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Pompano Beach, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

If you dream of owning a home in a warm coastal city, consider Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale in Florida. With a population of just over 111,000 people, and 28 constituent neighborhoods, buying a home in this city can be a worthy investment.

Pompano Beach, with a median home cost of $272,700, isn't white- or blue-collar but a mix of both. Settling and living in any of its neighborhoods means you'll be blending in nicely regardless of your occupation.

Many residents are into sales and office work, while others are service providers and professionals. Finding a job to sustain your livelihood in Pompano Beach, Florida is easy.

Read on to learn more about Pompano Beach, Florida.

Best neighborhoods in Pompano Beach, Florida

Pompano Beach is a nautical city, meaning most of its parts border tidal bodies of water, such as inlets or bays and the ocean.

Nautical places attract droves of tourists and locals who come to enjoy various waterfront activities and fascinating scenery. Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale provide access to these features regardless of the neighborhood.

Here are some popular neighborhoods in Pompano Beach, Florida:


This urban coastal neighborhood features small to medium-sized apartment complexes and single-family homes. Buy a home in this neighborhood and have access to plenty of local attractions and fun activities.

Take your family on a boating or fishing expedition, or visit the numerous parks within the neighborhood. Lakeside is a holiday town for visitors and locals.

Santa Barbara Shores

Like Lakeside, Santa Barbara Shores is a nautical neighborhood with plenty of recreational sports and activities for visitors and locals. Join the thousands of revelers trotting the coastline in the various parks and waterfront sites.

When you feel famished, make your way to Casareccio for a treat. If you need to go shopping, locate Gallery for Eyes or Simply Yours Consignment.

Palm Aire

If you want a quiet, friendly neighborhood, choose one of the Pompano FHA homes for sale in Palm Aire. This neighborhood provides easy access to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport for easy transport in and out of the city.

Go shopping at Publix, and enjoy your favorite beverage at Aroma Joe’s. This neighborhood is excellent for families and kids with its many leisure points.

Avalon Harbor

Buy a home in this neighborhood if you prefer places bustling with life and activity. It offers easy access to nearby facilities such as restaurants, stores, schools, shops, and other amenities. It also boasts a high walk score, indicating that there’re plenty of activities near you.

Easily grab a coffee, pizza, burger, or your favorite beer from the many restaurants and eateries within walking distance. Avalon harbor is perfect for the family setup, with plenty of fun activities for children.

Hillsboro Shores

Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale allow you to have an oceanfront house. Enjoy the cool breeze every day as you rub shoulders with the crowds of visitors frequenting beachside attractions. Talk to a local agent to get you a home in this neighborhood so you can settle down with your family.

Choose from the more than 270 single-family Intracoastal homes on Riverside Drive or direct oceanfront homes on Bay Drive. You can still choose a quiet home away from the bustling waterfront by settling in non-waterfront dwellings in this neighborhood.

Garden Isles

This neighborhood is good when it comes to access to amenities. Its proximity to recreational parks and eateries makes it perfect for a family settlement. If you're looking for the best Pompano FHA homes for sale, consider moving to Garden Isles.

Enjoy plenty of dining options that include Tropical Smoothie Café and Chimarrao. If you love tacos, you're in the right place - make your way to Fuzzy's Taco Shop or Zona Fresca for special treats. With many things to do, Garden Isles is the perfect place to set up a home.

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Pompano Beach School Systems

One critical factor you consider before moving into a neighborhood is its education system. Pompano Beach, Florida, excels on this front, with numerous schools ranging from preschool to college level. With these many schools, your children’s education will be well taken care of as you go about your business.

