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Winter Park, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Winter Park, a historic community about 12 minutes and 6.2 miles north of Orlando's central business district, is well situated in Orange County. It is a wealthy neighborhood away from the tourist hubbub, with brick avenues and spacious houses overlooking glistening lakes and beautiful golf courses.

Winter Park is a charming little town just outside of Orlando that is well-known for its:

  • Giant oak trees
  • Beautiful lakes
  • World-class museums
  • Narrow brick streets.

You can find beautiful residences, apartments, townhouses, exemplary educational institutions, picturesque lakes and parks, and one-of-a-kind retail and dining establishments in this picturesque and historically significant city.

Winter Park is a great place to live for young families and professionals who want to be close to Orlando's business core without having to cope with the city's congestion.

It's conveniently situated within driving distance of many of Orlando's most popular tourist destinations, including the Amway Center, SeaWorld, Rollins College, Orlando Science Center, Universal Studios, and the University of Central Florida.

The School System in Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park places a premium on education, and the city's many excellent schools serve children of all ages. Brookshire Elementary, Lakemont Elementary, Aloma Elementary, and Killarney Elementary are all possible K-5 zoning options. Both Glenridge and Maitland Middle School serve students in grades 6 through 8.

Winter Park High School, home of the Wildcats, serves students in grades 9 through 12 with a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities.

The average proficiency score in mathematics for Winter Park, Florida, public schools is 55% (lower than the statewide mean of 59%), and the mean proficiency rating in reading is 61% (higher than the statewide standard of 56%). Winter Park, Florida, schools are generally regarded as above average, with an average rating of 6 out of 10. It places them in the upper half of all public schools in the state of Florida.

You can find Rollins college near the waters of Lake Virginia. This private, small university was established in 1885, making it the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in Florida and among the nation's most prominent private liberal arts universities. The campus is set in a Mediterranean style and spans 80 acres. Mister Rogers, the beloved children's TV host and alumnus of Rollins, gave the school his trademark sweater and shoes.

Nearby Winter Park residents have easy access to various higher education options, including the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, which you can reach in only 15 minutes.

Winter Park, Florida, has eight school systems for the upcoming 2022-23 school year, with a total enrollment of 8,609. (with 17 private schools serving 2,965 private students). Compared to the statewide average of 87%, 74% of K-12 children in Winter Park attend public schools.

Three of Winter Park, Florida's elementary schools, Lakemont, Brookshire, and Aloma, consistently rank among the best in the state. In terms of standardized testing, a school's combined proficiency test scores in math and reading determine its overall ranking.

Winter Park, Florida, schools are generally regarded as above average, with an average rating of 6 out of 10. This places them in the upper half of all public schools in the state of Florida.

The minority enrollment rate of 57% (primarily Hispanic) is lower than the statewide average of 64% for public schools in Florida (majority Hispanic).

Attractions, things to do with children, and other family-oriented pursuits in Winter Park, Florida

Do you have plans to relocate to Winter Park? Orlando is a popular tourist destination and a vibrant and diverse metropolis with lots to offer. It's a varied place with a variety of exciting communities. It has a nice blend of urban and suburban living.

This series will explore the various sites that make up Orlando and discuss what sets them apart. We'll eat at several tasty restaurants and see exciting attractions in each area. We'll be focusing on the Winter Park area today.


The Morse Museum has the most extensive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany artwork worldwide. The assortment features jewelry, art glass, pottery, and more. Several other groups are also on view.

A few examples are the American Decorative Sculpture and Art, the Graphic Arts and Painting, European Collections, and the Other Collections.

Take a stroll down Park Avenue

A famous cobblestone strip in Winter Park is home to many restaurants, chic boutiques, and exciting stores. Central Park is a vast green space with walking paths, seating areas, and water features that lines the street.

Popcorn Flicks in the Park is a monthly event where people can bring a blanket, picnic, or refreshments and watch a movie alongside family and friends.

Good Eats

The Winter Park neighborhood is home to a wide variety of excellent restaurants, all within a short drive of your home. If seafood is more to your liking, check Winter Park Fish Co.'s selection of delicious fish and chips made using local ingredients. Swine & Sons are the best spots to get cured meats and smoked brisket if you're a carnivore.

