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How to Win the Florida Lottery

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for those who have been fortunate enough to hit the jackpot. Take the case of Richard Lusting whose life completely changed beyond his wildest expectations after bagging a cool $1,047,060. 50 in lottery prize money and a further $842,151.92 in bonuses.

The seven-time lottery winner confesses that prior to winning the lottery, he was saddled with debt. But after his remarkable change in fortunes, his entire life has transformed completely.

Reading this you might be thinking to yourself that Lusting’s case is just simply a matter of luck, and to some extent it actually is. Obviously, not everyone who plays the lottery ends up scoring the jackpot like he did. But what if we told you that there is actually a strategy that can drastically increase your chances of winning the Florida lottery?

Ask anyone who has ever won the jackpot more than once and they’ll tell you that there are certain strategies that can raise your chances of bagging the big prize. In this post, we reveal the secret to winning the Florida lottery. Keep reading to find out more.

What are Your Chances of Winning the Florida Lottery?

To determine what your chances of winning the Florida lottery are, you first need to understand how the lottery works. The first thing you need to do is purchase a lottery ticket with your selected set of numbers. You will choose your numbers from the range of randomly selected numbers available in the lottery you are playing.

If the number you select matches the winner number, you win the lottery prize. You can also win smaller bonus prizes if some of your numbers match with the jackpot numbers. It is also worth noting that the total prize you win will depend on how many other tickets have the winning number. If more than one person has the winning ticket, the prize money is divided equally among all the winners.

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Tips on How to Win the Florida Lottery

As mentioned earlier, winning the lottery is not entirely a game of luck. While luck certainly plays a role in winning, there are strategies you can employ to raise your chances of striking the jackpot.

Below are a few tips that can help you increase your probability of winning the Florida lottery:

1.  Purchase More Tickets

Winning the lottery is largely a numbers game, so the more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances of winning. The only downside to this is that you might have to spend a lot of money on tickets to win a prize. Also, depending on the amount of winnings, you may not recover all the money you spent on ticket purchases. Nevertheless, purchasing many tickets drastically increases the probability of scoring the winning number, so it’s definitely something worth considering.

2.  Pool Together with Other Lottery Players

One of the best strategies you can employ to raise your probability of winning the lottery is teaming up with other lottery players and pooling together to purchase tickets. Joining a lottery syndicate with other players makes it possible to buy many tickets thus increasing your chances of winning. However, the downside of this strategy is that you will have to share the prize with the members of the group. But this isn’t a bad thing if you win substantial prize money (think hundreds of millions of dollars) to be shared among a group of a few individuals.

3.  Avoid Picking Numbers that Fall in The Same Group or End with Similar Digits

While there is a probability that you might win by picking numbers ending in similar digits, the chances are pretty low.

4.  Choose Lottery Games That Are Less Popular

To increase your chances of winning the lottery, we would recommend trying out games which do not have a high winning rate. As counterproductive as this might sound, a good strategy is to go for games that aren’t popular. The problem with playing a lottery game with many winners is that most people will probably be flocking to those games. This drastically reduces your odds of winning. By contrast, less popular games will have fewer players and less competition, which makes your probability of winning much higher.

5.  Avoid Playing The Lottery Based on Birthday Numbers

A common strategy that most lottery players will use is to pick numbers based on their birth dates or the birth dates of their relatives. This essentially means that their selected numbers will be between 1 to 31, since this corresponds to the days of the calendar month. As a smart lottery player, you need to go against the grain and select numbers higher than 31. While this does not guarantee a win, it significantly increases your odds.

6.  Understand That Every Number In The Lottery Has An Equal Chance of Winning

This goes back to the point about lotteries being a game of chance. Basically, you need to keep in mind that every number drawn in the lottery stands an equal chance of being selected as the winner. As a matter of fact, no software can predict the winning number with 100 percent accuracy. However, you can raise your odds of winning by choosing the not so common numbers. So, make sure you do your homework to determine whether your set of numbers stands a good chance at winning.

7.  Choose The Right Games

As you probably already know, there are plenty of lottery games available in the market today. Your chances of winning the jackpot prize depend on the scale of the lottery game you choose to play. The odds of winning a national lottery with millions of players are much lower than playing a local lottery with a few thousand players. Therefore, if you choose to play a particular lottery game, be realistic about your winning probability to save yourself disappointment in case your ticket fails to bring the prize money home.

Wrapping Up

Not every player will win the lottery, as it is largely a game of chance and numbers. However, employing the aforementioned tips in your play will dramatically increase your odds of winning. Finally, remember to play responsibly, have reasonable expectations and don’t get carried away by lotto fever. Good luck.

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