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Palm Coast, Florida Real Estate & FHA Homes for Sale -

Palm Coast is ranked the best place to live in Flagler County by Niche. It is a coastal city set in the background of the beautiful state of Florida. It is a quick 30 miles from Daytona Beach and easily accessible via Interstate 95, which runs directly through the city.

Palm Coast is one of the best vacation cities in Florida. It has pristine beaches perfect for sun, sand, and surf lovers. If your family is looking for a quiet, peaceful life with plenty of golfing, Palm Coast is also perfect.

Most people think real estate in Palm Coast is expensive because of the caliber of homeowners here. But the city is rife with affordable real estate options and Palm Coast FHA homes for sale, including chic and stylish condos, apartments, townhomes, and luxury homes to suit every budget and family. Simply put, there is something for everyone.

The Population of Palm Coast, Florida

As of 2021, Palm Coast had a population of slightly above 90,000. The city has seen a gradual increase in population driven by its favorable tax laws, weather, and an influx of people looking to capitalize on the affordable real estate market.

The population's median age in Palm Coast is 49, so you can expect a relatively quiet and laid-back lifestyle without anything over the top. Finding families that match your energy won't be much of a problem if you're an active family.

About 74% of the people in the city are property owners, and just 26% are renters, with an average household size of 2.7 members. Most of the population is women at 52%, and the remaining at 48%. Although Caucasians make up most of the population, minority groups steadily rise. The diversity in the city has expanded, making it a more inclusive place to be in.

How's the Weather in Palm Coast, Florida?

When moving here, you will need to bring all your summer clothes and then some. If you're coming from the mid-west, you might want to donate your winter clothes because it doesn't get nearly as cold down here, and possibly get a few more open shoes. It's a coastal city in Florida, so that tells you a lot about the type of weather and climate you can expect to find in Palm Coast.

Palm Coast has long and mostly cloudy summers, and the winters are short, calm, and partly cloudy. The temperature varies between 480F to 900 F. January is the coldest month, but even then, the temperature rarely goes below 350 F.

Unlike South Florida, where summers tend to get hot, the East Coast has milder summers, with the best months being from March to May and from October to late November.

The beautiful, sunny weather and climate mean you can spend most of your time enjoying the fantastic beaches of this coastal city or taking in hours of golfing at the prestigious courses in the town.

Safety and Security in Palm Coast, Florida

Flagler County is considered one of the safest cities in Florida, with the lowest crime rate in over 25 years. The county witnessed a drop of over 45% since 2017, and the crime rate in the region has remained low since then.

The residents of Palm Coast express confidence in their safety within the city. According to a survey by the Palm Coast Observer, taken between January and February of 2021, 96% of the residents said they "felt safe in their neighborhoods." From the same survey, over 92% of the residents expressed their desire to stay in Palm Coast over the next five years.

The city has implemented various security strategies, including real-time crime analytics in the Real Time Crime Center and community and business partnerships with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office to educate citizens on keeping their properties safe.

Another encouraging fact about the safety and security of Palm Coast is that 95% of residents who have interacted with the fire department and other law enforcement agencies found the experience either good or excellent.

That speaks to the extent that the authorities are willing to go to provide security in the city and provide the residents with exemplary service in a cordial manner. You're not only safe here but also well-cared for.

The Cost of Living in Palm Coast, Florida

The living cost in Palm Coast is one of the reasons why people are scrambling for real estate in the city. The most significant benefit of living in Palm Coast is that you don't pay state income taxes. That leaves you more money that you can use to settle your mortgage, and if you buy your house in cash, you can upgrade your home or your standard of living. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

The average cost of living in Palm Coast is 35% lower, as rated by Forbes. You will only need $51,734 to maintain your standard of living in this coastal city which could be $18,266 less compared to where you currently live.

Contrary to what many potential homeowners believe, real estate in Palm Coast is affordable and even lower than the national average, despite having some premium addresses. On average, buying a home in Palm Coast will set you back about $313,326, while in parts like Fort Lauderdale, you might spend northwards of $600,000 for the same property.

Once you purchase your home, you will find that running the household is cheaper. You will spend less on groceries (up to 11% less) than in other major cities. Getting around will also cost less. You will only pay more for utilities. But you can practice being more frugal with how you use energy to lower your utility bills.

Buying a home in Palm Coast is not just affordable, but you can get more value for your money because the cost of living is lower, and you have more money in your account because you don't pay state income taxes which can be as high as 13% in some states.

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How are the Healthcare and the Facilities in Palm Coast, Florida?

Access to quality and affordable healthcare ranks top for most families when considering a move. Whether it's a young family or a family moving with senior citizens, you want the best care for your loved ones without shredding your finances.

Palm Coast has plenty of accessible healthcare options and is home to some of the best health facilities in the state, most notably, the AdventHealth Palm Coast Hospital. You can also access other specialist healthcare facilities within the city, like mental health services and dentists.

Palm Coast also has many senior living communities. There are about a dozen senior living communities in the city, each with its features. These features include safety along walking paths, tennis courts, pools, organized social activities, and exercise equipment. It is perfect if you're thinking of a loved one who is a senior citizen and would like them to receive the best care in the world and visit them often.

What about the cost of these facilities, you ask? You will be pleased to know that the cost of healthcare in Palm Coast is 8% lower than the national average. You're not only getting the best quality facilities but affordable healthcare prices as well. Here's an overview of the average cost of healthcare prices:

  • Doctor's visit - $108.83
  • Dentist's visit - $93.06
  • Optometrist visit – $100.79
  • Vet's visit - $49.83

The Education and School System in Palm Coast, Florida

Young families with children who have their whole lives ahead of them will want to know what Palm Coast has to offer in its education and school system. Luckily, this is another area where the city shines. Besides the fantastic Palm Coast FHA homes for sale, the city also has impressive public and private schools for children of all ages.

