation may also apply across all schools, namely elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

Below is a list of the schools to consider once you acquire one of the houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida:

  • J. Allen Axson Elementary School.
  • John Stockton Elementary School.
  • Jacksonville Beach Elementary School.
  • Kirby-Smith Middle School.
  • LaVilla School of the Arts.
  • River City Science Academy Innovation.
  • Duval Charter High School (Baymeadows).
  • River City Science Academy Middle-High School.
  • Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

Generally, the area near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base, Florida, offers a consistent school experience at all levels. This neighborhood is an excellent place to help your child create a solid academic foundation.

Things to do Within These Communities-Family Friendly Kind of Stuff

If your household has kids, you would probably want to live in a neighborhood with the right social amenities. As a result, accessibility to nearby playgrounds, shopping centers, recreational facilities, parks, and daycare centers is essential. Also, proximity to a well-rated daycare center is critical, especially if both parents have full-time jobs. This makes NAS Jacksonville, Florida, an ideal location to purchase your dream home.

The area has a high walk score, meaning you can easily access nearby places of interest such as restaurants, coffee shops, chain stores, schools, and many more on foot. What is more, you can still gain quick access to grocery stores, get to places for outdoor activities, and have countless dining options at your disposal.

NAS Jacksonville, Florida, boasts excellent options for other things to do for its residents. From fishing to bowling and bingo to golf, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. You may learn to sail or canoe, rent a surfboard or a stand-up paddleboard and join other adrenaline junkies to explore the Saint Johns River without leaving the base.

On hot days you can go for a sauna at the Base Gym. You may as well spend your time at one of Jacksonville's breathtaking beaches like Ponte Vedra Beach or the quintessential vacation-style Jacksonville Beach. If need be, you can gather your family members, acquire discounted tickets from the Tickets & Travel Office and, tour local attractions, visit hotels or cruises during your free time.

Final Thought

Houses for sale near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base are not only attractive but also affordable. Each house is built to suit different homebuyers and their way of life.

Apart from that, living around this naval base has many benefits, including good schools, great amenities, and plenty of things to do with your family.

So, if you are planning to move to Jacksonville, Florida, you might consider buying a home near NAS Jacksonville Navy Base.

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