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The Housing Market Differences Amongst Generations

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With so many millennials and Gen Xers now taking part in the housing market, let's take a deep dive into how they are either designing their new construction, or what they’re looking for in a home in the housing market. The differences in style between the younger generation compared to the boomers is significant, and we are going to focus on three key stylistic differences these generations have with each other.

1. Outdoor Amenities

2. Modern / Contemporary Exteriors

3. Exercise Rooms

1. Outdoor Amenities

Currently, one of the most popular aspects that buyers look at when weighing a home purchase is what the surrounding outdoors can offer them. If you have a young family, these homebuyers are looking for enough space in the backyard to accommodate the children as well as enough space for a playground. Another popular one is a swimming pool, or space to put in a pool. The demand for swimming pools is crazy right now, and pool companies are trying their best to keep up with the demand. Even if the home that you are purchasing doesn’t have a swimming pool, buyers are immediately investing in landscaping and swimming pools, both of which can also increase the value of the home. Another popular outdoor amenity that we are seeing is buyers are focusing on having enough space to bring in a garden. With sustainability being very popular these days, farm-to-table has become a movement with more homebuyers than you think. Between having enough space to accommodate the kids' needs with a large yard or swimming pool, or even growing your own garden, these three items have been extremely popular with the younger generation of homebuyers.


2. Modern / Contemporary Exteriors

One thing that we can all agree on is that a large percentage of exterior homes are simply outdated. In the 1980s, triangular columns, gabled roofs, muted colors, and wide porches were “in style”. Today, not so much. These homes are outdated, and homes are not being built with these features anymore. The younger generation is focusing on modern and contemporary exteriors, something that will last for generations without going out of style. Not only do they stay in style, but there is a large focus on energy-efficient homes and being environmentally aware. On top of this, the interior of the home is affected by the exterior. Contemporary homes offer more open space and natural airflow throughout the home. With high ceilings, wide corridors, and more basic hallways, everything flows better, and rooms are more of an extension of one another. Contemporary houses also offer more natural light compared to those houses that aren’t in style anymore. Compared to the boomers, we have seen the younger generation focus more on open space and energy efficiency, and we don’t blame them!


3. Exercise Rooms

Working out at home has never been more popular. With the Pandemic putting restrictions on gyms these last couple of years, people who exercise on a daily basis had to pivot and figure out the best and most efficient way to get their exercise in. Nobody imagined gyms would be shut down for so long, so people got very comfortable working out at home. We’ve seen a growing demand for in-home gyms from younger buyers and many things go into this, but with remote work being the new normal, it’s just easier and more convenient for people to work out at home. According to a recent article by "Why the Fitness Market is Becoming More and More Popular" (, studies show that people who are working out at home are able to get better results than those who go to gyms to work out. The beauty of working out at home is also knowing that you do not necessarily need fancy machinery to get things done, especially with bodyweight workouts and cardio being very popular. Exercising is so important, and the younger generation of homebuyers is making it known that this is an amenity that they would prefer to have.


Between having enough space in the yard to accommodate a playground, garden, or swimming pool to the exterior styling, Gen Xers and Millennials are really looking for something different compared to what they may have grown up in. Having a home gym in the 1980s was not a common theme for homebuyers, but these days, it’s one of those rooms that is almost a must-have. We’re not going to say it’s as important as having a bathroom or 3 bedrooms, but current homebuyers are looking for homes that may have that extra room that can be turned into a home gym. Don’t worry, if the home you are putting an offer on doesn’t offer everything you want, you can change that easily!

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