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FHA 203k Loan in Santa Rosa County, Florida

The terrific FHA 203k borrowing program enables homebuyers in Santa Rosa County, Florida to obtain the money required to buy a home and extra funds to renovate or remodel it. More than 25% of homes in the US need considerable renovations and updates since they are over 60 years old. As a government-sponsored program, the FHA is aware of this and allows purchasers to roll the cost of fixes and upgrades into their home purchase loan.

In this approach, purchasers can acquire a fixer-upper and money for upgrades and renovations, which they will pay back as they pay their mortgage. The only requirements are that the buyer put at least 3.5% down and fulfill a few other conditions.

The FHA 203k plan can undoubtedly expand your options when looking for a home, especially in pricey neighborhoods. It's also a sensible way to pay for repairs and upgrades. Furthermore, 203K loan eligibility restrictions are far more lenient than those for traditional rehab loans because they are FHA-insured.

However, before you seek pre-approval for an FHA loan, you must understand how this lending program works and what type of loan to look for. After all, FHA loans are available in "full" and "streamlined" options.

The "full" package, also known as the standard 203K, allows for improvements, including major structural upgrades and repairs. The "streamlined" package, also known as the Limited 203K, is suited for simple equipment replacement or cosmetic modifications.

The Advantages of FHA 203K Loans

The main benefit of the FHA 203K borrowing program is the opportunity to finance both the purchase price and the renovation costs with a single loan at a reasonable interest rate.

According to the 203k loan requirements, you can also finance the cost of temporary accommodation into the mortgage if you can't stay in the house while it's being fixed.

Additionally, if you currently own a property, you can convert the mortgage into a 203K loan to obtain funds for renovations and upgrades.

The advantages and disadvantages of the FHA 203K loan program are listed below.


  • The minimum acceptable FICO score is 500.

  • Down payments of as little as 3.5% are acceptable.

  • Borrow more than the home's price to pay for any needed repairs.

  • If you cannot stay in the home while it is being repaired, you may finance up to six months' loan payments into the mortgage.

  • FHA 203K refinance options exist.

  • It increases the value of your house straight away.

  • The down payment may be made with gift money.

  • You are allowed to have co-borrowers as long as they are not tenants.

  • The seller may still pay up to 6% of the closing and buydown costs.

  • The loans can be combined with the $100 down HUD agreement.

  • Offered in both fixed and adjustable-rate options.


  • Interest rates are usually more significant than those of standard FHA loans.

  • There is a ton of paperwork involved.

  • The paperwork and level of preparation determine the closing period's duration.

  • You might need to get mortgage insurance.

  • Investment properties are ineligible.

  • You might need to deal with a 203K consultant in addition to an FHA-approved contractor.

How does the FHA 203K program work?

Here's a detail of the steps involved in acquiring a home with an FHA 203k loan in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

Step 1 - Consult with an FHA-approved loan officer

The initial step is to express a desire to upgrade your home and schedule a meeting with an appropriate lender. Your chosen lender must be FHA-affiliated, and you must be prepared to provide information such as your Social Security number, income, debt history, and other details.

Make sure you have a down payment of at least 3.5%. Whenever you are looking at loan options and lenders, bear in mind your unique attributes. Specific lenders work well with certain borrowers.

In all cases, a reputable FHA-approved lender will typically:

  • Accept credit scores as low as 500.

  • Offer various FHA 203k loans.

  • Charge reasonable rates and fees.

  • Have a top-notch underwriting and processing system to speed up the loan application procedure.

  • Keep you informed throughout the process.

Step 2 - Request pre-approval

Discuss the various renovation loan packages with your loan officer to determine which one could be right for you. This will help you narrow down the house to hunt for.

Step 3 - Pick a contractor and a home

Interview potential 203K-experienced co-contractors while searching for a home. Choose the ones that please you.

Step 4 - Engage a HUD consultant

You must work with a 203K consultant if you intend to apply for the full 203K loan. They will conduct an inspection and put together a report detailing their findings.

Step 5 - Get a Written Estimate

Speak with your contractor about the improvements or repairs that have FHA approval, plus any additional upgrades you hope to make, and then get a quotation for the whole project.

The loan's proceeds could be used extensively to repair or modernize the home. If you intend to apply for the full 203K loan, the rehabilitation budget cannot be less than $5,000 or $35,000 if you want the streamlined 203K.

Step 6 - Send the underwriter all the essential information

You must provide the loan officer with a copy of the purchase contract bid.