Some top elementary schools for your young kids include:

  • Palmview Elementary School
  • Mcnab Elementary School
  • Cresthaven Elementary School
  • Norcrest Elementary School

If you have some middle school level children, these schools will be good for them:

  • Somerset Pines Academy
  • Pompano Beach Middle School
  • Crystal Lake Community Middle School
  • The New Life Christian Academy
  • North Broward Christian School

For your older kids who need a college education, here are some options:

  • Pompano Beach High School
  • Blanche Ely High School
  • Flagler High
  • Smart Horizons Career Online High School

The education system in Pompano Beach comprises public and private schools. Whether you choose public or private, you can be sure of quality education for your kids. All schools have the facilities and staff needed to train your child to become successful in life.

Top activities to do in Pompano Beach, Florida

Set 35 miles north of Miami, Pompano Beach is an exciting and refreshing city clinging to the Atlantic Ocean. The city posts a laid-back appeal, but with lots of fun things to do for visitors and locals.

From enjoying the sun on the golden sands and snorkeling in the warm waters to shopping and dining in its various stores, open-air malls, and lots of eateries, you can never run short of ideas for a fun-filled afternoon.

Here are some top things to do in Pompano Beach to get you started:

Enjoy the sands at Pompano Beach

Join the throngs of people spending most of their time lounging on the golden sands of the Atlantic. When it becomes too hot, dive into the water to cool off as you ponder your next move. You’ll love the water since it’s warm and crystal clear because of the bend in the Gulf Stream.

Lifeguards are always on duty, so you won’t have to worry about something happening to you or a family member at Pompano Beach. Also, numerous facilities are available to spice up your stay, including multiple picnic pavilions and a paved boardwalk.

Visit the iconic Sample-McDougald House

This amazing colonial Georgian revival home already earned its place in the National register of historic places in 1985. View the picturesque porches wrapping around the ground and second floors, and take some memorable photos.

Enjoy tours of the house with your family from Tuesday through to Saturday every week. You can have yoga on the lawn, hold mummy and me museum days, and watch antique car shows. If you’re looking for a quiet spot for the whole family, Sample-McDougald House won’t disappoint.

Go scuba diving

Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale are your gateway to endless and refreshing scuba diving fun. Experience Florida's spectacular marine life at the Pompano Beach Drop-Off, half a mile from Fisher's family Pier. It's home to colorful coral, fish, and shellfish.

If you're more adventurous, visit Suzanne's Ledge, which drops up to 30 feet. You can pack an underwater camera to capture compelling marine life images and share them with friends and family. Strap your tank on and take on the SS Copenhagen or Lady Luck Wreck, a wonderland of giant ice, mermaids, and other fascinating artificial finds.

Take your family to the Fisher Family Pier

The Fisher Family Pier lives up to its name; it's a family spot appropriately named after former Pompano Beach Mayor, Lamar Fisher. The pier just 900 feet into the ocean, providing spectacular views of the waterfront and city behind the golden sands. It features a fascinating shape that imitates the famous Pompano fish.

Come early for a chance to watch a breathtaking sunrise. You pay nothing to walk along the pier and can rest under giant blue umbrellas when the sun gets too hot. Sit on the benches lining the dock to enjoy the vistas and chat with your family members and friends.

Go dining at the Pompano Beach Fishing Village

You won't be spending all your time water diving and fishing. Take some time to lose yourself in the lively Pompano Beach Fishing Village, which now features an upscale array of hotels, shops, and a line of restaurants offering various delicacies.

Lucky Fish should be your next stop if you need some breakfast burritos and a cup of java. While at it, grab some tacos, nachos, and sandwiches for the whole family. Another exciting option is the architectural masterpiece, Oceanic Pompano, for breathtaking views and lots of delicacies.

Go on a shopping spree at Festival Marketplace

This eclectic quarter-mile-long Festival Marketplace began as an outlet mall in 1986. No matter what you're shopping for, you'll find it in this unique shopping mecca. Find whatever you need in the more than 250 stores making up this European-styled market that stocks everything from kids' clothing to perfume to jewelry.

This market also plays host to various exciting events, which are open to all visitors. Learn better ways to manage and relate with your pets at the Animal Adoption Day fair, and marvel at hand-made and antique wonders at Vintage Fair.