You may have mimosa and brunch at The Parkview, modern Japanese food at Umi, waffles and chicken at The Coop, and Italian at Prato. In short, you have an abundance of delicious choices to choose from.


You'll find a little slice of paradise on the banks of Virginia's Lake. Dinky Dock Park is a 1.56-acre city park in Winter Park, Florida, with a beach, pier, and launch for boats.

Even during weekends, you'll only see a few families and Rollins students who come over from the adjacent school to sun themselves on the pier, as the beach is a well-kept secret and is beautifully shaded by tall Live Oaks. Water skiers, jet skiers, paddle boarders, and even the rare Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour will pass you by.

The beach is dog-free, so pack a picnic of your favorite non-alcoholic treats and beverages while taking in the sun. There are on-site bathrooms that are hygienic and available from 8 am to dark daily. Enjoy a Scenic Boat Tour.

Cruise via Winter Park's series of lakes aboard a comfortable 18-passenger boat. Swaying palm trees, thick ferns, towering cypress trees, and sub-tropical flowers are just some sights you'll see on your relaxing boat ride. Along the coast, you can also see stunning mansions and manors. Daily tours run from 10 am- 4 pm.

Visit The Wine Room to Try a Wide Selection of Wines

While at Winter Park, visit The Wine Room for a one-of-a-kind tasting. The Wine Room features 156 carefully curated wines from around the world.

They have a unique wine-tasting technique where you can order a 1oz, 2.5oz, or 5oz pour. The appetizers, flatbreads, charcuterie, and cheese flights are also excellent. It facilitates the search for a new wine to love.

The Winter Park Golf Course

Golfers travel to Winter Park from across Central Florida to enjoy a round on the course's challenging, tree-lined fairways. The game is a par 35 with a length of 2480 yards, making it among the best short courses in the United States.

Located in the center of Winter Park, this bright nine-hole course is framed by Spanish moss-draped trees, opulent mansions, an ancient cemetery, and train tracks towards the east.

A Beautiful Garden Full of Azaleas, Courtesy of Kraft

This public park, often known as "Winter Park's secret garden," is known for its towering cypress trees, beautiful natural fauna, and popularity as a wedding setting.

It's a public garden that spans five acres along a lakeshore. This tranquil setting is ideal for a midday stroll or a romantic picnic.

Winter Park homes for sale are trendy among those who have settled there due to their lovely scenery. A wide range of home prices and styles are available, from multimillion-dollar castles to affordable bungalows and medium-sized residences.

There are several museums and events in Winter Park, and the city is also home to prestigious universities like Rollins and Full Sail. In addition, the city's central location makes it convenient to travel to other parts of the Orlando metropolitan area.

A home model and coins on the table

The culture and cuisine in Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park is a cultural hub that values its historic architecture and ambiance while also working to ensure a bright and sustainable economy for coming generations.

Many people think it's the best urban center in Florida, making it among the best cities in the entire country. The city's Old World appeal comes from its stately mansions, quaint brick alleys, great tree canopy, high-end shopping and restaurants, prestigious Rollins College, and an enviable selection of cultural events and exhibitions.

Winter Park is among the most beautiful places to reside in Central Florida, and it was initially founded in the 1800s as a winter resort for residents of the North. You can find many important historical sites in this prosperous city.

The most extensive selection of artworks by Louis Comfort Tiffany, ceramics, and jewelry may be seen at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, which opened its doors in 1942. Central Park, located in the middle of the town on Park Avenue, offers lovely fountains, a beautiful rose garden, and grounds for numerous festivals and events throughout the year.

Tiffany Rollins College, established in 1885, is the state's oldest college. Most antique and custom-built residences are situated close to immaculately maintained gardens and green spaces.

Shopping and dining at Park Avenue's posh establishments and Hannibal Square's acclaimed eateries are popular pastimes for residents and tourists.