Step 7 - Review, Appraisal, and Underwriting

An appraisal will be performed and reviewed after receipt and review of the purchase contract and contractor's bid. The underwriters will receive the loan documentation at that point. You must also submit specs and plans for approval if you intend to change the floor plan.

Step 8 - Close the loan

Once your loan is approved, the seller will receive compensation for their property. The remaining funds go into escrow to be disbursed for the project as per the signed contract.

Step 9 - Set up residence in your new home

After the loan closes, the renovations must start within 30 days and wrap up within 6 months. If the renovations are small, you might be allowed to live in the home at that time.

What are the conditions for 203K loan eligibility?

FHA 203K loans are essentially an FHA loan program, even though they have specific goals. Compared to conventional mortgages, they have less stringent eligibility standards and abide by FHA lending restrictions.

  • Credit score - FHA 203k loans require a FICO score of 500 or better.

  • Down payment - Every borrower must put down at least 3.5% or 10% if their credit score is below 580. For people purchasing a house for the first time, state programs may help with the down payment.

  • Maximum loan amount - The max limits for FHA loans in Santa Rosa County, Florida, are $420,680 for single-family residences, $538,650 for duplexes, $651,050 for tri-plexes, and $809,150 for quad-plexes.

  • Foreclosure - You must not have gone through foreclosure within the previous 3 years.

Home model with money bag and construction tools for renovation

What repairs and upgrades can be done with FHA 203k loans?

The 203K loan you borrow determines the type and scope of renovation and upgrades you can make.

Full FHA 203K

With a budget ranging from $5K to the county's maximum FHA loan cap, the total 203k loan funds structural repairs and upgrades such as:

  • Enlarging the windows to allow more light to enter.

  • Attic or basement renovation.

  • Foundation, frame, and other structural modifications and repairs.

  • Raising the foundation or structure.

  • Purchasing a structure in one location and relocating it to another.

  • Putting up a retaining wall to stop flooding.

  • Installing a new deck, porch, or patio or mending an existing one.

  • Removing or repairing an in-ground pool, not building a new one.

  • Making the house handicap-accessible.

  • Building a garage if one doesn't already exist.

  • Converting a single-family home into a two, three, or four-unit building.

  • Joining the dining room and kitchen to increase the kitchen's size.

  • Correcting hazardous landscaping.

However, you must work with a HUD consultant in addition to a 203K contractor. The HUD consultant will verify that the contractor finishes the project according to the signed contract and that the house satisfies FHA basic requirements for a home.

Streamlined FHA 203K

Meanwhile, the streamlined 203K supports non-structural repairs such as those identified by a private inspector or HUD consultant. Homeowners can use this loan to maintain, upgrade, or even prepare their homes for sale. Additionally, one can use the loan to prepare a recently bought house for occupancy.

Examples of projects eligible for this loan package include:

  • Changing windows to boost energy efficiency

  • Reflooring

  • Installing new kitchen and bathroom countertops

  • Repainting the roof

  • Replacing showers and bathtubs

  • Replacing gutters and downspout

  • Repairing wells and septic systems

  • Installing new siding

  • Cleaning the home of any dangers to one's health or safety, such as lead paint

  • Landscaping and exterior upgrades

  • Updating the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems

  • Build or repair driveways, walkways, and fences

A HUD consultant is not necessary. However, you must create a thorough work plan to show that you understand the contractor's proposal. The cost of the cosmetic repairs can range from any amount to $35,000. You cannot utilize this loan to pay off your mortgage. Additionally, because the FHA views additions like a pool or outdoor kitchen as a luxury, it frequently disqualifies them.

Additional expenses and fees that can be rolled into an FHA 203K loan

You might be charged the following expenses throughout the procedure, which you can also include in your loan:

  • Engineers' and architects' fees.

  • The HUD consultant's fee.

  • Fees for title changes, inspections, building permits, and any necessary feasibility studies.

  • Six months of payment reserves if you cannot occupy the home while it is renovated.

Contingency funds are generally included in the loan for unforeseen repairs. If all items in the bid have been satisfied, at the end of the project, the funds may then be applied to a principal reduction or additional upgrades.

FHA 203k Refinance Loan

If you currently own a home, you can refinance into a 203k loan to obtain funds for the improvements and repairs you wish to make.

If you can put your house back in helpful condition, you won't need to sell and move. The fundamental conditions for an FHA 203k Refinance loan are as follows:

  • At least a year must have passed since you bought the property.

