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Tamarac, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

When mentioning the word Florida, many people think about the high-end towns of Miami, Orlando, and the Florida Keys. The glamorous cities form a beehive of day and night activities, attracting visitors from various destinations worldwide. However, for those who love tranquility, there are options to explore. One such destination is Tamarac, an uprising and quiet dwelling in South Florida.

Tamarac has a favorable climate throughout the year, unique cuisines, diverse culture, and an array of outdoor recreation opportunities. And what's more, you'll find affordable Tamarac homes for sale if you're looking for a permanent residence.

Keep reading to discover the top recreation opportunities and the best neighborhoods to buy a home in Tamarac, Florida.

Tamarac, Florida - An Overview

Tamarac is a small city in Broward County, Florida. The city derives its name from Tamarac County Club, a popular social joint in Oakland Park.

Tamarac is part of the larger Miami Metropolitan area and is predominantly a residential suburb of Fort Lauderdale. As of the 2020 US Census, Tamarac had a population of about 71,897 inhabitants.

History of the City

Tamarac city dates back to the early 1960s when a young property investor, Ken Behring, bought land in the locality. He first built a gated adult community of low-cost homes and named the dwelling Tamarac.

Years later, Behring developed other communities within the neighborhood. The local leaders joined the investment train, setting up commercial buildings and roads.

Further investments culminated in the present-day suburban Tamarac.

Tamarac, Florida - 10 Best Outdoor Activities

Tamarac's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes the town a popular destination for tourists. Additionally, there are many individual and group activities to explore.

Whether you prefer shopping downtown, enjoying a five-course meal in a restaurant, or watching a movie, there's something for you and your family.

Here are the ten best outdoor activities in Tamarac, Florida.

Water Adventure at the Lauderdale Beach

A visit to Tamarac is never complete without setting foot on the beach. Tamarac is home to many public and private beaches ideal for individuals, couples, or families. You can enjoy countless water adventures, including swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and sunbathing.

Fort Lauderdale Beach, for instance, is a sparkling beach with premier opportunities for relaxation. The 2-mile beachfront offers amazing water adventures such as boat riding, skiing, volleyball, windsurfing, and scuba diving. You could also try deep-sea fishing if you aren't terrified by the raging waves.

Viewing Antique Cars at the Fort Lauderdale Car Museum

Do you fancy antique cars? Then you have every reason to drop by the Fort Lauderdale Car Museum. The museum boasts countless antique cars dating as early as the 1900s.

The museum is also home to antique car accessories, including gear knobs, gas station signs, and hood ornaments.

Shopping at the Yellow Green Farmers' Market

Yellow Green is a weekend-only market for groceries and organic farm produce. Here, you'll find fresh farm products, souvenirs, and artifacts at affordable prices.

The best thing about the market is that it opens on Saturday and Sunday, so you don't need to worry about missing your shopping due to stringent work routines.

Sampling Beer at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company

There's no better way to sample Florida's finest beer than unwinding at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. The brewery is a family-owned business specializing in various local brews.

If you're a beer enthusiast, you can open any of the eight beer taps to quench your thirst. The brewing company also offers a 2-hour tour of the facility, from the processing plant to the final testing point.

Although you'll pay about $10 for the tour, it is worth exploring because you'll grab a free pint of your favorite beer and a souvenir glass in the long run.

Taking Your Kids to the Children's Museum

Tamarac is home to many kids' adventures, including museums. For instance, the Young at Art Museum is a kids' museum dedicated to helping children love art from a tender age.

The museum hosts exhibitions and events, all dedicated to the kids. Besides exhibitions and events, you can visit the museum store for a collection of kids' fun books, magazines, and crossword puzzles.

Watching Butterflies at the Butterfly World

Tamarac City is home to one of the world's largest butterfly parks. The Butterfly World in Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, hosts over 20,000 butterfly species.

You can sample the world's finest butterfly species and appreciate what Mother Nature offers. Learn about the life cycle of butterflies and what they eat, and discover the little-known facts about flying insects.

You'll also enjoy their lovely display of colors as they fly freely in the aviaries.

Water Splashing at the Waters Edge Park

The Waters Edge Park along University Drive is one of the iconic water parks for children in Tamarac. Although the park is a relatively new fan hub, it hosts many kids thanks to the massive kid-friendly activities.

Let your kids enjoy a water splash at the classic splash pad on a sunny day. In addition, there's an open playground where your kids can play or host a birthday party.