Grab treats at Pompano Citi Center

If you prefer a more traditional shopping experience, visit the open-air Pompano Citi Center just a few miles east of the I-95. Though built in 1970, the outdoor mall has been renovated to become a bright and lively venue. Purchasing Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale grants you access to this exciting shopping center.

Large department stores, including Ross Dress for Less and JC Penney, which house Sephora. Should you need a manicure, cross over to the multiple lines of nail spas. Chuck E. Cheese's can keep your children occupied as you do other activities.

Activities for kids in Pompano Beach, Florida

The city's multiple fun spots and activities make Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale a fantastic place for kids. Children need a lively environment to grow, and having fun is part of the mix.

Purchasing a home in Pompano Beach will give you and your children plenty of ideas for fun, health, and education.

Here are some activities for kids in Pompano Beach to get you started:

Watch butterflies at the Butterfly World

Your kids will definitely love some adventure with butterflies. What better place to experience these beautiful flitting creatures than the Butterfly World?

The kids will marvel at butterflies of all sizes, shapes, and colors peppering the place. But remind them that these wonderful creatures are harmless, so they shouldn't jump when one lands on their shoulders.

Visit the many parks in the area

With more than 50 lovely parks, Pompano Beach has no shortage of fun spots and activities for both adults and kids. There’s always a place to relax and watch the kids play. You’re always next to an eatery for a quick bite or a sumptuous meal for the whole family.

Some typical parks you can visit with your children include:

  • Pompano Beach Community Park
  • Alsdorf Park
  • Pompano Beach Dog Park

Ride the Pompano Beach Water Taxi

Fridays and Saturdays may turn out to be your kids' favorite days of the week, courtesy of the Pompano Beach Water Taxi services. The boat is a fun way to explore the sparkling waterfronts, historic buildings, restaurants, and vibrant shops. The ride features nine stops throughout the city, including the bustling Alsdorf Park.

It's easy to ditch your car once you get to this spot, thanks to plenty of parking spaces. You'll not have to worry about getting to and from the beachside on those special days for the kids. And you can tag along with your friends or neighbors' kids for a complete treat.

Local attractions in Pompano Beach, Florida

Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale offer access to all family-friendly amenities and attractions in the city. You can be sure your family will love the experience whichever neighborhood you choose. Depending on the amount of time on your hands, you can enjoy lots of local attractions dotting the city landscape.

Visit the Blanche Ely House Museum, which plays host to a thriving creative community, and doubles as a culture hub serving art classes and workshops. The options are endless - attend a jazz concert, listen to poets, watch films or visit the gallery.

You can also catch shows at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater, which seats up to 3,000 people. Enjoy concerts of all types under the open sky, and be sure to come early to grab a vantage position for you and the family.

Pompano Beach, Florida - Culture and Cuisine

Homes for sale in Pompano Beach, Florida, are ideal because they bring people of diverse cultural backgrounds together. Regardless of your race or religion, you'll be quite at home in Pompano Beach. Grab one of these Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale to join these wonderful communities.

When it comes to cuisines, Pompano Beach doesn't disappoint. There's always a restaurant, hotel, or eatery within easy reach. Grab some traditional dishes at La Vie Lebanese Restaurant, or head over to Checkers Old Munchen for tasty German delicacies. You can also trust The Foundry for your favorite cocktails and delicious meats, or at Gianni's for whole-family snacks.


Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale tick all the right boxes for anyone looking for a coastal getaway for the entire family. The sprawling waterfront attractions, parks, restaurants, and shopping points create an ideal place to settle your family – or start one.

If you're planning to buy a home, be sure to consider Pompano Beach FHA homes for sale. With plenty of amenities, stores, parks, restaurants, and recreation spots, you won't regret making this coastal city your next home. Partner with a trusted local real estate agency for more information.

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