  • An assessment may be necessary to calculate the as-is and after-improved values.

  • You can finance the cost of the renovation as well as refinancing fees and cash reserves into the mortgage.

How does a 203K loan add value?

The choice to buy a house is a big one. It serves as both a living space and an investment. Instead of purchasing a house that's already been remodeled and paying for the pricey and unappealing changes made by the prior owner, it is wiser to purchase one that requires work and invest in the modifications that suit your preferences and lifestyle.

The value of your property will also increase if you add a garage, extend the kitchen, add an extra bathroom, and fix the pool. However, if you select a high-end home that's already been remodeled, you might not have the funds to install these features if they are lacking.

This means you will either need to obtain a second line of credit or resort to keeping your automobile in the open and sharing a bathroom with your kids if you can't get a second loan for the remodel.

How soon will the contractor be compensated for their work?

Payment will not be made to the contractor in advance or at loan closing. Instead, they will be paid at the end of each project stage. But before any draws can be made, inspectors will confirm that the signed contract has finished the phases.

The standard 203k loan permits up to five draws, whereas the limited 203k package allows only one preliminary and one final draw per contractor.

If I purchase a fixer-upper but cannot live in it while it's fixed, do I have to start making mortgage payments immediately?

If you can't occupy the property while it's being repaired, you can add up to six months' worth of mortgage payments to the loan. However, the HUD expert must vouch that the house is genuinely inhabitable without repairs.

How long will the renovations take on average?

After loan approval, work must begin within 30 days and cannot be delayed for longer than 30 days at a time. After the mortgage closing, the project has to be completed within six months.

About Santa Rosa County, Florida

Santa Rosa County is located in the extreme eastern part of the Florida Panhandle. It was established in 1842 and given Saint Rose of Viterbo's name. Due to its proximity to Escambia County in Alabama and the fact that many of its original residents immigrated from that state, this border county is frequently referred to as "LA," meaning "Lower Alabama."

More than 161,000 people call it home, and among its attractions are the Choctawhatchee National Preserve, the West Florida Railroad Museum, the Blackwater River Park and Boardwalk, and the Imogene Theater.

Additionally, it includes several eateries where you can sample mouthwatering local cuisines, influenced mainly by neighboring Alabama. Top desserts in Santa Rosa, Florida include:

The Twist Custom Ice Cream

Conveniently situated north of Navarre Parkway, this ice cream shop serves delicious soft-serve and hand-dipped ice cream, shakes, floats, sundaes, and giant banana splits. There is also gelato if you're in the mood for something Italian.

Pecan Jacks 30A

This ice cream shop and candy store are well-known for its southern pralines and chocolates flavored with a diverse array of premium liqueurs, such as Grand Marnier, Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum, Chambord, and Maker's Mark Bourbon.

Additionally, it sells a range of ice cream that updates traditional tastes like Oreo and Banana Pudding while including more sophisticated flavors like Cherry Amaretto and Kahlua Espresso. Pecan Jacks is a delightful shop for both adults and kids.

Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream

This is a lovely area to play mini golf with the kids and relax for a round of ice cream or soda. There are lots of options for favors, all at affordable prices.

Nigel's 30A

This restaurant is near the sea and serves beer, wine, frozen bananas, and ice cream bars covered in Belgian chocolate—Check-in for a memorable experience.

Donuts in Paradise

Donuts in Paradise is a small trailer located in Navarre Beach that serves goodies through a window. It is perfect for starting your day off with various delectable bites. Daily, tiny batches are created by hand. You can take them to a different section of Paradise or enjoy them at the available umbrella-covered picnic table.

Does your house in Santa Rosa County, Florida need to be upgraded or repaired?

In the US, a lot of homes need updating and modernizing. According to research, at least 1 in 4 homes in the US is over 60 years old. FHA 203k loans can support most renovation and modernization projects, regardless of whether you want to buy a home or currently own one.

You'll be able to put your house back to good use and even add some additional improvements you want without taking out a second line of credit. Yap! the price of the home or refinancing expenses and the cost of the fixes and upgrades are rolled into one loan.

That said, you must work with a 203K contractor and, if necessary, a HUD consultant. You can ask local home improvement firms for referrals of contractors who have completed 203K-financed projects in the past.

The contractor you pick must be able to provide a written estimate of the project's cost and completion time. The contractor's ability to complete the work skillfully, quickly, and within the allocated budget must also be considered.

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