The city has 4 B+ and high-rated public elementary schools in the district. These include Gamble Rogers Middle School, Indian Trails Middle School, and St. Johns Virtual Franchise.

Good high schools to look at include Pedro Menendez High School and Flagler – Palm Coast High School. There's also an impressive selection of private schools in the city for families that want specialized attention for their children.

The Best Things to Do in Palm Coast, Florida

Now that you've checked out all the essential things regarding Palm Coast and the different Palm Coast FHA homes for sale, it's time to look at the fun and activities on offer in Palm Coast.

One of the reasons you're looking to move to Palm Coast may be because of its active lifestyle and warm weather. If that's the case for you, there's plenty to do in Palm Coast for you and your family.

Activities for Families

Palm Coast is a hive of activities perfect for families, some of which are world-renowned. If you're looking to kick back and have some fun while in Palm Coast, here are some great options for you:

Ripley's Believe It or Not

This world-famous attraction is a must-see for every family member. It is a fascinating experience that leaves you wondering whether what you're seeing is real. The museum combines wacky and mysterious artifacts in one destination.

If you want to spice things up, there's a mini-golf course and several tours (including a ghost tour) that you can look into over the weekend.

Tomoka Marsh State Aquatic Preserve

The Tomoka Marsh State Aquatic Preserve is an ideal location for active families that love water sports. Boating, kayaking, and finishing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at the preserve.

It is also the largest manatee habitat in the state, giving families a chance to see the magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.


Marineland is a great place to take a young family. It will leave you lasting memories and quite the impression, especially for animal lovers. While here, you can get up close and personal with dolphins and swim alongside some fantastic mammals.

You can even take part in a feeding session. If your kids are 13 years or older, they can participate in a dolphin training session.

Activities for kids

There are some great activities for children in Palm Coast as well. There are many activities you can choose depending on the child's age.

Bing's Landing

Bing's Landing will be a blast for young children with an archeological or curious mind. It's a fully excavated dig site for children.

It also has a shady playground where the kids can expend some energy. It's also close to the Mala Compra bike trials, so you can plan to be here for an entire day of fun and activities.

Sensory Towne

Sensory Towne is an indoor play center. It's perfect for young children that want to spend hours in the ball pits. The kids can play with bubbles, do hand prints, and there's an interactive floor.

There's plenty of adult supervision, and the owner is such a sweet soul. It's the ultimate paradise for young and curious minds.

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

Once the winter home of a wealthy family, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park now provides acres of gardens and citrus groves where children can roam freely.

There are greenhouses and ponds, and the park is famous for its unique shoreline of coquina rock formations lining Atlantic Beach. Other fun activities here include hiking and biking.

Best Places to Eat

Palm Coast cuisine relies heavily on fresh seafood because of its proximity to the water. The most popular items on the menu are grouper and shrimp. But you're not limited.

There are restaurants up and down the coast offering all types of cuisines. You will easily find whatever works for you in a fantastic restaurant.

Portugal Wine Bar & Grill

Portugal Wine Bar & Grill is one of the most popular restaurants on Palm Coast because of its extensive menu. It offers seafood and European and Mediterranean cuisines. The grilled octopus at this restaurant is a must-try and a favorite for most of the revelers.

The food, service, and value for money are on point. If you're not in the mood for eating out, the restaurants also accept takeouts. But you shouldn't miss out on the restaurant's fantastic family dine-in experience.

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Palm Coast, Florida

Palm Coast is a diverse city with all types of Palm Coast FHA homes for sale in different neighborhoods. You have different types of homes, lots, and community amenities to choose from. They range from upscale luxury dwellings to humble, affordable family homes.

Because Palm Coast was a planned development, it's laid out in a very systematic way. The neighborhoods are identified by their sections, and the street names begin with the letter of the section. Some of the best neighborhoods in Palm Coast include:

Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor is where most of the first homes were built. It's a diverse neighborhood with something for everyone ranging from single-family homes to duplexes. Because it has been around the longest, it is the most developed with the most amenities.

You will love it here if you're bringing your family along. It has that dense suburban feel with tones of restaurants and parks, and the schools here are excellent.

In Palm Harbor, you have quick access to city life without the fast-paced nature that comes with it. It's relaxing and comfortable with that small-town atmosphere.

Grand Havens

Grand Havens is a 1,400-acre establishment beside a 4,000-acre nature preserve and the Intracoastal Waterway. It is one of the premier gated club communities in the city, comprising 19 villages with the most breathtaking settings on the Intracoastal Waterway.

There are casually elegant golf clubhouses, a village center, and numerous parks and trails. It's the ultimate haven for retirees looking for an active lifestyle and for your families who want to enjoy a piece of the luxury of Grand Havens.

Lehigh Woods

The Lehigh Woods neighborhood is ideal if you're looking for a culturally diverse place. The clean, luxurious community is set in the "R" block with its four sides - U.S. Route One to the west, White View Parkway to the north, Belle Terre Parkway to the east, and Royal Palms Parkway to the south.

Rymfire Elementary - It is home to one of the most successful educational institutions in Palm Coast. While here, you can enjoy various amenities like basketball courts, a skate park, and public playgrounds.


You can find some of the finest Palm Coast FHA homes for sale here. The property is affordable, there is no state income tax, and the cost of living is low, all while brushing shoulders with the who is who in the celebrity world. By investing in Palm Coast, you can start having your little piece of heaven on earth and on a budget.

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