Shopping at the Westfield Mall

The Westfield Broward Mall is an iconic spot for a family shopping day. The famous mall stretches a whopping one million square miles. It is home to more than 200 stores, restaurants, an art gallery, and a fully equipped movie theater with 12 giant screens.

On a family day out, you can visit the mall for the finest household goods, artwork, clothing, shoes, and many more. Its strategic location, a few minutes drive from Tamarac city, enables easy access even if you have a large family.

Partying at the Veteran's Park

The Tamarac Veterans Park may not top the list of outdoor recreation centers, but it is still worth visiting. It is a quiet park with well-manicured lawns, gazebo walkways, and classic picnic sites.

Visiting the Tamarac Veteran's Park will complete your day if you're looking forward to a family get-together or a kid's birthday party. As you wind your picnic, you could also visit the Veteran's Memorial to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of the wars.

Viewing Nature at the Woodmont

The Woodmont Natural Area is one of Tamarac's few remaining natural habitats. The nature conservancy consists of pine forests and a wetland of cypress trees. It also has a nature trail and a seating area for the general public.

Entry into the park is free, so you need not worry about finances to access the conservancy.

A wooden house model

Tamarac, Florida - Cultural Diversity and Cuisine

Tamarac has a unique blend of diverse cultures drawn from various races worldwide. Below are the significant ways you can experience the culture of Tamarac City:

Visit a Museum

You can visit one of the museums spread across the city to learn about the town's history. For instance, the National Civil Rights Museum has a rich history of the most significant civil rights movements ever witnessed in America.

It consists of prominent museums and historic buildings showcasing the historical civil rights movements from the 17th century.

Its prime location around Lorraine Hotel has a deep historical significance since it is the exact spot of the assassination of activist Martin Luther King Jr.

The museum showcases interactive exhibitions, short movies, civil rights workshops, and online resources.

Some of the renowned exhibits and commemorations include:

  • King Day
  • Men of Change
  • A Better Life for Their Children
  • Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

Attend a Cultural Event

Broward is one of the most diverse counties in Florida, thanks to its cosmopolitan population. The Caribbean American population, for instance, has been rising and spreading into many towns within Florida, including Tamarac.

According to Data USA, Tamarac has a population of 66.4K, forming five major ethnic groups.

These include;

  • Whites - 36.3%
  • African Americans - 27.8%
  • Hispanic - 20.6%
  • Hispanic (2+) - 4.74%
  • Others - 3.64%

As a result of the ethnic diversity, Tamarac hosts many cultural festivals attracting participants from different races within Florida.

One of the most celebrated cultural events in the town is the One Tamarac Multicultural Festival. The event primarily celebrates the many voices and faces that makeup Tamarac city. It is usually held in September every year at the Tamarac Sports Complex.

The cultural event features live performances from different cultural groups, cultural exhibitions, classic cuisines, fireworks, and a children's fun zone, among others.

An excellent way to appreciate Tamarac's cultural diversity is by taking advantage of the free entry, immersing in the party thrill, and meeting culture at its best.

The event's organizers and participants usually come from many countries around the world, including;

  • The Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Columbia
  • Japan
  • Brazil

Enjoy Traditional Dishes

Tamarac is famous for mouthwatering cuisines from different racial backgrounds. Restaurants across the town specialize in traditional dishes from Argentinean, Brazilian, Haitian, Spanish, African, and Cuban cultures.

Latin Cuisine

The Latin flavor is deeply ingrained in the culinary landscape, so unwinding with a Mexican dish over the weekend is expected.

Moreover, some restaurant attendants in the South Florida region speak to their customers in Spanish to stamp the Hispanic influence in the region.

For this reason, a visit to Tamarac city can never be complete without sampling a Spanish dish. You can try Mexican Paleta (ice pops), Puerto Rican pastelillos, Peruvian Chaufa (fried rice), and Colombian arepas, among many more.

One of the finest spots to have a Spanish diet is the Chipotle Mexican Grill along University Drive, Lauderhill.

The Mexican restaurant is home to customers looking for a fresh Spanish culinary experience. Here, you can eat Tacos, tasty chicken, lemonade, or a Burrito bowl.

Moreover, the restaurant has a friendly staff, prompt service delivery, efficiency, and attractive prices.

Haitian Cuisine

Haitian influence is yet another dominant culinary experience in Tamarac. You'll find a few scattered restaurants serving Haitian delicacies across the city.

Typically, Haitian cuisine is a blend of European, Middle East, and African flavors. Typical delicacies include oxtail stew, black mushroom rice, and spiced meatballs.