The cuisine at Winter Park, Florida

Briarpatch is a family-friendly and hip hangout on Winter Park's main drag. Because of its convenient location, it is highly recommended. The atmosphere at Briarpatch is relaxed but refined. It's possible to dine at Briarpatch for all three meals of the day - breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

Dishes like the luscious lemon ricotta pancakes, the flavorful California burger, the traditional fried green tomatoes, and the breakfast carnitas are as unique as the restaurant itself. You can also pick from several delicious vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

The rumors spread by word of mouth from the locals are true, and Briarpatch is as fantastic as everyone says it is. The complimentary mimosas and silky wine at brunch make it the perfect place to take a date or your girl pals. While there may be a lengthier wait for a table, it is well worth it.

Save room for dessert! It is highly recommended to have a moist red velvet cake. Don't worry; it's among the finest eateries in all of Winter Park, Florida.

Top 3 of the best neighborhoods in Winter Park, Florida

Some of the best places to live in Winter Park include:

Green Oaks / Park North

Based on population density, the Green Oaks / Park North area of Winter Park, Florida, is classified as a suburban community. Single-family homes with three to four bedrooms, as well as apartment complexes and high-rise apartments, make up the bulk of the housing stock.

Most homes in this area are occupied by their owners. Homes in the area are typically more recent construction, dating back to 2000 or after. Many houses were constructed between 1940 and 1969 as well.

Green Oaks/Park North has a far lower real estate vacancy rate (4.8%) than 70.5% of American areas. Green Oaks/Park North's above-average real estate demand could portend rising prices or a need for additional housing development.

The time and money spent commuting to and from work, whether by automobile, bus, train, or some other method, significantly impacts the quality of life and economic stability. Commuting costs can add up, particularly as the gas price has been predicted to rise.

While the layout of specific communities makes it necessary for most residents to use a car to go to and from work, others are designed so that many people can choose to walk, utilize public transportation, or ride bicycles instead.

Green Oaks / Park North offers one of the shortest commutes in the country, with 33.5% of working residents making the trip to and from the office in under 15 minutes.

Lake Knowles Terrace

Lake Knowles Terrace is considered suburban as a low-density residential area in Winter Park, Florida. Most owners occupy homes in this area. Single-family homes with over three bedrooms, apartment buildings, and high-rise flats make up most of the housing stock.

Most houses in the Lake Knowles Terrace area date from 1940 to 1969, making it an established community. Between 2000 and now, a good number of homes were also constructed.

Lake Knowles Terrace has a far lower real estate vacancy rate (6.4% vs. the national average of 10.2%) than 60.5% of the country's other communities. Lake Knowles Terrace's real estate demand is higher than the national average, which could mean higher prices or the need for more homes in the area.

Languages spoken here are pretty varied. In the Lake Knowles Terrace community, 79.9 % of the local homes talk in English. Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and German/Yiddish are also widely spoken here. Statistics show that these are the top family-oriented languages spoken around the world.

Hannibal Square, near the Farmer's Market

In terms of population density, this area in Winter Park, Florida, can be classified as suburban. Modest (studio to two bedroom) to medium-sized apartment complexes/high-rise flats and single-family homes make up most of the real estate in the Hannibal Square / Farmer's Market area. Tenants and homeowners alike make up the vast majority of the residential population.

The Hannibal Square / Farmers' Market area is home to several modern homes, which people constructed after 2000. Between 1970 and 1999, they also built some houses.

Hannibal Square/Farmer's Market has a 7.8% vacancy rate for both houses and apartments. According to data compiled by NeighborhoodScout, this vacancy percentage is lower than in 52.0% of American communities, putting it somewhere in the middle of the pack.

The backdrop, the architecture, and the atmosphere of a neighborhood may make a significant impact on how it feels when you stroll or drive around.

NeighborhoodScout's original research has uncovered that this area's aesthetic and general vibe are two of its most appealing features. The housing market, household composition, and transportation options are all factors.

Take away

If you've finally found the perfect neighborhood at Winter Park, it's time to start packing. Winter Park is an excellent residential option for those searching for luxury and historical allure.

Professional movers in the area are a huge brand to look into. They'll make sure your stuff gets there without a hitch and fast. Don't hesitate to contact one of the relocation specialists today to set up a consultation.

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