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Busch Gardens: Come on a Safari With Me

Perfect spot. Perfect vacation. These two things go hand in hand, and you can never have one without the other. We will look into one of the most exciting places on earth, Tampa, and give you a detailed review of the place.

Tampa is a city in Florida with a humid subtropical climate. The city is one of the largest In the state, and it has a great history behind it.

Did you know the first commercial flight ever was between Tampa and St. Pete in 1914? It also is a major tourist destination as it has a lot of beaches, beautiful sites, hotels, and a good climate.

Reasons to visit Busch Gardens in Tampa

There are several reasons why you should visit this beautiful city. To begin with, Busch Gardens is found in Tampa. Busch Gardens is an African-themed animal theme park with attractions for adults and children.

If you love roller coasters, the Busch is the place for you. It has several roller coasters and some of its most famous include an inverted roller coaster called Montu. Montu was the fastest and tallest roller coaster when it opened. Others are the launch coaster called Tigris and the Dive coaster called SheiKra.

People enjoying amazing Tigris rollercoaster during summer vacation

The park's main entrance has a Moroccan Palace where you can buy treats at the Sultan's Sweets and the Zagora Café. The Palace is close to the Marrakesh Theater, which is outdoor.

Other attractions in the Busch Gardens that you will definitely love on this safari include:

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

This is a themed children's section. It has several attractions, including an attractive play area called Telly's Jungle Jam, a children's roller coaster called Air Grover, a water play area, and a swing ride.


This is the only place in the Busch Gardens where alligators co-exist. Here, you will learn everything there is to know about mammals and reptiles. Its animal care center allows you to watch veterinarians in action. The area also has an Elephant interaction wall where you will meet, see and interact with five female elephants and a male one. In addition to that, the Nairobi section has a tropical rainforest called Myombe reserve that has western gorillas and chimpanzees.

Cheetah Hunt Plaza

Also called the Edge of Africa, this section has a Skyride station, restaurants, a pub, and a roller coaster. It also has an animal exhibition that showcases more than 14 cheetahs.

There is also an Egypt-themed section with plenty of Egyptian artifacts and clothing. You can purchase antiques and treats in this section as well. An excellent spot for a souvenir if you asked me.

In addition to the above, the Busch garden has several movie theatres with some in 4-D, plenty of music, food, and parties. This place also has an aviary to watch birds in their natural habitat. How amazing!

We cannot wait to do this with you!

Tampa is a diverse travel destination that has a rich culture. With a mixture of Spanish and Cuban flavors, Tampa offers a unique and exquisite experience with the perfect combination of antique architecture and modern masonry.

The area is adorned with several food joints operated by experienced and world-class chefs with rich and drool-worthy cuisines.

Nothing beats excellent food and lavish drinks with your family and friends. Busch Gardens has several waterfront bistros and bars that offer a variety of food and beverages.

Tampa has a wide range of places to stay. If you are looking for a four-diamond delight, be sure to find it in Tampa. Several lavish resorts, hotels, and crazy motels at affordable rates and prices. It doesn't matter if you are an outdoor adventurer, a family person, a couple, or just you; you'll find a great spot to stay in

There is no limit to the number of activities you can do while in Tampa. You can choose to paddle in the Hillsborough River, attend an opera at the Straz Center, follow the Margarita festival or even watch a football or hockey match. If you are an art enthusiast, you could visit the Tampa Museum of art next to the Glazer Children's Museum. That is an excellent combo for you and your family, where you can check out the variety of art Tampa has to offer.


Tampa is a welcoming place that offers you fun and an opportunity to try out new things. Great beaches are not the only thing Tampa Boasts of. It has a bustling city life that goes on 24 hours a day.

There are many malls where you can shop and do anything else. Tampa also has an events-rich calendar that runs all year round.

With this guide, we sincerely hope you will have fun in Tampa. Get your ticket and march on to Tampa for endless fun. Don't forget to give us your feedback. Visit our blog for more informative articles. Learn about why Tampa is a popular relocation destination.

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