Argentinean Cuisine

There's no better way to understand Argentinean culture than to eat a traditional dish from the country. Their restaurants are mainly known for grilling meat over a large open flame and serving huge portions that make the customers want to return.

Besides grilled meat, you could also try the open-face sandwich and toasted bread. Top it up with Chocotorta Argentina, a special dessert made of cookies and cream cheese.

School Systems In Tamarac, Florida

Tamarac city doesn't have an autonomous school district. However, the Broward County School District, Florida, serves public schools in the city.

The school district hosts top-rated public schools based on academic excellence, extracurricular activities, teacher-to-student ratio, and equity.

Here are the top-rated schools in the city:

Elementary Schools

  • Everest Charter School
  • Tamarac Elementary School
  • Challenger Elementary School
  • Renaissance Charter School At University

Middle Schools

  • Everest Charter School
  • Renaissance Charter School At University
  • Millennium Middle School

High Schools

  • Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy

Colleges and Universities

If your children are proceeding for higher education, do not fret; you'll find top-rated, accredited, and affordable institutions of higher learning in the city.

Tamarac is home to 15 (private) and 2 (public) colleges and universities. The two public colleges are Florida Atlantic University and Broward College, both offering four-year undergraduate programs.

On the other hand, the top-rated private institutions include Franklin University, Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology, and Everglades University, among others.

Earnings and Job Openings - Tamarac, Florida

The Job market in Tamarac has a promising future, going by the current trends. According to a publication by Franklin University, Tamarac had more than 1.4 Million jobs in 2021, representing a growth rate of 1.1% from 2020.

Likewise, Tamarac has an annual job opening of about 167,000, significantly higher than the national average. Due to a high number of job openings, there has been a sudden demand for quality homes, and property developers have responded positively to the market demands.

Regarding earnings, Tamarac has an average earning rate of $18.35 per hour. Compared to the national rankings, Tamarac's earning rate is higher than the national average, which is $16.88 per hour.

3 Best Neighborhoods To Buy a Home in Tamarac, Florida

Living in Tamarac offers a blend of urban and rural experiences characterized by a relatively quiet life. As a result, many seniors buy homes in the city after retirement.

According to Realtor, 72% of Tamarac residents are homeowners, while only 28% rent their apartments.

Here are the three best neighborhoods to buy an apartment in Tamarac:

Coral Springs

Coral Springs borders the Florida Everglades, a botanical wetland with scenic views. Its proximity to Miami (20 miles) guarantees easy access to Florida's urban center.

Coral Springs is a thriving business hub with well-stocked stores, malls, and shops to buy your households. The median home value in Coral Springs is $364,277, which is relatively affordable if you're looking forward to owning your first property.

Coral Springs also boasts excellent schools and great outdoor opportunities for biking, nature trails, bird watching, kids' recreation, and hiking.

Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek is one of the fast-rising neighborhoods in Broward County. According to community rankings by CNN's Money Magazine, the neighborhood is one of the best places to live in the US.

In 2004, Coconut Creek's administration embarked on an ambitious plan to invest 250 acres of land in beautiful parks, housing units, boutiques, and dining restaurants. Therefore, Coconut Creek should top your list if you're hunting for a decent neighborhood with lots of new developments.

Not only that, Coconut Creek has much to offer prospective buyers, including a median home value of $230,463, booming businesses, restaurants, and unique shopping experiences.


Weston is a well-planned community adjacent to Tamarac. Weston's ranking as the second safest city in Florida explains why it is a preferred neighborhood for many home buyers.

In addition, Weston is home to top-rated schools, which attract families looking for suitable education opportunities for their kids. Although the median home value ($399,000) is relatively higher, the low unemployment rate is a plus for most residents.

Weston is also endowed with endless nature reserves, leisure activities, and outdoor opportunities suitable for individuals and families.

Final Thoughts - Is Tamarac, Florida a Good Place To Live?

When Ken Behring bought a parcel of land in Tamarac in the early 1960s, he was a simple property investor keen on getting a return from his investments. However, he never envisioned that his little investment would be a foundation for a sprawling city.

Today, Tamarac is a cosmopolitan town, hosting more than 60,000 inhabitants. The town is a preference of many visitors and residents for many remarkable reasons.

First is the prevailing sunny weather in the sunshine state of Florida. Additionally, Tamarac has a rich base of outdoor opportunities suitable for individual, group, and family recreation. Moreover, Tamarac has a rich cultural diversity thanks to a blend of many races worldwide.

And if you're looking for Tamarac homes for sale, you'll never be disappointed. There are decent neighborhoods to find affordable housing around the city.

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